Alexander Hamilton died on July 12, 1804

Anyway if you ship gay/slash/“”“"yaoi”“”“ pairings then you better fucking support LGBTQIA+ rights and see them as more than overly sexualized couples and as REAL COUPLES LIKE THE HETS LIKE IT’S NOT THAT HARD

And that concludes today’s PSA

Edit : after a lot of messages of people saying that gay shippers are mostly LGBTQIA+ themselves, I must clarify that I’m talking about straight people who fetishises LGBTQIA+ characters/relationships and proceeds to get grossed out when seeing irl examples and rights discussions.

Laurens: I like this guy, and I’ve been dropping him the most insanely obvious hints for a few months now. No response.

Hamilton: Wow. He sounds stupid.

Laurens: But he’s not. He’s really smart actually… he’s just dense.

Hamilton: Maybe you need to be more obvious? Just go right out and tell him, “Hey! I love you!”

Laurens: I guess you’re right. Hey Alex, I love you.

Hamilton: See! Just like that!

Laurens: Holy fucking shit.

Hamilton: If that flies over his head then I’m sorry John, he’s just too dumb for you.

Laurens: Alex.

  • Me after listening to a musical I thought I wouldn't like for the first time: You should not have taken advantage of my sensibility to steal into my affections without my consent.

Battle Of Monmouth

Hamilton: Where is Lee?

Washington: Hang on

Washington : *clears throat*

Washington: *breathes in*


Lee: *smashes through the wall* RETREEEEEAT

Washington: Found him