lan cosplay

Time for an annual Mango-needs-to-clear-out-space-so-please-give-her-costumes-good-homes summer sale! ╰(°ㅂ°)╯With the correct end date this time because I goofed with the last post oops :’D

All auctions start between $15-$30, plus there’s free shipping to US buyers and a flat rate for any international purchases regardless of country! The sale will end in 10 days on July 29th, 2015!

I’m planning to move later this year so I need to clear out as many costumes as I can to make it a little easier to store my cosplay stuff wherever I end up! Even if you can’t or aren’t interested in buying anything, a share or signal boost is greatly appreciated! <3 Thank you all so much for your help!!


I was seriously trying to find this picture since the day after Ohayocon this year and like 6 months later I accidentally ran into it.

But yeah, this is from the Saturday Homestuck shoot (it was the day after I met Andrew). We were sticking our tongues out at each other and then I licked his face. We kept talking after the con and now we’re dating oops. But yeah I was excited to find this so I wanted to post it. ;u;