#mcm I wanna grow up and be Grimes one day.
Fun fact: I used to make Lana Del Rey Grimes mashups in 2013.
How crazy they’d tour together two years later .
I made 4 of her tracks 8bit using Magical 8Bit Plugin.
My #dream is for Claire to hear my #8bits and be all like Collab bro?! And we make this Anamanguchi pop 8-bit song that saves rock n roll music.

totally2000 asked:

7, 11, 13 :-)

7- a song to drive to

a/b machines by sleigh bells because it reminds me of driving around when I got my first car and that song on full blast is great
also, nine types of light by tv on the radio is one of my favorite albums while driving on the highway

11- a song you never get tired of

I’ve got a couple in mind, they’re all fairly recent releases because I do get bored with things fairly quickly but

elephants by warpaint (I never skip this one)
nights of wine and roses by japandroids- reminds me of better times
gosh by jamie xx- I’ve had this on repeat since the beginning of april
hollywood forever cemetery sings by father john misty- fun fact- I saw him open for lana del rey last year at the wa-mu in seattle. lana sucked, I’ve loved him ever since.

13- one of your favorite 80s songs

I love orchestral manouvres in the dark (sue me) but (forever) live and die has always resonated with me. oh and julia’s song because yeah

also- power, corruption & lies (need I say more)