I never really thought about Lan’s last name (Mandragoran), but a while ago I heard/read that the mandragora/mandrake is a plant that can be deadly when you pull the roots out of the eart according to stories. And when people talk to Lan about his Malkieri roots, he becomes really dangerous and kills people. Maybe I’m thinking too much about it but I just never really connected the two until now, I thought it was interesting!

Mat only accidentally called Moiraine “mom” a couple of times and each time he fervently denied that he did, even if a bunch of people heard

Perrin con-stant-ly calls Moiraine “mom” and he literally never realizes, so he just keeps on talking like it didn’t happen. No one who hears points it out and Moiraine just kinda smirks because it’s a little adorable

Egwene only callled Moiraine “mom” once and she immediately caught it and tried to laugh it off with Moiraine but was actually super embarrassed. The real dilemma was the fact that Nynaeve heard and was about ready to pick Egwene up and personally carry her back to the Two Rivers

Rand definitely called Lan “dad” at least once, and they both just kinda silently agreed not to mention it, but Lan was about a million times more embarrassed than Rand.


Some of Wheel of Time ebook covers made by various artists.

The Eye of the World(WoT 1) by David Grove

The Shadow Rising(WoT4) by Sam Weber

The Fires of Heaven(WoT 5) by Dan Dos Santos

A Crown of Swords(Wot 7) by Melanie Delon

Path of Daggers(WoT 8) by Julie Bell

Knife od Dreams(WoT 11) by Michael Komarck

New Spring(prequel) by Jason Chan

Oh. And NOW it occurs to me that Gawyn is a foil of Lan. Lan is what Gawyn could’ve grown up to be (especially considering how Caemlyn was overrun and destroyed by Shadowspawn) if he was, you know, smart about his life decisions. Which he was not.

I mean, Lan had oaths sworn in his name when he was just a baby. Gawyn swore oaths when he was barely old enough to understand them. Lan kept his oaths, Gawyn…did not really.

Lan? Checks off “become master swordsman” from his bucket list. Gawyn? Also checks it off but he’s not as experienced or proficient obviously. And - despite the worst trip ever that were the Bloodknife rings - Gawyn was determined to seek glory (and not so sanguine about dying) when he faced Demandred whereas Lan was perfectly willing to die (Sheath the Sword, anyone??) when he did the same…and he succeeded where Gawyn (and Galad and Logain less fatally) failed.

So, Gawyn, you could’ve been great. Except you never had al'Lan Mandragoran for a role model.