lamp is dumb

how chowder and nursey get together in my head: nighttime on a dock with the moon shinning and theyre laughing and then they look at each other and kiss and its beautiful and fools by troye sivan plays in the background and it like crescendoes into the kiss
how chowder and nursey actually get together:
C: hey, nursey, wanna make out?
N: (accidentally knocks over a lamp in excitement) YEAH

Okay look friends

There are a lot of reasons that the “only” non-binary folk you see online are “stupid little girls with their stupid little identities.”

Those “stupid little girls” are right around the ages of 12-16, which is to say, the beginning of adolescence. Psychologists sometimes refer to adolescence as the “discovery phase” of human life, which is to be highly encouraged for proper emotional growth in adulthood. In layman’s terms, questioning and throwing labels around yourself to figure out who you are from the ages of 12-16 is competely normal and healthy behavior.

Then there’s the fact that we live in a patriarchal society, no doubt about it, and this leads to double standards for people who are assigned male at birth (AMAB) and assigned female at birth (AFAB). Generally, it’s a lot easier for AFAB people (i.e. your “stupid little girls”) to explore their gender identity because it is not shameful for a “girl” to have masculine habits, because it makes sense to society on a subconscious level: it’s good to be a man/be masculine, therefore AFAB people with masculine mannerisms are okay for the most part. There are even common terms for these people, often referred to as “tomboys” or simply “one of the guys.”

On the opposite end, however, AMAB people have a harder time with their “discovery phase” because they are frequently discouraged from exploring things like femininity and gender roles. Again, society’s subconscious: being a woman/feminine is bad, therefore, “men” who want to do feminine things or be a little more like stereotypical women are bad.

Those are the main reasons that you’re less likely to see AMAB enbies open about their identities. Because society mostly just brushes off “silly little girls with their silly little identities,” whereas young AMAB folk who want to shave their body hair or wear makeup are immediately perceived in a negative light.

So kindly shut your damn mouths about how the only non-binary people are actually just women. Just shut up. Shut.


Pairing: Jungkook x Reader ft. the rest of the boys

Warnings/Genre: Angst, fluff, little bit swearing, mentions of self consciousness

Song: Let me know and Spring day by BTS

Words: 3595

>> On top of this ending tune, I’m standing here alone, now tell me that it’s over, Let me know<<

“YAH! Hyuuuuung” Taehyung yelled as Hoseok wrestled with him. You laughed out loud at the faces Taehyung made while Jungkook joined you. “Gosh, you rascals, stop it!” Jin scolded the two of them and rolled his eyes at their childish behavior. Taehyung and Hoseok stopped playing around and sat down on the floor, looking at Jin and pouting. You were sitting comfortably leaned against the shoulder of the boy you loved, Jungkook. Your body was still shaking from the giggles that were escaping your lips. “Y/N-ah why are you laughing?” Hoseok complained. “You two are really something…” you laughed before giving him an angelic smile. Jungkook shifted in his seat, causing you to look at his handsome face. His face was turned towards the kitchen and he hummed at the smell of freshly made food. “Food’s ready!” Namjoon yelled through the dorm, causing uproar of noises when the boys, including you, made their way to the open kitchen. It was silent while everyone was stuffing the delicious food into their mouths. Jungkook sat next to you silently shoving Kimchi in his mouth. You looked at him and admired his sharp jaw line. He suddenly turned his head, surprising you as he looked you dead in the eye with a stuffed mouth. You almost choked on your food bursting into tears and laughter when you saw his face. He looked like a hamster. He turned his head away from you, swallowing his food to then look at you again, joining your laughter. The boys looked at the two of you like you were aliens, as you both kept laughing. “What the fuck is wrong with you two?” Yoongi asked, amused about the fact that both of you didn’t seem to care about the gazes you got from the boys. Hoseok and Taehyung started cracking up about the blunt comment Yoongi made, causing the others to join their loud laughter. You waved your hand in front of you trying to stop you from crying, laughing and choking on your food. Jungkook and Namjoon started to pat your back to help you swallow your food. As you finally managed to do so, you sighed and went back to eating your food. The others were still smiling before returning to silently eat their food.


