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Lana Del Ray for the ND prompt

i probably should’ve done this based on her music or her overall sad sexy angst vibe. but you know what? the first thing that crosses my mind when i think of lana del rey is flower crowns. and goddamnit, if i imagine william j poindexter in a flower crown, then you are getting william j poindexter in a flower crown. let dex be soft 2kforever


Dex really needs to learn how to say no to Derek Nurse.

He could have fallen in love with an engineer, Dex thinks as he adjusts his position on the grass of the quad. Or a CS major like himself. Or even a history major. Someone at least a little bit sensible. But no, Dex had to go and fall for some artistic type.

Which is why Will Poindexter, tough lobster fisherman and aggressive hockey player from Maine, is currently lying shirtless in the middle of the quad, a crown of daisies in his hair. Because Nursey is an artist.

It wasn’t like he hadn’t tried to get out of modeling for his boyfriend’s final photography project. At first, he had outright refused. But Nursey had flashed those puppy dog eyes at him, and, well…here he was, early May sunlight highlighting his freckles while Nursey stood over him.

“Just close your eyes, baby…wait, no. No, keep them open. Look to the side, actually. Don’t look at me. I’m not here. Wait, actually, yes I am. Look at me now.”

Dex rolls his eyes as he raises himself to rest on his elbows. “This is ridiculous.”

Nursey lowers the camera and presses his hand to his chest in faux-shock. “This is art, William!”

Dex laughs despite himself. “And it’s ridiculous is what it is. When are we done here, anyway? How many pictures have you actually taken?”

Nursey glances down at the camera. “Um…about two hundred?”

“Oh my God, Nursey,” says Dex, sitting up all the way. “Why do you need so many?”

Nursey looks at him earnestly. “I mean, technically..I don’t. But…I like looking at you. You’re pretty.”

Dex stares at him, and he feels a smile spreading slowly across his face. This boy.

“All right, you nerd,” says Dex, lying back down on the grass and closing his eyes again. “Take as much time as you need.”


week 12 by Lana Körner