Kid Me

Imagine getting turns into a child and the team tries to take care of you but you causes a lot of trouble and likes Connors attention the most so Kaldur your boyfriend gets jealous. 

Relationship: Friends Lovers

Character: Team (2010)


Gifs: Found on Google.


You and Zatanna were trying out a spell when it backfired and turned you into a child. You quickly burst into tears as you sat on the floor.

“Shoot! Ummm.” Zatanna walked over to you. “Hey. Hey, it’s ok Y/N.” You stopped crying and looked up at Zatanna.

“Egnahc N/Y kcab lamron ega.” Zatanna spoke only to see you still as a child. “This is not good. Ekam sethols ot tif N/Y.” Your clothes quickly changed to fit your size. You put your arms up telling her that you want to be picked up. Zatanna kneels down and picked you pick before walking out of her room with you on her hips.

“Hey, Zee!” Robin walked up then saw you. “What’s with the kid?”

“It’s Y/N.”

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fuckers in school telling me…..
always in the barbershop chief keef ain’t about this chief keef ain’t about that my boy a BD on fuckin Lamron in them he he they say nigga don’t be puttin in work
SHUT THE FUCK UP y'all niggas ain’t know SHIT all u muthafuckers talkin bout chief keef ain’t no hitta chief keef ain’t this chief keef a fake
SHUT THE FUCK UP y'all don’t live w that nigga y'all know that nigga got caught w a rachet shooting at the police and shit nigga been on probation since fuckin i don’t know when motherfucka stop playin em like that them niggas savages out der if I catch another muthafucka talkin sweet about chief keef I’m FUCKIN beatin they ass im not fuckin playin no more u know them niggas role w Reese and them