The next morning you woke up early, letting Jungkook sleep, you changed your clothes and went to the living room of the dorm to find Taehyung stretched out over the whole length of the black leather couch. “Morning” he mumbled, glancing to you before returning to look at his phone. You nodded, sure he didn’t see it. On the question of what he wanted to eat his whole face lit up as he jumped from the couch, banging into the lamp that was hanging from the ceiling. “God fucking damn it I’m going to rip this dumb lamp of the ceiling one day” he grumbled as he rubbed the back of his head. You tried hard to keep in your laughter but still causing you to chuckle a little. “Anyways” Taehyung whirled around to look at you smiling brightly, “You were talking about food. How about Pancakes?” he asked clapping his hands. You nod, giving him an amused smile. “Wanna help me?” you asked, turning around to the counter, to collect the ingredients you would need. He practically jumped behind you, bumping into your shoulder and started to search for a bowl in one of the cupboards.

After an hour the others slowly came out of their caves, rubbing their eyes and greeting you and Taehyung good morning. The only one missing was Jungkook; he was either still asleep or too lazy to get up. You asked Jin to do the rest after you decided to go back to Jungkook’s room. You peeked your head through the door to find him looking at you with sleepy eyes. “Jagi…” he whined, pouting at you and holding one arm out for you to grab. You accepted his invitation as he suddenly pulled you on the bed causing you to yelp in shock. “You’re a fucking idiot Jeon Jungkook” you laughed at him, slapping his shoulder. He was hovering over you, straddling you beneath his toned body. His hands were next to your head. He gave you a wicked smirk before he bowed down to connect his forehead with yours, looking into your eyes with his soft chocolate irises. You bit your lip in anticipation of what may follow. He leaned in to connect his soft red lips with your own, sending a shiver down your spine at the tickling sensation his body sent out to you. After what felt like hours he backed away to look at you with a soft smile, his eyes slightly forming crescents. His handsomeness and beauty overwhelmed you all the time. You cupped his cheeks in your hands and he leaned in your hand, closing his eyes, clearly enjoying the touch of yours. “Come on…breakfast is ready” you smiled at him. His face lit up immediately hearing the news. He quickly got off the bed, changing into different than boxers. He took your hand yanking you off the bed and walking to the kitchen only to find the boys judging the both of you. “Why do we have to wait for y’all” Jimin and Taehyung whined in unison. You chuckled at the sight of six hungry boys pleading the both of you to finally sit down so they could eat.


“Shall I drive you back to your dorm?” Jungkook uttered, cocking his head to his right. You looked at him quizzically before giving him a silent nod. He immediately knew something was off. “Are you okay?” he asked you, a slight trace of concern in his voice and squatted down in front of you to get a better look at your face. “Huh…Yeah” you waved him off, still deeply sunken into one of your daydreams. He sighed before standing up straight again, deciding you would need some time to yourself and walked off to the living room.  

You shook your head before going back to your original thoughts that lingered in your head. You thought about the future of yours and Jungkook’s relationship. Does he still love you? What is going to happen after both of you graduate? Will you live together? Are you enough for him? Are you annoying him? You slowly became self conscious dragging yourself down on your own thoughts of dislike. You somewhat always hated yourself for your appearance which made you think you don’t deserve him. He’s better off with some pretty girl and not someone like you, you thought. He deserved better. You surely were funny and quirky but your looks made you self conscious around boys, especially someone like Jungkook. He was handsome, his body was toned, and his eyes always showing off warmth and his aura was incredibly comforting. You still can’t believe you’re his girlfriend of 2 years now. You knew each other since kindergarten and went from best friends to lovers in May, 2 years ago. He was the first to confess that he had fallen for you. You couldn’t believe what he said back then. You knew you cried before confessing your own feelings to him.

A loud bump made you jump in your seat, snapping out of your daydream and mentally returning to the real world. Namjoon apparently tripped over a cable, knocking over the monochrome floor lamp behind the couch. As he cursed something under his breath, Hoseok and Yoongi, who were both hit by the lamp, yelled at him about how he always manages to knock something over or break it. “Sorry, man, who of you dumbasses thought it would be a good idea to just lay the cable across the whole room. Idiots.” he ranted. Looking away from the scene in front of you, you turned to look at the clock that was hanging in the kitchen. 4:52 p.m. You jumped on your feet, your work shift started in less than 10 minutes. “Guk?” you muttered. Snapping his head in your direction, he quickly understood and jumped off the couch, grabbing his jacket and his car keys. Both of you practically hopped down the stairs to get to the car that was parked in front of their house. He quickly drove you to the diner you were working at, which, at the same time, was yours and the boys favorite go-out-place. Jungkook glanced at you while you were tapping on your armrest. It was 4:59 p.m., so you would be a little late to your shift. Jungkook parked his black truck in front of the diner. Looking at the clock you quickly gave him a kiss and waved at him as you mouthed a silent “I love you” in his direction to which he responded with a smile. You watched him drove off and made your way into the diner, greeting and apologizing for your late arrival.


