Oh my god guys…..

I just saw an art piece shipping one of my NOTPs. Dudes, you aren’t going to BELIEVE my reaction……….it was so W I L D….!!



EDIT: Y’all need to stop reblogging this shit with ur fuckin hate ur only making urself look bad lol

I find it weird

That I’m currently waiting for
Thor & Mulan
Son Wukong & Belle from Beauty and the Beast
Joan of Arc & Little Red Riding Hood
Snow White & Little Red Riding Hood
To start dating/ become canon
(Not to mention we already saw Achilles & Joan of Arc kiss then watch Achilles die)

RWBY is weird man. I’m tellin ya


Some sketch dumps and a progress report on this shizz.

I have school so I could make this bit by bit.

Ruby’s emblem is really tedious to make even with a reference, but I somehow did it and I also put the Rose on the hilt.

I don’t know what to name the sword, but I see that in-game as a magic sword like the Levin Sword, but the ranged application will be like Leo’s Brynhildr with rose thorns and petals.

Here’s more to expect.

Cordelia = Pyrrha (HAHAHAHAHAH! Good for you if you know that reference.)

Sully = Nora

Stahl = Ren

Maribelle/Sumia/ or Fredrick substitute? = Weiss

 Vaike = Yang?

Ricken = Oscar

Panne = Velvet

Say’ri = Blake

Lon’qu/Yen’fay = Adam

You guys could suggest more. Just PM me or comment it.


From Instagram: mrsuitrecords Always a treat seeing Frank Iero hitting the bins whenever his tour bus rolls through town. Catch him tonight at the Chameleon with @davehause#recordhustle #frankieroandthepatience 

frankieromustdie always a pleasure! xofrnk

  • Yang: You know something occurred to me.
  • Jaune: This should be good.
  • Yang: There was probably a press conference after the invention of the iron.
  • Jaune: Yeah. Probably quite the hot topic for a while.
  • Yang: I heard some people were pretty steamed about it though.
  • Ruby: Oh no. They're multiplying.
  • Pyrrha: Just ignore them. They'll stop eventually.
  • Ruby: Will they?
  • Yang and Jaune in unison: Doubtful.

Jaune x Ruby (used to be Arkos, but P-Money’s dead), Ren x Nora, Neptune x Weiss, Sun x Blake.

Now for my crack pairings:

HAIL XIARKOS (Jaune x Yang x Pyrrha), Jaune x Yang, Jaune x Pyrrha (fell to noncanon after her death), Jaune x Nora, Ren x Pyrrha, Jaune x Weiss, Jaune x Blake- continues forever