The One Where all Peter Pan lovers will go to Neverland and never come back till forever ends. 

1. Peter Pan Big Ben Wall Clock

2. Peter Pan Mason Jar Lamp

3. Peter Pan Clock Necklace

4. Take Me To Neverland T-Shirt

5. Peter Pan Tea Set

6. Never Grow Up Bracelet

7. Peter Pan Necklace

8. Never Grow Up Necklace

9. Peter Pan Wrapped Pencil Set

10. Peter Pan Quote Charm Necklace

Never grow up!

The Wishopoly team.

Afillia Lamp Collection by Alessandro Zambelli

Afillia Lamp Collection by Alessandro Zambelli

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A concept borrowed from botanical science to define the nature and reveal its inner essence: it is called Afillia in the wild plant without leaves, the new collection of lamps by Alessandro Zambelli for .exnovo. Empty and full, strength and lightness: the space and its paradoxes. Rarefied materials, vacuum through them, to create gold compact; air and light as the real “building components” of…

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