It was past midnight when you arrived at your dorm. Silently opening the door, you tried to keep quiet as you tiptoed to your bedroom. You didn’t want Alex, your female best friend, to wake up. You changed into your pj’s and slid into bed, only to fall asleep shortly after.

You woke up from your dream, drenched in sweat and tears. Once again you experienced a nightmare. It was your fifth nightmare in about two weeks now always making you dream the same things: your break up with Jungkook, him telling you that you were a burden all the time and so on. You shifted in your bed swiping over your forehead. You sat up straight so you would breathe properly. You quickly made yourself calm down, taking the towel that was laying on your nightstand to swipe away the last tears and sweat drops before going back to sleep.

When you woke up the next morning you felt sore and as if you haven’t gotten any sleep for at least 4 days. You felt drained. You looked at your phone to find 4 unread messages from Jungkook.

[Gukkie], 10:43 p.m.

“Are you really okay?”

[Gukkie], 11:02 p.m.

“I’m sorry if I did anything wrong?”

[Gukkie], 02:05 a.m.

“Please answer me, I’m getting worried.”

[Gukkie], 09:15 a.m.

“Good morning love <3”

The last message was only sent half an hour ago. You quickly answered him.

“Good morning, sorry I’ve been really tired last night, that’s why I didn’t answered your texts”

Seconds later your phone chimed, initiating a new message from the love of your life.

[Gukkie], 9:46 a.m.

“I’m glad you’re alright. Wanna go out today?”

You quickly answered him with a yes and went to the bathroom to get ready for the day.

Your phone chimed once again, stating that Jungkook would pick you up around 1 p.m.

You took a shower, letting the hot water run down your body and drifting off to yet another daydream. You snapped out of it when someone knocked at the bathroom door. “Y/N? You in there?” a familiar voice asked. Alex. “Yeah, give me 5 minutes to finish.” you answered, getting out of the shower to get dressed.


It was exactly 1 p.m. when Jungkook rang at your dorm. You run to the entrance and opened the door that separated your from Jungkook. You fell around his neck and gave him a quick kiss, clearly catching him off guard. You were excited. The weather was perfect for going out. “Where are we going?” you asked as you hopped alongside Jungkook. “Coffee?” he questioned, giving you a lopsided smile. “Ah yes, exactly what I need.” you excitedly stated.

You got in the passenger seat of his truck, looking at him, before turning your head to the right side to look out of the window, watching the landscape blur around you.

You finally arrived at your favorite coffee shop. It was small but cozy with a small library. Getting out of the car, Jungkook walked around it, entangling his hand with yours. You sat down opposite of each other under one of the windows. The afternoon sun shone through the large windows, creating waves of sweet honey on the white walls. Jungkook was hovering over the menu when you once again started to admire his looks. The sunlight lit up one half of his face and his skin became a honey like color. His light brown fringe was covering his eyes and his lips were full and soft looking. The corners of his lips were curled into a slight smile as he read the menu. He always did this, reading the menu even though he knew fairly well what was on there. It was a habit of his. You smiled while absently looking at him.

“Y/N?” he waved in front of you “Earth to Y/N?!” You snapped out of your daydream looking at him with big eyes. He laughed at your dreamy behavior; “What do you want?” he asked, still laughing at you. “Caramel Cappuccino, as always you fool.” you spat back, crinkling your nose, before bursting into laughter, making him join you in delight. “YAH! Young lady, don’t be so sassy.” he countered, shaking his head at you and waving his forefinger in your direction. You stuck out your tongue at him, him doing the same to you before he leaned over the small circular table, his lips only inches away from yours. His brown eyes were softly looking at you. You leaned in and brushed your lips against his soft, rosy lips. His eyes never left yours.  He once again leaned in, to place his lips onto yours. You responded in kissing back, leaning in even more than before, letting him take you away with only his lips. His hands cupped your cheeks, leaving tickling marks where his finger tips laid. He deepened the kiss and caused you to shift in your seat. Both of you pulling away on the noise of the waiter bringing your drinks. Your cheeks flushing a light pink, you sat there in silence, sipping your drinks.

The sun started setting down when you left the coffee shop, walking back to his truck, his hand entangled in your own small hands. Whenever he touched you ever so slightly, it sent a warm, tingling sensation through your whole body, instantly warming your heart. Opening the passenger door, he gestured for you to get in the car; slamming the door shut he got in the driver’s seat, started the engine and drove back to his dorm. His right hand rested on your thigh while both of you didn’t dare to say a word.

