Lana Del Rey - Cherry - live at Lollapalooza Paris, July 23, 2017

To everyone who was talking trash about Lana's new album.

Wtf is wrong with you? It’s amazing :O just because some songs are more “pop” sounding doesn’t mean shit? Lana has a bunch of that type of songs anyway, listen to her older stuff before born to die . Anyway, I love the new album and personally “tomorrow never came” made me cry. Sean sounds so much like John 😭

My video treatment for Lana Del Rey’s Summer Bummer.

@lanadelrey‘s - Summer Bummer featuring A$AP Rocky & Playboi Carti video directed Nabil Elderkin

After spending a week of enjoying and vibing out to the record, i begin to see ideas of what could be the music video for Summer Bummer in my opinion. The premises would be a road trip en route to somewhere on the west coast that requires passing through route 66. With elements of Fear and Loathing in Vegas, there would definitely be trippy moments throughout the video. But nothing to crazy.

Time of the day: 

The video would open up with Asap Rocky and Playboi Carti on the road at dusk as the sun is about to set. In a drop cadillac eldorado ala Fear and Loathing in Vegas 

During the drive Rocky is having psychedelic visions of Lana. Cue a close of Lana’s lips and her seductively saying these words….

It’s never too late
To be who you wanna be

It’s never too late
To leave if you wanna leave
Or to stay if you wanna stay
(better not)
But, baby (yeah)
I got a feeling in my bones

Can’t get you out of my veins (yeah, yeah)

You can’t escape my affection (yah, yeah)

Wrap you up in my daisy chains (What? What? What? What?)

Rocky and Playboi pull over and Asap begins his verse until it eventually grows dark.

Time of the day: 

Visions of Lana continue throughout the video at nose and mouth length seductively reciting her lyrics until we see her face completely.

And i could go on, but this is the basic idea. Too much detail to explain to continue lol.


Lana Del Rey - Serial Killer - live at Lollapalooza Paris, July 23, 2017