lamp the champ

teeeight888  asked:

Man that last episode was a doozy! It's sort of a spoiler but I sorta expected him to wake up somewhere in that episode... Especially cause last i checked 10 minutes or less is usually when people should wake up... Though Damien IS an Atypical and Chloe did handle getting hit in the head with a lamp like a champ! So hey maybe Atypicals have higher durability! Which is so much more cooler, it's like Conduits from the InFAMOUS Game series!

Someone waking up within 20-30 minutes is usually a sign that they have a mild TBI. Given that a lot of the scenes in the finale happen simultaneously, the actual time span of the finale was about…30 minutes.


  • Trans person: cis people are annoying
  • Anon: um, i'm one of the transes and idk... i dont' think that the CISgendereds are so bad,, you can't fight hate with hate and we should all just be nice to each other. MAybe if the transgendereds were nicer, the ciss ones would stop abusing and murdering you-- i mean, us :)

Not all men are bad! Some guys are really polite, and they like birds and science and literature and they can speak eight languages. Some guys are physicists with plans to help humanity achieve wireless electric power completely free of charge and inventors who can visualise and test their devices in their head. Some guys died in a hotel room in 1943. Some– Nikola Tesla. Some guys are Nikola Tesla.