lancashire witches


Plenty of witches here by Maraymondo
Via Flickr:
We are in witch country , here . Pendle hill , of witches fame, is not too far.. Trawden Pendle Lancashire !!!


Pendle, old Pendle, majestic, sublime Thy praises shall ring till the end of all time Thy beauty eternal, thy banner unfurled, Th'art dearest and grandest old hill in the world

When witches fly out on a dark rainy night, We’ll not tell a soul, and we’ll bar the door tight, We’ll sit near to t’ fire, and keep ourselves warm Until once again we can walk on thy arm.

Pendle, old Pendle, by moorland and fell In glory and loveliness, ever to dwell On life’s faithful journey, where e'er I may be, I’ll pause in my labours, and oft think of thee.

I’ll be uploading the next 3 pages of “PENDLE: The Forgotten Witch Trials” next week!

Interesting fact: Jennet Device’s older brother James confessed under pressure to having a familiar named “Dandy”. 
James testified that Dandy had asked him for his soul and he had turned Dandy down in the name of his Christianity, but the second time Dandy approached, he did give in.