Katerina Kopytina   |

“In LightBean’s lamp the globe bulb is not only the source of light but also an integral part of a shape. Made of local oak LightBean is finished with natural oil and has two colors: natural and black. 12 colors of textile cords help to integrate it into any interior.”

Based in Moscow, Russian Federation, Katerina is a head of production design at Fleve. She is focused on product design, industrial design and furniture design.

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Design Studio of the week (08/09/2014):

Grupa    |    |    Facebook

GRUPA is a multi-disciplinary design studio founded in 2006 by product designers Filip Despot, Tihana Gotovuša and Ivana Pavić in Zagreb, Croatia. 

They had an idea - to don’t let anything to a chance and involve themselves in development of their products from the drawing board to the moment they ship it to their clients. The result is products that they fully stand behind. Products that go trough their hands every step of the way and today they are proud to be part of peoples living and working spaces - homes, offices, hotels, bars etc.

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Nikolo Kerimov    |

Nikolo is an industrial designer based in Finland. He is focused on graphic design, product design, furniture design and packaging.

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Packaging and visual identity for ili_ili lamps by Šesnić&Turković

“Ili_ili is a system of modular lights which gives the user the freedom to assemble a lamp of unique shape and color. Our colleagues and friends from Grupa Products asked us to create a visual identity and packaging for the lamps. The design process was challenging and complex, as we wanted simple and efficient packaging for thousands of different combinations.”

Šesnić&Turković studio was founded in 2006, and has been working in the field of graphic design and visual communications ever since. They approach every project with the same fundamental mission – find the best creative solution, which will give it its communicative strength, longevity, and set it apart from the competition. They apply that approach in all fields of work: visual identities, signage, exhibition designs, stand designs, designs of publications, advertisements and promo materials, designs for gift shops etc.

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