We need to remember: Native Hawaiian Culture > Local Culture

I see this all the time from locals when issues on Hawaiian culture arise, where we think just cause we grew up around da culture, we have any say in how it should or shouldn’t be used.

Lucky we live HI but it doesn’t make us free from harming Native Hawaiians. We who do not have Hawaiian in our bloodlines, are haole to these lands in its original meaning. Yes, Hawai’i is a much more loving place than most and I am so proud to be from Hawai’i, but we are not free of racism, neo-colonialism, etc, including against Hawaiians.

When local culture says one thing but Hawaiian says another, Hawaiian culture wins, because it is HAWAIIAN CULTURE. We as locals, haoles, cannot combat the feelings and lived word of Hawaiians. Ainokea if we grew up with one thing and all of a sudden they saying different. Such as with Hapa. Local culture says its anyone who is mixed with anything. I grew up around that, you grew up around that. But that is false. That is erasure of the true meaning of Hapa, of what the identity of Hapa was born out of, of the Hawaiian culture attached to it. You are not Hapa if you are not part-Hawaiian, no matter what local culture says.

Hawaiian culture always comes before local culture. Respect the culture and respect Native Hawaiians.

A Lesson in Servitude

‘He knows he’s enjoying this way too much’

Featuring: Taehyung/V
Genre: Smut (semi public)
Word Count: 2k


A/n: I really want to suck on Taehyung’s fingers :/ This has been sitting in my drafts since like June.

He was so poised. Dark eyes pointedly scrutinizing everything in his wake. He was the first born into the Park family but would never be the first in line for the throne.

There were constant whispers and gossip floating around the castle about how the illegitimate child of the king was much more suited to the throne than his brother Jimin who only seemed interested in playing all day long.

That didn’t dissuade Taehyung’s faith in his brother’s capability to be a noble ruler. Plus with his ineligibility to lead his kingdom, he was able to get away with more. The spotlight had inevitably shied away from him, leaving him to venture out into less than suitable situations.

Situations involving a certain servant. He was always sure to keep you at arm’s length. Nods of acknowledgement were just a pleasantry he offered all of staff, so you never thought anything of it, until he propositioned you.

He explained to you how he only kept concubines out of ‘spite for his betrothed’, and felt it more beneficial to ‘fool around with someone not so dirtied by the hands of other men,’ his words not yours. Thus this arrangement was formed, although who would you be to deny a close associate of the Park family.

He had a limited amount of time, before people would start to grow suspicious of his absence. Seeing as this was a gathering to welcome his potential in laws.

It was suffocating, being met with empathetic smiles. His head was growing weary with all the clinking of glasses and buzzing of too many voices. A blur of people coming up to him with faux congratulations on getting engaged to a she demon. He needed a break from the glitz, needed to get away from that room full of phonies.

One glance your way from across the ballroom had you scurrying to excuse yourself to the head maiden, addressing how lightheaded you’d been feeling tonight. She let you out for a walk, not without a disgruntled huff coming from her lips before shooing you away.

“Your majesty?” You step out into the dimly lit lanai looking around for the noblemen, suddenly swept off your feet by long limbs.

“Look, who came running to check on her master, how cute.” He pushes you against the cobblestone wall, pressing his chest into your back.

“W-well of course, I wanted to make sure you were feeling a-alright.”

“Is that the only reason you came out here?” If you hadn’t known any better you would have thought he was hurt by your cover up but the teasing lilt in his voice says otherwise.

“___, you don’t have to save face around me. I won’t judge.” He pushes you further into the wall until your cheek is pressed against the cool stone and you squeal out at the tight space you’ve found yourself in.

He pulls off your bonnet, flinging it to the ground, watching in mild fascination as your silky tresses fall down your back. He moves them to the side to gain access to the supple skin of your neck.

“You’…fun…to…tease.” He accentuates every word with a kiss to your neck, sending chills down your spine.

His hands idly slide down to the hem of your dress, pulling up the fabric to reveal your ivory slip. Your legs are squeezed together in fear of letting him move forward in such a communal area of the castle, especially where stray guests and guards making their rounds always roamed.

“Open.” His voice is firm, authoritative, and you spread your legs at his command.

No one would ever believe you if you told them that Taehyung’s hand was palming you over your slip in earnest. Working you up like he had done so many times before, with such ease.

You’re lips release a shamelessly loud whimper, earning a pleased chuckle from Taehyung. “Baby, do you want me to pump my fingers into you?”

“Y-yes, your majesty.”

