i just need everyone to imagine drunk howard turning his living room into a stage and forcing jarvis to be the juliet to his romeo while ana watches them and howard makes him and jarvis costumes out of throw blankets and lampshades

Movie Review: Hail, Caesar!

My dad came and visited me this weekend, and so we went and saw the Coen Brothers’ latest film, Hail, Caesar! I’ve been seeing some interesting discourse about this movie, especially here on Tumblr (of course), and I’m going to go ahead and disagree with much of what is being said. This movie is fantastic, and a must see for any Hollywood buff.

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Cherchez la femme. Look for the woman. Implies that behind every problem, there is a woman. A sexist pulp crime trope used in an episode in which writers are lampshading the misogyny of their canon and trying to right the wrongs.

Sherlock is in his mind palace but doesn’t realize it. He’s fixated on the bride rather than on the more pressing matter of Moriarty. And MP Mycroft uncharacteristically indulges his brother. Cherchez la femme.

Look for the woman. The one at the root of your problems. Who is she? 

Beloved sister.

Emelia Ricoletti was a bride. A wife. A sister in the cult of women Sherlock created in his mind, yes. But even if the cult was real, this would not have been on her tombstone. A secret cult does not get to publicly bury its members. In reality, Emelia’s tombstone would read “Beloved Wife.” But in Sherlock’s mind palace, it says sister. Whose sister?

His sister. The other one.

There are no ghosts. Save those we make for ourselves. // We all have a past. The shadows that define our every sunny day. // Redbeard?

Several times in TAB, we see hints of Sherlock’s repressed memory. Here, he is finally going to dig deeper. Literally. He is looking for the ghost he made for himself, the memory he substituted with his dead childhood dog. He says it.

What happened to the other one? The corpse they substituted?”

ETA: Thanks to @the-7-percent-solution for pointing out that in THoB, Sherlock puts the perfect spin on this when he says Cherchez le chien. Look for the dog. Look for the woman.

MP Mycroft uncharacteristically supports his brother to look for answers to the seemingly less important mystery. MP John uncharacteristically bails on Sherlock, even after he pleads for help. Why? Because Mycroft knows what Sherlock is looking for. John knows nothing about the other one.

Sherlock digs and digs. But he can’t dig deep enough. “It was a very long time ago,” says MP Mycroft. “We do have more pressing matters at hand. Moriarty? Back from the dead?

The word Moriarty barely passes his lips when the dead woman whispers do not forget me. Moves. Rises. Falls on Sherlock, burying him in her grave, sending him to another, deeper part of his mind palace. Moriarty is waiting. 

“Too deep, Sherlock. Way too deep.”

Sherlock tried to recover the information his hard drive deleted, but the virus wouldn’t let him. 

Why? Why is Sherlock imagining Moriarty keeping this memory from him? To make a crack theory even crackier, let’s look at The Case of the Speckled Blonde, a case Sherlock solved during TRF, which involves a woman whose sister recently died. 

(No but really, this is about to get into MegaCrack territory. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.)

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this is probably one of my fav asmr characters from Ephemeral Rift and… i do love those monster hands…
Been meaning to draw this for a while, and I got the process on video so hopefully I can start uploading speedpaints now that I’ve figured out what programs to record/edit with. I’ll post about it when I get it done IF I get it done.
also the details almost killed me detailing isnt my strong point so i really pushed myself with this one… please forgive the artistic liberty i took with some things i cant copy everything perfectly

During a search through Ed Gein’s farmhouse, authorities found:

Four noses

Whole human bones and fragments

Nine masks of human skin

Bowls made from human skulls

Ten female heads with the tops sawed off

Human skin covering several chair seats

Mary Hogan’s head in a paper bag

Bernice Worden’s head in a burlap sack

Nine vulvas in a shoe box

Skulls on his bedposts

Organs in the refrigerator

A pair of lips on a draw string for a window shade

A belt made from human female nipples

A lampshade made from the skin from a human face

(These artifacts were photographed at the crime lab and then were destroyed.)

Being familiar with Andrew Dabb’s writing I immediately started searching for the detail in which the devil is hidden in the episode. The importance of distinction was lampshaded in Billie’s comment about there being a difference in her wanting to make sure that Sam and Dean would stay dead following their deaths to actively wanting to kill them.

And there were many details that could turn out to be important down the line – the lighter colour of the Darkness after she had drawn the ambient dark back into herself, Rowena’s speech on love and weakness, her possibly prophetic dream in which her son is killed and her own horns won’t come off. All details, all very interesting.

But the detail that interested me the most, written as I have a metric ton on the topic of angels and human souls, were the two scenes that again suggested that Castiel has a human soul –  which I believe he has had since I Think I’m Going to Like It Here. There’s a lot of backstory that I won’t rehash, but there were two clear signs in the episode indicating that Castiel’s vessel has a human soul inside it, and both of these are details that we ought not overlook.

