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trans-riot  asked:

Ok as a tech/theater person I have important questions on your most recent Lance head canon: does he participate in pre-show traditions and does he come out eating on stage at he end (my stage manager came out eating an apple during several shows, once a sandwich)

This is a critical question and I’m glad you asked it

Personally when I was in high school, our pre-show tradition was making a satanic circle and praying to the ghost of our former tech director’s mother so she wouldn’t wreck the show (………yeah). 

Funny enough I think that Lance. Might have something similar? Not the satanic circle part, but we know that he and Keith believe in ghosts (they’re both really quick to accept that the castle is haunted) so consider this: Lance and Keith are the last two left during build one night. Coran’s wandered off… somewhere, maybe to check some lights or something. Lance and Keith are cleaning up and something happens, and they don’t really know what but the lights go out and Lance gets locked in a storage closet and Keith swears he was attacked and anyway the two of them walk away that night convinced their theatre’s haunted.

So lowkey before shows Lance starts like. Dropping by the supply closet and very nicely asking the ghosts to not wreck anything please and thank you. And Keith joins in and then it becomes a crew-wide thing and suddenly meeting up around the storage closet and talking to the ghosts is their main pre-show tradition.

Lance probably doesn’t come out on stage eating because Allura would straight up murder him (”no. food. in. my. theatre.”) and he doesn’t wanna die yet.

As for other weird shit, though, my high school also has this cow milker (we call it The Udders) and there’s a tradition where every show night one prop is swapped out for The Udders and the actor has to go on stage and keep acting like they’ve just got the normal prop (so like instead of a suitcase you’ve got this). I can totally see Pidge getting bored and swapping out a prop for something weird one night and then finding it so fucking funny that she just keeps doing it. It becomes a weird thing people look forward to.

butch moments: 16/11/17

“see you tomorrow!”

she waves, turns around, and starts walking to her place which is further down the street. i’m on my own now. i quickly decide which way to my flat is the safest one. it’s november, it’s dark and i can already picture the weird drunk guy who’s probably gonna ask me for a cigarette and be surprised by my deep voice. and it’s all gonna go downhill from there.

i figure the best thing to do is to take the tram to the train station and walk from there. the ride is short but the tram is packed - they’re on strike today. people stare but i just look at my feet and think. i’m used to people staring.

at the station i get off the tram and out into the night. the traffic lights and street lamps are like stars in the night sky.

i look odd to people. too short to be a guy, too square-faced to be a girl. too much chest to be a man, too much facial hair to be a woman. people don’t notice right away, but their double takes betray them. they know the second they pass me that there’s something wrong with me. i clench my jaw and say nothing when people whisper behind me. i feel my heart beating in my throat when i hear muffled laughter and “f*ggot” and “d*ke”. but i don’t say anything. i’m always outnumbered.

tonight i’m wearing my leather jacket, my combat boots and a nice, comfortable hoodie. it’s a cold night and my fingerless gloves make me feel cool. i’m about to enter the less crowded part of the neighbourhood. no one from college lives here. i smile. this is my favourite part of my way home: there might be creepy men and drunk people, but there’s also the tattoo parlour i love, the small restaurant i sometimes go to and the antifascist graffiti on the walls. this is my favourite street in the whole city.

i put on my hood and start walking. some weird men laugh as i pass them but fuck men. i’m feeling good. i’m feeling butch. this is who i am. the adrenaline is rushing through my veins. this is the street i can walk down being truly myself. a badass antifascist butch lesbian with a beard. proud and visible. no one knows me. no one sees me.

i’m at my place now. i lock the door behind me and take off my jacket. take off my armour. i’m vulnerable again. i wish my girlfriend were here. he’d know.

Seriously though DO NOT let anyone try and convince you Jupiter Jones is a weak, useless, damsel-in-distress type of character. She is randomly thrown into the middle of a chaotic, intergalactic sibling rivalry/civil war, she has no idea what’s going on 75% of the time, she has no ass-kicking training, but she’s curious and resourceful and a total sentimental nerd, in addition to being reincarnated space royalty.

She has had quite a rough couple of days, okay.

But she still manages to fuck up some Abrasax shit and make really tough choices for the good of mankind and, like, female characters don’t have to be the Black Widow to be considered good female characters.

All hail the Russian Housecleaner Space Princess, long may she reign.