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Loki is the master of the non-binary.
• This may be just be my UPG (Unverified Personal Gnosis) but Loki is preeeeeetty genderfluid. That, or he doesn’t give a shit and laughs at gender norms. And sex norms, for that matter. He’s also sexfluid. He’s a mother and a father. He’s chaos. He does not let any boundary define or hold him. He can be destructive, but the chaos can be creative, too. After all, Mjollnir only exists through his antics! He doesn’t even conform to the gender norms in his name- He takes his last name from his MOTHER, Laufey. Not his Father, Farbauti.

Chinese Mythology is rife with LGBTQ and Non-Binaries
• Fun fact: Chinese mythology is rich in homosexuality. Same-sex love was believed to have originated in the south, so homosexuality was sometimes called “the southern wind”. Lots of spirits and deities were associated with homosexuality, bisexuality and transgenderism. These include Shou Wang, Shan Gu, Gun, and Yu the Great.

Chinese mythology is also rich in gay animal spirits and faries. Most of them like young men or boys, but there is one exception. Dragons like their men to be older.

Mizi Xia and the Duke Ling of Wei were gay, as were Lord Long Yang and an unnamed king of Wei.


• The son of Aphrodite and Hermes. He was born as a very handsome boy and then transformed into an androgynous being. He has a female figure and male genitals.

• The androgynous form of the Hindu god Shiva and his consort Pavarti. They are half male and half female, split right down the middle. The right is male and the left is female.

• Egyptian God of the Nile, he has breasts and a belly resembling a pregnant woman’s.


Guan Yin
• In Japanese, they are called Kannon. In Korean, they’re called Gwan-Eum. They have both male and female forms. They may be also considered agender.

• Egyptian Deification of the primal waters, can be depicted as male or female. Nunet is her female name and Nun is his male name.

• Egyptian deification of fate. Shai is depicted as both male and female at different occasions.


Eros (cupid)
• He appears as androgynous, god of love. His blood is female, and his masculinity is a form of fire and light. He has charm over all creatures and gender.

• The androgynous creator god of Polynesia.

Lan Caihe
• One of the Eight Immortals in Chinese mythology, their age and sex are unknown. They wear sexually ambiguous clothing, but are sometimes shown as weither a young boy or a young girl holding a bamboo basket. They are the patron of minstrels, and in another story their song is prophecy. They also wear only one shoe. Like ALL other Chinese immortals, they have an eternal drunken stupor and left the world on the back of a swan or a crane one day after they were in a tavern and said they had to go to the bathroom. Before leaving, they stripped naked, of course.

• Another Egyptian creator god, he created himself. He created himself out of Nun, or the waters of chaos, and brought the gods and cosmos into being.

• Aztec god of duality, creator of Cemanahuatl. Her female aspect is called Omecihuatl.


Greek Gods. Lots and lots of Greek Gods. Some of them also have relations with females, but here’s a list of homosexual acts the Greek Gods do.
• Achilles and Patroclus
Achilles and Troilus
Agamemnon and Argynnus
Agathaidas and Phalanthus
Ameinias and Narcissus
Apollo and Hyacinth
Apollo and Hymenaios
Chrysippus and Laius
Daphnis and Pan
Dionysus and Ampelus
Dionysus and Prosymnus
Euryalus and Nisus
Heracles and Abderus
Heracles and Hylas
Heracles and Iolaus[16]
Hermes and Krokus
Ianthe and Iphis[20]
Poseidon and Pelops
Polyeidos and Glaucus
Orpheus and the Thracians
Orpheus and Kalais
Apollo/Silvanus and Cyparissus
Zeus (Artemis) and Callisto
Zeus and Ganymede

• Fun fact, the Greek Goddess of love, beauty, pleasure and procreation is also the Goddess of lesbians.

• Although Frey himself isn’t gay, this Norse God of Fertility was worshipped by a cult of homosexuals and effeminate priests. I think that’s awesome enough for a place on this list.

• Aztec God of games, beauty, dance, flowers, song, and homosexuals.
You’re welcome.

Shinto Religion
• Homosexuality is said to be brought to humans by two of Amaterasu’s servants named Sinu No Hafuri and Ama No Hafuri.
Thank you.
It is said when Shinu died, Ama committed suicide, and they were buried together.

Tu Er Shen
• “Rabbit Deity” in Chinese. He is the protector of gay lovers. He was originally a man named Wu Tien Bao who fell in love with an imperial official. When he declared his love, the official beat him to death. Because his crime was love, the Chinese Underworld officials righted this injustice by making him GOD AND PROTECTOR OF ALL GAYS.

Cuchilainn and Ferdiah

• These two foster brothers/best friends/lovers were forced to fight one another. Ferdiah says they shared their bed, and after the first day of conflict, they were found kissing. Also on the third day, Cuchilainn pierced Ferdiah in the anus with a spear since his horny skin can’t be pierced. Literally, unfortunately, that wasn’t a euphemism. He died.

• Ah, Zeus. King of the Greek Gods that can’t keep it in his pants swings all ways. He had sex with women, women as animals, heroic men and gorgeous young boys. Good ol’ Zeus. Ten for you, Zeus.


