Palmer 1865 bolt action carbine

Designed in 1863 and produced in 1865 by E.G Lamson & Co. in the US - no serial number, part of a 1001 guns order.
.54 rimfire, bolt action single shot.

Apart from being the first bolt action metallic cartridge firearm accepted by the Ordnance Department of the United States, the Palmer carbine distinguishes itself by having a manually cocked hammer and a very small bolt handle. Its design and production was contemporary to those of the Chassepot rifle in France, although unlike it the Palmer would come to late to participate in the major conflict it was designed for.

another rimfire bolt action carbine, l’Hermite Mle 1839 prototype


Finally got to test out the new 8wt. on a reservoir a few hours from home with my dad and brother and it was an awesome day! 30 pike landed and even a few walleye the fly. The new rod and reel worked flawlessly. After 6 hours and one hell of a tired arm, the weather finally changed and chased us off the water. Definitely heading out to do that again soon.

View from Mackinac Island

Colored photograph showing view from prominence of yachts and fishing boats. Cannon in foreground, gazebo with signal bell near shore. Mainland visible. Printed on label on mat back: “This photograph is produced in pure platinum, and is absolutely permanent., Lamson Studio, (Incorporated), Portland, ME." 

  • Courtesy of the Burton Historical Collection, Detroit Public Library

I loved the Lamson Guru 3 that I picked up for my 8wt so much that I figured my old faithful needed one as well. Old Faithful is a Pieroway 9’, 6wt Technical Series that Geoff Pieroway custom built himself a few years ago and it’s been pretty much my go to rod for everything. After a slight mod to the handle, I’m just waiting for the snow to quit around here so I can try it out on the Bow.