The first detail is the message the Darkness carved into Castiel’s vessel. On any other show, we might simply conclude that she carved it on his flesh and think nothing further of it. But on this show?

All precedent suggests that the message was not carved on flesh, but on his soul. All the scars that we have seen on the show – Castiel’s handprint on Dean, the Mark of the Witness in Are You There God? It’s Me, Dean Winchester, the Mark of Cain itself – were not on the body, but on the soul, and only manifested in the flesh. Had the Darkness carved the message of “I am coming” (and I believe that the message was a threat or a promise to Lucifer, not to Dean, whom the Darkness assumes already knew this of her) on the flesh of Castiel’s vessel, his angel-mojo would have healed the blemish immediately. No, she had to carve the message deeper.

Deeper, perhaps, than even she thought.

Another interesting detail was that the Darkness appeared to be visibly weakened by having accomplished this. Perhaps she was weakened by consuming an angel’s grace and was merely hiding this state of affairs from Castiel. But she did not appear to be affected until she had carved the message on Castiel, suggesting that it was the result of it. It was the unforeseen consequence of there being something extra in Castiel.

She had expected to carve the message on an angel in a human vessel. And she hit a human soul instead – but not just any old soul. While the Darkness and Dean are bound, so may well the soul inside Castiel be bound to Dean. It is possible that what ever the Darkness did to Castiel ended up injuring herself also. She did it to herself, that is, what ever it was. What ever it is that she did rebounded from Castiel to her. And it rebounded because Castiel’s vessel, his four wheels, have two pairs of two legs – an angel’s grace, and a human soul - tethered to Dean Winchester.

And there was another confirmation of this state of affairs later on in the episode.

Castiel is ’Yes’ to Lucifer, to desperate Lucifer facing an eternity in the Cage as he was unable to convince Sam Winchester to use his vessel not only to walk the earth, but to find release from his imprisonment. Castiel said yes to him, and this is a very important detail. Because it is not the angel Castiel’s yes that would give another angel permission to use his vessel, not unless he is the owner of the vessel and not merely its occupant. The original occupant of the vessel has not been inside for a very long time, so either it would have been very simple for Lucifer to possess the vessel, or he would not have been able to do it at all.

And you can suggest that the writers simply don’t know their own canon, a lot of people do. But it is the combination of the scarification of the vessel and the permission given by Castiel that are but two more additions to a growing case for a human soul residing within the body of Jimmy Novak that is not the soul of the late Jimmy Novak which suggests that while the angel Castiel may have made room for the arch angel Lucifer, there is still a human soul residing within the vessel with Lucifer.

And this human soul injured the Darkness.

And this human soul is the key to the resolution of the narrative.

  • Springtrap's Summertime Blues

I thought I could give you guys a treat and try having Springtrap sing! Though then I realized that his singing is kinda sub-par .~. (as lampshade by PM). But, hey, he’s been a rusting pile of metal and guts for some time (the pic is a flashback), so cut me him some slack!
Man, this was not easy to edit. Go over to @flightbotjetwing​‘s page and thank her for her hard work (and you might as well look at her work and MAYBE follow her. :3 totallynotsubliminalmessaging)

Original song “Summertime Blues” sung and performed by Alan Jackson
Editing by me and @flightbotjetwing​

Art by @nobody-art​

Springtrap/Spring Bonnie © Scott Cawthon

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I laughed so hard at Jody's "If we can't talk about it, we shouldn't do it" comment. Someone please instill this philosophy to Winchesters. Half of their problem could've been solved with this.

Honestly though :P 

I still remember how she offered to hear out their problems… They really should have started phoning Jody up at all hours of the day and night to talk stuff over long ago… I feel sorry for Jody in this scenario but they need to open up to someone :P And someone in particular who is impartial with a lot of common sense who will roll her eyes and be like “oh my god no, Dean, I don’t know what this Mark of Cain nonsense is but you shouldn’t be messing with it. Here, put Cain on the phone, I’ll have a word. And why are you hanging out with Crowley in the first place?!”

I feel like it was lampshading years of terrible decisions. 

also! to Ypsi folks - new community cafe

Lampshade, which is across the street from the Ypsi downtown library/b-24.

it’s a pay-as-you-can cafe, the first in the area that i know of.

it’s got a super cool vibe (think pillows across the floor for resting in, art everywhere, collective canvases to work on, etc)

they’ve got a cd donation drive too (one where you can put any cds you have in the bin, and someone will pay the lampshade $1/each for them).

they were playin’ the beach house depression cherry album when i was there last night.

if you get a chance, check it out!