• Odin, the Allfather and King of all Nordic Gods took part in magic known as Seidr. Both genders could practice the Seidr, but it was mostly a female art. It was a social taboo and seen as a woman’s job. It also may have been a form of sex magic, with imitation penises involved.

In Ancient Greece you had Hermaphroditos, but all across the world, in Ancient China, you also had this sweet li'l dude… uh, chick by the name of Lan Caihe.

See, what makes him/her really badass is that he is actually a hermaphrodite. Fo’ shiz. No one knows if s/he is either male or female, and all these lazy artist people just go, gah. I'mma paint him/her as either one and be done with it - see above.

Anyhow, Lan Caihe was somethin’ of a child prodigy, ‘cause he showed his family that he could memorize longass chunks of poetry, which is kind of like memorizing all of Shakespeare’s sonnets or whatever. But his mum died, his dad re-married, and yeah yeah, the evil stepmum came and treated him badly, so life really sucked for this little guy. I mean, girl.

Anyhow, he met this lame beggar bringing someone back to life - and yup, you guessed it - it’s our homie Tieguai Li. Lan Caihe was real smart, so he asked Li to make him immortal, going, “Oh please please please please!” So Li was all, “k, but you gotta meet me at the River Viewing Pavilion,” because Chinese people love Pavilions, and they totally had to include one in this story.

K, so Lan Caihe and a group of people went to meet Li at the Pavilion, and Li was all, “You wanna be immortal? You jump on the raft.”

But the raft was just some tiny leaf. Everyone was all, man, this sucks balls, but Caihe was all, I really wanna do this 'cause it means escaping from my step-mum and shiz. So he jumped.

The leaf became so huge-ass, and it rose into the sky with Caihe, with Li accompanying him/her. That’s how they became bros. Or siblings, whichever.

Lan Caihe is famous for having a pair of Jade Clappers, which is kinda like the equivalent of a beat-box. S/He can rap faster than 50 cent or Kanye West, 'cause his clappers help him/her out with the beat. S/He’s also the patron saint of florists, and represents the outsiders of society, y'know, those who fall through the cracks. S/He loves his/her wine, so you can invite him/her to your dance party, and maybe h/she’ll deejay for you.

How cool is that?

Anyway, there are variations in this legend. Some other says he was drinking wine in a restaurant and saw some pretty pink clouds so whoosh! He jumped up on them and was spirited away. There are lots more variations of how he came to be, and some even say that it wasn’t Tieguai Li but Han Zhongli [another immortal we’ll look at later] who dared him to.

do you know of any deities where their gender is either ambiguous, nonexistent, or changes often? thank you!


  • Hermaphroditus - Hermaphroditus is two-sexed and the origin for the word Hermaphrodite.
  • Agdistis - A two-sexed deity who castrated herself.
  • Dionysus - Dionysus is often described as androgynous.
  • Loki - A shape shifter who has given birth in a female form.
  • Ishi-Kore - A transgendered Kami.
  • Inari - A shape shifting Kami who has taken on the form of both genders.
  • Guanyin - A Bodhisattva who shows up in both male and female form.
  • Lan Caihe - A deity whose gender is unknown. Usually depicted in gender ambiguous clothing.

If anyone knows of other gender ambiguous, multi-gendered, or agendered deities, chime in!


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I don’t really care for this class because reasons, but I do kinda like what I’m doing sometimes. Here’s the character lineup for my final, I’m doing Xi Wangmu and her peaches of immortality. This is a really different style for me so it’s interesting to work on. I still can’t pronounce all the names at all though, shame on me. 

Lan Caihe, un des huit Immortels

Collection Ernest Grandidier. Lan Caihe, l'un des Huit immortels, portant une corbeille de fleurs, debout sur un socle formé de nuages.

© RMN-Grand Palais (musée Guimet, Paris) / Thierry Ollivier

dynastie Qing (1644-1912)

porcelaine, sculpture
Chine, fours de Dehua

Lan Caihe est le moins connu des huit immortels, une divinité du taoïsme et de la religion populaire chinoise. Son âge et son sexe restent inconnus. Il pourrait être hermaphrodite et représenter l’union du yin et du yang, mais dans sa représentation la plus connue, il apparaît comme un jeune garçon portant un panier de bambou inépuisable contenant des fleurs représentant bonheur et longévité, et parfois un paiban (拍板), instrument servant à marquer le rythme des chants, en forme de houe. Quelques rares portraits le montrent en vieillard, bien qu’il soit écrit dans ses biographies légendaires qu’il ne vieillissait pas. Source

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Hi 🤗 i want to start off by saying that you and your are amazing ❤! I was hoping that you could give me some names of famous (fictional or not) bi characters especially women cause i can't find that many (sorry for my english)

Hmm. Here’s the result of some quick research. To my followers, correct me if I’m wrong on any of this (especially as I tried to draw from many cultures and I hope I haven’t overstepped in any way) and please add to it!