Taehyung slips a hand into the elastic of your cotton slip, middle finger brushing up your wet slit. He rubs along your lips until he feels the tell tale clenching and unclenching of your thighs around his playful hand and decides to give you what you want. What you’d been denying yourself of all night.

He delves his middle finger into your center, slowly sliding in all the way to the knuckle. Describing your pussy as wet would be an injustice. His finger felt like it was drowning and in order to stay afloat he’d have to clutch onto your warm walls, which is exactly what he did.

He curls his experienced finger into your heat. The friction having your nails dig into the overgrown foliage decorating the castle walls.

His finger pumps into you with skilled precision, palm grinding into your clit with each ministration. Your mouth is gaping, inaudible moans leaving your throat.

Taehyung sucks in a breath, completely enraptured by your body’s response to his touch. He decides to up the ante. “If you want more, all you have to do is ask.”

“Y-your majesty please…” your voice falls flat at the feeling of his other hand coming up to grip your clothed breast. Your eyes shut at the added sensation, nipples growing painfully taut.

“I can’t hear you ___.”

“P-please your highness, I need more.”

He lets out a hum in satisfaction over your desperate plea, sinking a second finger into you, this time with much more force. He didn’t even wait for you to adjust to the stretch before he was thrusting both fingers synonymously inside of your weeping cunt.

Every noise that leaves your mouth fuels Taehyung’s lust, further contributing to the ever growing bulge in his trousers. You yourself were too far gone to notice the subtle frotting he administered to your backside.

“Are you close my love?” His voice was disgustingly sweet against your ear, adding a nibble for good measure.

You nod against him and he takes this as his sign to let loose on you all the pent up desire he’s been repressing for the past twelve hours of not being able to touch you.

His fingers plunge into your pussy at a tempo that fell into sync with Offenbach’s Can Can playing inside the ballroom. He kept up the assault of his fingers with a consistency only he knew how to execute.

Your walls clench around his fingers spasmodically, rippling through your nerves in strong waves. Your knees buckle from the force of your first orgasm. You’d be on the ground, a crumpled mess, had Taehyung not been there to keep you braced against the wall.

His fingers rest inside of you, until the last few quakes of your thighs come to complete stop, and he slips from your slick folds, removing his hand from under your dress. Your forehead rests against the brick, too exhausted to hold your head up.

When you finally regain enough energy to raise your head once again you are met with Taehyung slick fingers in front of your face. They are close enough for you to get a whiff of the pungent smell and you turn your head away out of embarrassment.

This action doesn’t discourage Taehyung from pushing his digits past your plump lips and into your mouth. The taste of yourself hits your tongue in a flurry of bitterness. You’d never have thought to taste yourself before and it’s oddly enticing.

His fingers swirl around inside your mouth, willing your tongue to move around his digits. No one would believe your tales of his insistence for you to suck hungrily on his fingers, only after he’d assaulted your dripping pussy. They’d probably have you beheaded at the first sound of your deluded accusations.

“You don’t want me to go back in there dirty do you?”

“No.” you muffle out, mouth full of his fingers.

“Then finish cleaning me up.”

You hum out in understanding, slurping along the length of his fingers. You thoroughly slurp up every last drop, until there is only a hint of your essence on him.

Taehyung groans out at the feel of your sloppy tongue working hard to clean him off. He became painfully aware of just how hard you had made him and snapped his hips into your clothed ass.

You look up to him through your lashes in complete shock, you’d both been out here for quite sometime and people were bound to start looking for the pair of you if they hadn’t started already.

“What did you expect, sucking on my fingers so erotically.” He ruts his hardness into your backside, pulling you back onto him harshly.

“Y-your majesty, you should g-get back to the party and tend to your guests.”

“I’d much rather tend to you my lady.” He rubs at your bottom through your dress, reaching down to flip the fabric over your back to reveal the curve of your ass. Your legs tremble at the cool air greeting your searing core.

You hear the rustling of clothes behind you feeling Taehyung’s knees fitting into the backs of your own as he tries to position himself. You feel the head of his cock rub against your folds, tickling your swollen clit.

He slides in with ease, welcoming the surge of warmth with a low rumbling groan. He pulls back, leaving just the head in before plunging himself into the hilt. If anyone heard your choked sob at the abrupt intrusion, they didn’t bother coming to check on the noise.

Taehyung rams into you with a force that has you standing on the tips of your toes. “Lift your leg up for me.” He breathes out, helping you adjust your position.

