lampe led

I finished designing the 3D paper koi puzzle, fully posable and assembled without any glue or tape. My SO programmed some rainbow led strips to test out the koi lantern and I love it <3 There’s still some minor design adjustments to make but I’m pretty much done, what a fun weekend project :D

Lots of people asked about buying one of these to make themselves in my last work in progress post. I’ll look into producing these are DIY 3D puzzles. Assembly is definitely harder than Ikea furniture though lol so probably not for little kids to make, but if you’re into papercraft and puzzles, this will be lots of fun to build! And even more fun to light up.

More photos and videos to come as I finalized the designs :)


Paint lamp by YOY Studio

This Paint called lighting series is a composition, that appear to be drawn with light as color. When it is switched of, it seams to be a blank canvas. If it is switched on, the Wood, Aluminum, Fabric, LED construction shows the illuminating paintbrush stroke on it. This is a creation of the Tokyo based design studio YOY.


Beem, a new approach of lighting by Samuel Wilkinson

Samuel Wilkinson is a designer, busy rethinking the way we approach lights, for decades.

Since Edison, the way we use lightbulbs hasn’t changed a lot. But since the LED lamps have taken the lead in lighting Samuel Wilkinson decided it is time ti change the way we think about lightbulbs and lamps. Therefor he created the new lighting design company Beem. The company started its mission at this years  Milan Design Week with this sculptural lightbulbs that you screw into your sockets.


Venise Lamp by PaulinePlusLuis

Venise is a decorative wall lamp, that is inspired by traditional storefront shutters. PaulinePlusLuis, the Brussels based design studio created this lamp, that is produced of laser cut, anodized Aluminum with LED lights in the back. The slats are bend into the desired tilt by the customer.