Historical figures who were or might have been bisexual:

Billie Holiday

Prince Felix Yusupov

Julie d'Aubigny


Aphra Behn

Lawrence Olivier

Oscar Wilde

Lord Byron

James Dean

Frida Kahlo

Malcolm X

Marilyn Monroe


Freddie Mercury

Alan Cumming

Aubrey Plaza

Lady Gaga

Angelina Jolie


Amber Heard

Megan Fox

Sara Ramirez

Nico Tortorella

Mythical, legendary, or religious figures who could be considered bisexual/pansexual/m-spec

Hercules (Roman)

Zeus (Roman)

Loki (Norse)

Lan Caihe (Chinese)

Haakauilanani (Polynesian) 

Limaloa (Polynesian)

Sedna (Inuit)

Baron Samedi (Voodoo)

Fictional characters explicitly called bi (POSSIBLE SPOILERS)

Callie from Grey’s Anatomy 

Angela from Bones

Fictional characters effectively bi/pan/m-spec (POSSIBLE SPOILERS)

Captain Jack Harkness from Dr. Who and Torchwood

Most of the gems from Steven Universe

Delphine from Orphan Black

Inara from Firefly

Bo from Lost Girl

Piper from Orange is the New Black

Sources: [x, x, x, x]

*Edit to add: actor Sara Ramirez (Grey’s Anatomy) and Nico Tortorella (Younger)

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srry i just need to vent a moment because honestly. i can't vent about being aroace and hating it on any of my accounts because i'm terrified of aphobes. it's rly aggravating some old wounds and i feel like i'm just taking up space that could be taken by a more useful person and my feelings about my orientation don't matter. i feel like my existence is cringy just because i'm aroace and nonbinary. i feel like i'm embarrassing myself.

Don’t let that poisonous mentality take a hold of you. Being aroace and nonbinary is rooted within history and culture - you are literally taking after deities such as Lan Caihe of the Eight Immortals, Tatenen the father/mother of the gods, Loki, Kwanyin, and beyond. Being nonbinary has always existed as both an identity amongst the population, and also a position of power.

And so is being aroace alongside. All of the deities I’ve listed above are also aspects of sexual non-development - aka, delivering children without sex, lacking genitals, and other ways to express what’s obviously a metaphor for asexuality and aromanticism. 

The only reason why people say that being aroace and nonbinary is being ‘cringy’ is because these bits of history are missing from white western colonialism. And like everything about colonialism, people will do anything to erase something that challenges it.

- Fae

八仙 Eight Immortals

Eight Immortals:
Cao GuoJiu(曹國舅): God of Theater Activities
Han XiangZi(韓湘子): God of Music and the Middle Class
He XianGu(何仙姑) : God of Women
Lan CaiHe(藍采和): God of Poverty
Li TieGuai (李鐵柺): God of Sickness
Lu DongBin(呂洞賓): God of Education
Zhang GuoLao (張果老): God of Immortality and Origami 
Zhong LiQuan(鍾離權): God of Weapons

Legend: 八仙過海,各顯其弄
Legend has it that there are 8 immortals, Cao GuiJiu, Han XiangZi, He XianGu, Lan CaiHe, LiTieGuai, Lu DongBin, Zhang GuoLao, and Zhong LiQuan. They each have their own special ability. Once,  they all went to attend 王母娘娘’s event. They crossed a river, and decided to ride their “instruments,” magical weapons, on the water. All of a sudden, a thousand-year old water demon brought Han XiangZi into the water. The 7 immortals used their powers to bring Han XiangZi back.
The saying that goes with this story is: 八仙过海,各显神通 (ba xian guo hai, ge xian shen tong). Meaning, when the 8 immortals crossed the river, each one showed their own power.This shows that even if you are all different, each one has unique strengths. 

TV Show:

photo cr.

My new piece. It’s Lan Caihe one of the 8 immortals in Taoism. I’ve been drawn to Lan Caihe since I heard hir stories as a child.My grandmother brought Lan Caihe from Taiwan and the plum blossom that ze stands on is the flower of Taiwan. My left arm is dedicated to Taiwanese patrons that have guided me through my life thus far and continue to do so. My right arm will be dedicated to my Scottish lineage and history.  Those are still in the works.

Lan Caihe is not male/man or female/woman and yet is both. Ze protects the disenfranchised and knows how to have a good time. So pleased with it!


Tsingtao beer has launched a new ad campaign in England. Called “Speak Chinese,” the ads feature the Daoist Eight Immortals, transformed – should I say gentrified? – into humorless-looking white hipsters.

Each month the ads will focus on one of the Eight Immortals. They’re apparently starting with Han Xiangzi (韓湘子) and Lan Caihe (藍采和)

Tsingtao’s marketing guy in England says that one purpose of the ad campaign is to “make Chinese culture more accessible and relevant to UK consumers.” But I have to wonder if, in the act of making it more accessible, the ads are making it less Chinese; making “Chinese culture” more accessible by racebending it, removing the contributions of history and religious imagination, making it safe, making sure consumers see nothing that might challenge them to awaken their compassion in this world of many cultures.