Hi, guys! It’s Somni or aka taemeow here, and the year is almost over! Oh my God. I know the past 12 months haven’t been the best ones to everyone, but I’m proud of you guys. We got this far and it’s a great accomplishment. We got so many people in the fandom this year, and you all are the best. We also lost some of us. The ones we lost will always be remembered and I’m sure they are on a better place right now, watching over us. But no more sad talk, I decided to make this follow forever (my second ever, oh my god), to thank some of you for helping me going through the hard times. And all of my followers, I love you all so much and thank you for caring about me and believing in my weirdness. I’d like to wish you amazing holidays and a 2014 better than 2013 was. You all deserve the best.

So here it goes the blogs that have my eternal love. I may not talk to some of you often but I really admire your work so much and yeah.

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