lana del rey facts

Small rant(ish)

I hate the fact that the fandom controversy happened over Björk winning the Brit award, and the entire situation was even worse considering I’m also a hardcore Lana stan!! Anyways, I was rewatching Black Lake because it was on my recommended & there are STILL Lana & Ariana fans bashing her in the comments ??? Get over it ??? It makes me so angry how fans think it’s acceptable to bring down another artist to bring theirs up. Lana & Ariana are fantastic artists & both give positive messages so I don’t understand why the fans don’t have the common decency to respect other artists???? Also there’s a Twitter post going around where an Ariana fan yelled some very cruel things at Selena (mainly about Ariana being better than her) and made her cry, iT MAKES ME SO UPSET WHY ARE PEOPLE LIKE THis