A collection of bubbles with different weather situations caught in it

The product

This arrangement of twenty-eight Lumiére called pendant lamps consists of hand blown glass bulbs with little custom built projectors attached to it. The projectors display various different cloud and sky situations to the bottom of the glass bulb. Together, the lamps also form a digitally managed cloud like group floating in the room.

The design studio

Commonplace is the design studio Jon Stam and Simon de Bakker. Their work focus lies in context driven objects, quality craftsmanship and quiet interactions. The Studio is based in the Netherlands and their work has been showcased in various famous events like Design Miami, Design Dubai or at Sotheby’s.

The inspiration

The inspiration for this lamps come from the poetic original assosiation we get by talking about clouds, we all like to look up into the clouds  and look at their uniqueness, see shapes or let our thoughts float away. But also from the up coming modern term of cloud computing. despite the genius development that this computing term describes it is way less romantic or picturesque. The Commonplace Studio’s light installation proposes an alternate way of thinking about cloud computing by arranging a digitally orchestrated cloud of various different cloud shapes and forms.  For whatever meaning we project on the sky, this light installation simply reminds us that having our head in the clouds is truly a beautiful thing

Commonplace: Website 

Other nice designs by Commonplace are the Curiosity Cabinet #1 or the Table Quints, a set of five bowls that hold salt, pepper, sugar, milk and oil.

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