lampworked bead

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In honor of making this officially a lampwork beading and jewelrymaking blog, rather than a general art blog, here is the “About” I wrote for my Etsy shop.

Once upon a time, my husband dragged me, almost literally, out to a beginner lampwork bead making class that was being offered nearby. I wasn’t really sure why he was so anxious for me to go, but he was convinced.

I’ll be honest. That first class went terribly. I still have the blobby, smudgy little beads I made that day. First I botched a bead and got glass stuck to the mandrel, then I exploded the tip of a glass rod, sending hot glass down my shirt. Not a promising beginning, perhaps– but I felt challenged and defiant. When we got home, we bought our starting equipment–“Just to try it out”, my husband said, still somehow certain that this was the craft for me.

And I fell in love, and have loved it every day since. I make beads at every opportunity. I have had the pleasure of sharing making beads with my husband, my daughter, and several friends, and it is always wonderful watching them discover the fascination of shaping hot glass.

I love envisioning a piece from the ground up, creating a design that I control completely, and then working to perfect the beads in my vision. I love seeing the piece take shape between my pliers as I form and assemble the beads, wire, and other components. I love creating elegant, flashy pieces, but even more, I love making things which add color and individual expression to casual outfits. And I love drawing inspiration from my other interests to create new and exciting things.

Thank you for visiting, and giving me this opportunity to share the things I love with you.