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But for real guys we need a Sanders Sides musical

It doesn’t matter how it happens or how it plays out all I need is for five very similar-looking people to gather in one place with authentic cosplay outfits, then reenact parts of the series with extra musical numbers and actual makeouts

LAMP AU Where They’re in a Band

Okay just think about it

  • It’s Roman’s idea (of course). He gets the idea junior year of college and knows his friends Virgil, Patton, and Logan all like music too so he asks them to join
  • Virgil and Logan are hesitant, but Patton is super on board. Puppy eyes from Roman and Patton convince them
  • Roman is the only one who actually knows how to play an instrument (guitar), but he wants to be the lead singer so he helps teach Logan guitar. Patton learns the drums from his cousin (who also lets them practice in their garage) and Virgil self-teaches himself how to play bass
  • They’re pretty bad at first and they start out super small, just doing cover songs for fun. It’s actually super fun and they all look forward to it on days they practice
  • They end up writing some of their own songs later, headed by Roman and assisted by Logan after some convincing from Patton (it’s like poetry, but set to music!)
  • Patton walks in one day to see Virgil threatening his cousin. Apparently they secretly filmed one of their practices and put it on Facebook. All their families seemed to really enjoy their music, so Virgil lets it slide
  • He doesn’t let it slide as easily when he finds Roman setting up a video camera at their next practice. Roman decided they should start uploading their music to YouTube. Virgil doesn’t like it, but the others think it’s a good idea so Virgil hesitantly agrees
  • “We need a name for sure, now” Roman informs them. They’re all going for a walk and talking about the band. “What about-” Logan starts before Patton screams “LAMP!” and shoves Virgil out of the way as someone throws a lamp out of their window. They walk faster, Roman wheezing with laughter, Logan looking over Virgil for any damage, and Patton grinning sheepishly
  • They take that as destiny and name their band LAMP (in all caps)
  • They occasionally play at fundraisers and bars around their town, now that Virgil’s comfortable enough with others hearing him play. Everyone loves them.
  • Their audience, surprisingly, grows quite rapidly. Roman starts out as just the lead singer, but ends up doing some guitar too when Patton asks if he can sing with Roman for one song
  • After that, songs would vary between just Roman singing, Roman and Patton singing, and very rarely Virgil would shyly join in
  • Roman sets up a joint twitter for them once they hit 2,000 subscribers on their YouTube channel
  • “What’re your names, by the way?”, one of their very first fans asks on twitter. Virgil replies “Well, I’m just a big ball of Anxiety” -bassist
  • The fans start calling Virgil Anxiety. Roman decides this is a great idea and makes them all have codenames. Logan thinks it’s illogical? Boom, you’re Logic now. Patton makes a lot of group decisions based on what he thinks would be best for them? Boom, Morality. Roman does all the effects and most of the songwriting? Creativity bAby.
  • In their first video QnA Virgil snorts and jokingly calls Roman Princey after he starts listing all his favorite disney movies. The fans start calling him Princey after that instead of Creativity, though he doesn’t mind much
  • In the QnA they’re asked if they like anyone. Patton turns bright red and babbles, something about ‘they might feel the same…’. Virgil hunches down and grumbles “of course not”, despite his expression saying otherwise. Roman admits he’s always crushing on someone. Logan says nothing, expression blank
  • Eventually, during the summer after they all graduated college, they somehow get a record deal and weLP now their music is on the radio? Virgil totally doesn’t scream the first time he turns on the radio and hears his own voice
  • They end up deciding to move in together. They make more money than they expected off their music. Along with that, their YouTube channel had over 2 million subscribers now. They move into a pretty big house and that’s when Princey starts vlogging.
  • When he first starts it’s pretty bad, just like the band. Virgil and Logan feel like their privacy is being invaded, so they hide in their rooms, and Patton just waves excitedly whenever he sees the camera
  • Eventually Logan stops hiding in his room all day, and even later Virgil does too. Logan starts talking in the vlogs, Virgil mostly grunts and hides in his hoodie.
  • “Why doesn’t Logic ever sing?” they’re asking in one of their now bi-monthly QnAs. Logan looks away from the camera for the first time ever in a QnA and says “I do not like to sing.” Which is a complete lie. Patton sometimes will hear Logan singing in the shower. Recently he had been humming something Patton had never heard before, but it was beautiful. He would sometimes sit against the bathroom door and listen. Sometimes, Roman and Virgil would join him
  • Roman and Patton do a baking vlog one time. It’s a mess, but they don’t mind. They’re laughing and singing and every comment is saying stuff like ‘2 pure’ and ‘highkey ship them’