His hips piston into you at an angle that has broken sobs leaving your mouth. You dig your nails into the wall, not caring how damaging it was to your nail beds because the way his cock drove into you was just too good for you to care.

With each buck of his hips you are quickly nearing your second end. He knows he’s enjoying this way too much. Your complete servitude to him, how simple it is to pull submission from your deepest depths. He loves every minute of fucking you any and everywhere he sees fit and sees the slight obsession to overpower you unhealthy. But that doesn’t deter what he’s gaining from this. You give him forbidden pleasure, a thrill he can only find between your legs.

“Y-your majesty, I-I’m so close.” A mewl interrupting your declaration.

Taehyung begins to fuck you into the wall at full force, not saving a drop of energy for anything else but to have you cumming.

With each thrust he is met with a moan louder than the one before and he’s content with his handy work. Not even a second later you are cumming around his pulsating cock in a sloppy rhythm that’d undoubtedly disappoint Taehyung’s piano teacher.

When he feels the coil in his belly begin to unravel he pulls out of you. Taehyung jerks himself onto your uniform, the ivory rivulets from his release contrasting against the black of your uniform.

He is left panting behind you, leaning his head against your back. The aftershocks of your orgasms rock through both of your bodies in strong tremors. The aftermath of your rendezvous is spent in silence, the only sound being ruffling of cloth and the clinking of his belt buckle. You try to sober up as well, figuring your long absence will result in you having kitchen cleanup for the next 6 weeks.

“Come up to my room later. I want to play with you properly.” He whispers out into your ear before heading back inside the grand patio doors. You know for a fact Kim Taehyung always gets what he wants and if you aren’t knocking on his door at 12:00 am you were going to reap the retribution.

anonymous asked:

tips for leash training a kitten? remus just turned 6 months old and he gets so bored with everything inside no matter how much attention and playtime he gets. he loves our back lanai (its screened dw) and he sits out there for a long time on top of his tree and he seems to find so much to entertain himself with outside and i dont want him to get bored and start developing bad habits as a result. is it best to get him accustomed now at a young age? i think hed love walks

It’s awesome that you want to start leash training! It’s such a great form of enrichment for indoor kitties. It’s possible for leash training to happen at any age, but for many animals it can be easier if you start younger. I wouldn’t worry though if you couldn’t start right away. The principles are the same for cats of any age.

The biggest mistake people make when leash training a cat is that they go faster than the cat is ready for. Leash training is a gradual desensitization process that should never put your cat out of their comfort zone. It can be slow and frustrating sometimes, and very tempting to push a little, but remember that pushing a cat out of their comfort zone could stress the animal out and create negative associations with the leash/walking that can be hard to overcome later. It can even lead to you getting scratched or your cat getting seriously hurt–the last thing you want is to take a panicking cat outside that could slip out of their harness and run in front of a car. There are a lot of things about leash training that can be scary for a cat! Wearing the harness, going outside for the first time, hitting the end of the leash and feeling pressure, even just seeing a harness for the first time. Every step you take when leash training your kitty should be slow, gradual, and full of positive associations. And make sure they are comfortable with every aspect of the leash and harness inside before going outside. There’s much less of a chance of them getting hurt inside. I even started with just having the harness sitting out during feeding and play time to build a positive association with it. And if your cat starts showing fear/stress behavior, stop. Then, go back a step. For example, if your cat wont even let you put the harness on, just start by rewarding them for letting you touch the harness to their body. The harness should never be scary! After all, this is supposed to be fun for both of you!

Also keep in mind that walking a cat will not be like walking a dog! Even I had this picture in my head of strolling down the street to the park with my cat, but all he wants to do is eat grass and stalk squirrels. We hardly ever end up leaving my yard, and that’s ok! This is for them, not for us. Go at your cat’s pace and be slow to introduce new areas. Everything (as long as it is safe) should be a choice of the cat. That includes if and how fast they want to go outside in the first place. I also have a rule that my cat cannot go anywhere I can’t follow. This includes into a bush, up a tree, under a fence–basically anywhere where he could get stuck or I wouldn’t be able to get to him. And if your cat never adjusts to the leash or going outside, that’s ok too. Not all cats will enjoy going on a walk.

As I was typing out this post I realized I was getting very bogged down in the intricate details of leash training a cat, and I don’t know if that’s the sort of thing you’re looking for so (believe it or not) I shorted my response to be a little broader. However, if you’re looking for more specific instructions I’m happy to provide a more detailed explanation! Also check out Pam Johnson-Bennett, my favorite cat behaviorist, here and here for a little more info about leash training. Good luck, and have fun!