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هل مِن المعقول أن يدخُل “أديسون” النّار و قد أَنار حيّاة المِليارات مِنْ الأجيال السّابقة و اللاحِقة لإنّه لَمْ يكُن مُسلماً ؟

في حين أنْ هُناك الكَثير مِنْ المُسلمين الذّين لَمْ يَفعلوا شيئاً صَالِحاً لا للآخرين ولا لأنفسهم حتّى و سيدخلون الجنّة -إن شاء الله- فالشهادتين هي مُفتاحها الأَوحد !

بعيداً عنْ عاصفة الأفكار التّي تَشغل حيزاً لا بَأس بِه مِن ذِهني ، دَعنا نَستمتع بِنُوّر السّيد أديسون 💡


Afterward (Month 3-4)

Author’s Note: This chapter picks up directly after the last, then moves forward through two months’ time. It has another not-work-safe section in it. 

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It was nearly 3 am when Michael finally slipped into bed, curling into the warmth of Sara with a soft sigh. She’d been asleep for hours, and he didn’t want to wake her, but couldn’t stop himself from laying one hand lightly over the thin cotton of her Northwestern t-shirt to rest it gently over her abdomen. Pregnant. God, he still couldn’t quite believe it.

“Is everyone gone?” she asked sleepily, eyes closed.

Michael gave himself a mental rebuke. He shouldn’t have disturbed her. “All but Linc. He’s crashing on the couch.”

“Give him the guest room,” she murmured.

“He doesn’t care. It’s fine.” He kept his voice a low whisper. Maybe she could fall back asleep. Instead, she rolled over toward him, tucking her face into the crook of his arm. He ran a hand over her head, trailing his fingers through her hair. “I love you,” he told her.

He felt her smile. “Are you happy? About…before?”

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Postmodernism is familiar to us as an offshoot of something new, rethought as a whole, just the individual elements. Modernism has become so because of diligent search and finding innovative ideas in the field of design, building and construction, finding new forms, materials, textures and textures. Postmodernism, in turn, engaged on exactly the same problem, but from the context of the present day. 

There is a huge rejection of old stereotypes and templatesArtists and designers-postmodernists used to use a bold, creative and often provocative solutions to organization of space. In the course are bright colors, their arrangement, prints. Special attention is paid to selection of furniture and its location. It is dominated by loose, dynamic or static lines, symmetrical and asymmetrical shapes and transforms. because postmodernism as a style characterized by the heterogeneity within the interior can be furniture with different characters.


K 831 by PLY Unestablished Furniture

The K 831 Pendant lamp by PLY is based on a lamp idea from the 1930s by Kandem (that is where the K comes from) that was named 831. PLY’s version is completely and carefully produced in Germany. The making of film for the K 831 lamp just won the Red Dot Award  2016.