  • Patton knew he’d had a crush on Logan for a while, but after reading those comments starts to realize he likes Roman too??? And Virgil had always been his best friend and oh god could he like all of them??? Was that a thing he could do???
  • Roman has a similar crisis across the house as he screams into a pillow. Virgil walks in and awkwardly rubs his back in an attempt to comfort him, despite not knowing what was wrong. It was kind of nice. Virgil liked Roman a lot. He liked all of his friends a lot…Whoops time for him to go, he was turning bright red at the realization
  • The three of them are all dancing around each other after that. Not in videos obviously, but when Roman isn’t filming sometimes the silence gets tense. Roman starts to film more just to fill it.
  • They all like hanging out in town, but they’re starting to get recognized more. They can’t risk using their names when ordering coffee anymore (Logan still thinks this whole thing is stupid)
  • They go on their first tour and BOY ARE THEY TERRIFIED. It’s super weird having fans come to see them perform on stage. Patton keeps checking on Virgil to keep himself busy, Roman frantically types out possible lyrics for new songs, Logan tells Roman they don’t need to write songs right now that’s not a tour was for.
  • They almost cancel when Virgil has a panic attack right before their first show, but they soothe him enough and he assures them he wants to go on. They do, it goes fantastically.
  • During their tour, after their ‘last song’, Roman suddenly talks into the mic, saying they have one more song. Logan is confused and steps back as his friends play him happy birthday, and then an original song about him and…uh oh, feelings.
  • Logan almost cries as Patton gets up from where he’s sitting behind his drums and opens his arms. He launches himself into the hug and poor Patton, who’s mic is still on, says “Alright then, Logan?”
  • Roman is furious that their cover is blown, Patton is sheepish and just shrugs pathetically, Virgil tries to defend him, and Logan doesn’t give a shit
  • Roman ends up revealing his name next at a concert. Probably through some hilarious shenanigans
  • At another concert, they’re all signing autographs after the fact and a little girl tugs his pant leg and whispers. “Could I be as cool as you one day Mr. Morality, sir?” Patton smiles and ruffles her hair. “Of course you can kiddo! And call me Patton.”
  • Virgil’s name still hadn’t been revealed. A lot about him was a mystery to the fans. They loved it, and Virgil was slightly afraid that if they found out his name they wouldn’t have any reason to like him anymore.
  • Eventually, Virgil posts a solo vlog about his experiences with Anxiety for their channel and tell them his name. The video goes viral pretty much overnight.
  • After their tour, everything feels calm again. They’re all at home and not running around like crazy every morning. They need to work on their new album, but Roman’s got creative block, so they’re not really doing much.
  • All this pesky nothingness is bringing feelings up again. Roman gets back into vlogging daily, as he couldn’t do as much filming while on tour. Virgil is a lot more open after his personal vlog and talks more when Roman films
  • One day, Roman, Patton, and Virgil wake up and check Twitter to see a bunch of people @ing them both on their joint account and their personal accounts
  • Apparently Logan had uploaded a video the night before and deleted it, but it had been too late. People had downloaded it and were sending it to everyone
  • In it Logan sang. He sang a love song, one he’d written. Patton recognized it as the song Logan had been humming in the shower for months now.
  • Fans start theorizing about who Logan meant in the song. Ship wars break out, it’s madness.
  • The vlogging goes dead for about a week before they’re back on. All four seem a lot more cheerful than usual. Apparently something happened that helped Roman out of his creative block and their new album would be out soon
  • When it came out, listeners were shocked to find that they were all love songs???? With duets from Roman and Patton, ones where all four (yes, even Logan) sang, and solos from every single one of them
  • Audiences were split on what this could possibly mean. Were they singing to each other? If so, who was together with who?
  • They end up going on tour again before their fans are given answers. It’s Roman’s birthday and they all sing an original song again before Patton walks up to him, smiling softly. “Thanks to you…we get to have all this. Thank you” and he kisses him
  • Fans are screaming in joy and shock…then Virgil walks over and kisses Roman too, and Logan does as well. Everyone is confused
  • Roman faces the audience and screams “THAT’S RIGHT! WE’RE ALL DATING EACH OTHER!” then grabs Virgil and Logan (who’re the closest) and slings them over his shoulders before dashing off stage. Patton laughs and runs after him
  • It’s big news. They’re the first really popular band that happens to be in a poly relationship. The interviews are a little awkward, but they’re all too in love to care
  • They still do some other songs, but now most of their music are love songs dedicated to each other. Fans tend to love the ones where they all sing together the most. Their voices all fit together perfectly, just like the members themselves.

