A Queen to be feared!  … apparently…

Sugar Baby Playlist

Here you go anon, you’re welcome:

These are just some sugar baby anthems that get me in the mood to bleed em’ dry lol 

Natalie x Bruno Mars Gold digger x Kanye West Primadonna x Marina and the Diamonds Glamorous x Fergie Homewrecker x Marina and the Diamonds Professional x The Weeknd The Party & The After Party x The Weeknd Raining Men x Rihanna How to Be a Heartbreaker x Marina and the Diamonds Money Make Her Smile x Bruno Mars Lolita x Lana Del Rey D.D. x The Weeknd Life of the Party x The Weeknd Practice x Drake You Better Work Bitch x Britney Spears Diet Mountain Dew x Lana Del Rey Hundred Dollar Bill x Lana Del Rey Partition x Beyonce Fancy x Iggy Azalea  Cola x Lana Del Rey Flawless x Beyonce National Anthem (demo version)  x Lana Del Rey Off to the Races x Lana Del Rey 

“Bamon fanmix - The Darkness Inside of You”

Edit by Mary (x)

1. Hurricane (ms mr) 2. Degausser (brand new) 3. Some Unholy War (amy winehouse) 4. I Will Follow You Into The Dark (death cab for cutie) 5. Lips Like Morphine (kill hannah) 6. Dark Hearts (the queen killing kings) 7. The Funeral of Hearts (him) 8. Missing (the xx) 9. The Dive (cloudeater) 10. The Ratchet Blackout (jonny craig) 11. Promise Me (kill hannah) 12. Lies (marina and the diamonds) 13. Landfill (daughter) 14. Still Here (digital daggers) 15. Graveyard (feist) 16. Born To Die (lana del rey) 17. Flawless (the nbd) 18. Until We Bleed (lykke li) 19. Casualties of War (gossip) 20. Poison & Wine (the civil wars) 21. Off To The Races (lana del rey) 22. Seven Devils (florence + the machine) 23. Hurricane (30stm) 24. Gods & Monsters (lana del rey) 25. Dark Doo Wop (ms mr) 26. Play On (paloma faith) 27. Under Your Spell (desire) 28. Kiss With A Fist (florence + the machine) 29. I Don’t Care (apocalyptica) 30. Afraid (the nbd) 31. Inside My Love (delilah) 32. Smother (daughter) 33. Criminal (fiona apple) 34. Witness (30stm) 35. Love Like Winter (afi) 36. Bermuda Locke✝ (crosses ✝✝✝) 37. Every You Every Me (placebo) 38. Electric Chapel (lady gaga) 39. Love The Way You Lie (skylar grey) 40. Nitesky (robot koch) 41. Birds With Iron Wings (the queen killing kings) 42. Foreword (moving mountains) 43. The Story (30stm) 44. Turning Tables (adele) 45. Shelter (birdy) 46. Raise Your Weapon (deadmou5) 47. We Are Broken (paramore) 48. Set Fire To The Third Bar (snow patrol) 49. The Ghost of You (mcr) 50. I Hate Everything About You (three days grace) 51. Make Me Wanna DIe (the pretty reckless) 52. Crazy Angel (kill hannah)

(listen here)