Destroying Lana, or, How to Kill A Popular Character In Less Than 60 Days - Cageside Seats
Great article about the mishandling of Lana and the Rusev/Ziggler angle, but this part in particular hit close to home:

“There was a time when getting over with the crowd meant something, and the WWE would just kind of go with it, ride the wave and see where it took them.

Not anymore. Overness is death. Overness without office approval is like Mil Muertes death. The WWE is in this constant cycle of pushing guys/girls, watching them get over, and then immediately doing whatever they can to stop them from being more important than the 8 or so people they want on the top of the show.

They’ll spend years trying to get Wade Barrett over, with varying degrees of success. Then they’ll hit on “Bad News Barrett”. His catchphrase will get over, he’ll sell t-shirts, he’ll be an important, entertaining part of the show…and then he’ll lose. He’ll stop saying the catchphase that got him over. They’ll take the t-shirts off WWEShop. They’ll job him out on TV with reckless abandon.

They’ll give Cesaro a clean win over WWE Champion Randy Orton, and have him wrestle a match of the year candidate with John Cena, and he’ll beat the hell out of everyone in the Elimination Chamber, and he’ll win the first Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal, and he’ll get a kickass t-shirt, and have a super over move…and they’ll slowly remove it all. He’ll lose matches to 40+-year-old RVD. His trophy gets smashed. He stops wearing the t-shirt on TV. They’ll stick him with Paul Heyman, who could get a bowl of cereal over as a wrestler, and then only have Heyman talk about Brock Lesnar. They’ll demand he stops doing the thing that helped get him over.

I don’t even have to recap Zack Ryder at this point. It’s sad to the point of hilariousness that most fans see him teaming up with Mojo Rawley on the developmental show as a net improvement in his WWE career.

Over and over the cycle goes. It claims countless careers and costs WWE countless dollars that they don’t really care about.”