tl;dr: They boys start a band and start dating so they sing cute love songs with each other about each other and it’s good and wholesome 

Polyamorous Relationships and LAMP

We all know LAMP/ CALM/ Polysanders/ Whatever we’re calling it here is a wonderful ship. It’s pure love and cuddle piles. But I was thinking, that polyamorous relations usually don’t work like that, right? It’s not always just a group in love. It’s often more like a tangled web of couples overlapping. Here’s a handy thing I got from google:

Right, so LAMP is the one in the bottom right, but it doesn’t have to be. What I’m saying, is I want to see some of this

Or this

Or even this!

Honestly, there are so many combinations. And they can all be healthy! I haven’t seen anything like it, and I think that should change. It’s interesting!

Being on the Avengers with Peter Parker would include..

- LMFAO y’all a bunch of headasses to begin with

- having the most precious relationship in the world

- A LOT of running around avengers tower

- and annoying tony

- taking dorky polaroids of one another

- becoming the iconic young duo of the avengers that is always talked about in the media

- being inseparable from each other

- reason behind that is that you two were the youngest in the team and felt a connection upon your first meeting

- always training together at headquarters

- (y/n) please don’t do that thing with your leg today’

- helping each other with homework

- natasha thinking that you two are the biggest dorks in the world

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pls pls do bts when they're drunk


  • the crazy drunk
  • volume is stuck at level 200
  • gets unnecessarily competitive
  • determined to outdrink everyone there
  • “i bet on my left nostril that i can take more shots than u”
  • tries to fight everyone
  • extra blunt and honest
  • hyper
  • everyone laughs at his antics
  • life of the party


  • the reliable drunk
  • he holds alcohol the best out of the boys
  • more buzzed than drunk
  • prevents anyone from killing themselves
  • 50% laughing at everyone’s drunk antics
  • 50% judging them
  • sassy
  • gets in a really good mood
  • more touchy than usual
  • takes videos of everyone’s embarrassing moments to use as blackmail

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  • the wild drunk
  • goes overboard
  • super weird and crazy
  • does the most stupid shit
  • like dancing on a table
  • or using a lamp post as a stripper pole
  • “me? drunk? lmAO im not even that drunk”
  • passes out 5 minutes later
  • is dragged home by yoongi

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  • the philosophical drunk
  • *walks into door*
  • “shit sorry man”
  • has lengthy conversations with his ryan plushies
  • deep discussions about the universe
  • kinda has an empty stare the whole time
  • gets scared by his own shadow
  • dances badly
  • embarrasses everyone
  • just wants to rest his head on someone shoulder

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  • the horny drunk
  • i n t e n s e flirting
  • super clingy
  • doesn’t shut up
  • stumbles and falls all over everyone
  • hugs every person he encounters
  • “did u guys know that i love you?”
  • high pitched giggles
  • uses cheesy pick up lines
  • winks at everyone who makes eye contact with him
  • lowkey a fuckboy


  • the weird drunk
  • wears his shoes on his hands
  • laughs too loud at things that aren’t funny
  • pats everyone on the back way harder than necessary
  • clings onto his friends
  • gets gradually more serious as the night progresses
  • and eventually he’s on the ground spilling all his secrets
  • confesses things he’s never told anyone
  • has the worst hangover and doesn’t remember anything


  • the extra drunk
  • takes a while to loosen up but once he does oh boy
  • even more courageous than usual
  • tries to fight a bush 
  • pranks everyone
  • throws people into the pool
  • does dumb stuff to impress people
  • “kook i bet you can’t break a bottle on ur head”
  • B E T
  • gets the balls to flirt with his crush
  • “are you drunk?” 
  • “no i’m jungkook”
  • overdramatic 

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