Your thoughts went back to your relationship, better to say to your future relationship. Your              self-consciousness crept its way back into your mind. Did he really still want you? Did he really accept you with all your flaws and habits? Thousands of questions dangerously lingered in your mind making you shift uncomfortably in your seat. Your head dropped low and your eyes moved to your thigh where his hand was placed. Your daydreams and thoughts consumed you once again completely, your body slightly panicking. You shook your head, trying to get out of your thought’s prison. Success; you escaped your poisonous thoughts and started to look out of the window to concentrate on whatever came in your sight so you wouldn’t drift off again.

Half an hour later you arrived at Jungkook’s and the boys’ house. You got out of the car, making your way to the white front porch. Slamming your fist onto the bell push. You were a bit taken aback when you realized what you just did and looked at your hand, confused about your actions. Jungkook approached you from behind, “The boys are not home, love” he smiled. He opened the door with a click of the door knob, leading you inside and into the living room. He threw himself on one of the couches, taking the remote control and zipping through TV channels. You just stood there, unable to think of something to do.

“Excuse me for a bit Guk…” you uttered, shuffling to the bathroom.

You got in, slammed the door shut, with way too much force than you first intended. Slowly walking in front of the mirror, your gaze made its way from your feet to your face. You were looking into the eyes of a sad girl. Your reflection startled you for a moment. You felt panic slowly rising up, making the beat of your heart race, breathing heavily. The first tears crept their way down your flushing red cheeks. Leaving dark marks on your hot skin, more tears streamed down your face, dripping from your nose as your head hung low. Your whole body was vibrating on the cause of your sobs making their way through your body. You found yourself kneeling down on the cold bathroom floor, your hands stirred to cover your mouth, stopping you from making anymore noises. You were trapped in your world; the thoughts immediately back when you looked at your reflection. You felt your despair and helplessness overwhelm you and your hands dropped to your sides.

Peeking through the bathroom door, Jungkook froze in shock at the sight of you. He pushed the door out of the way, jumping behind you before kneeling down to let you fall into his tight embrace. Your sobs were still making their way through your body. Your face was pressed against his firm chest and your hands were around his waist. He held you tight until the last sobs and huffs escaped your lips. Eventually your heart beat slowed down and your breathing normalized. Jungkook lifted you up bridal style and took you to the living room. Your face was resting in the crook of his neck, inhaling his sweet scent. He sat down onto the couch, letting you rest in his lap and tightly hugging you.

Holding you an arm length away from him, he looked you in your eyes. His own were filled with worry, concern and sadness. “Love, what is wrong?” he whispered. You looked down to your hands resting in your lap. One of his hands stirred to move your head up, to look into his eyes. “I-I’m sorry…” you stuttered, again on the edge of tears. “shhh” he shushed you, “don’t cry, Jagi.”

You took one last breath, before confessing your worries to your boyfriend.

“I…I don’t know. I just think I’m not worth your love and I don’t deserve you. Look at me, there are so many pretty girls out there…You’re better off with one of them, right? I keep thinking about our future. Do you still love me? Am I enough for you? Am I good enough to even be your girlfriend? I just…hate myself sometimes.” you said in a low voice, for no reason afraid to scare him.

“Jagi…” he started, looking in your eyes in disbelief. A soft frown forming on his beautiful face.         “Who makes you think that? I’m sorry if I have ever given you an unwanted feeling or that you don’t deserve me.” he muttered, placing a kiss on the temples of your head. You looked down once again, tears welling up in your eyes.

“I’m saying that because…, because you deserve me in every single way. You deserve my love. I don’t know how I deserve you, but I do, apparently. You’re cute, sweet, loving….you’re the most beautiful girl in this world. I love everything about you. The way you smile when you drift off in a daydream. I love the way you look at me in the morning when I wake you up, pouting at me sleepily. I love how your eyes are excitedly moving when you see the boys and especially me. I love your skin. I love every single one of your flaws that may exist in your thoughts. They’re charming. You’re unique, love.  You’ve always been there for me, since kindergarten and even more for five years now. I will always love you, never doubt that, okay? I will never leave you for some other girl that might be prettier than you on your own opinion, because no one is prettier than you.” he ended his spate of words. He looked at you with a softened gaze. Returning his gaze, your eyes widened at the realization of what he just said. “Are you serious?” you mumbled.  “I am serious, Jagi.” he returned, stroking the back of your head.

“I love you.” you said looking at him with shiny eyes.

“I love you too, and don’t cry.” he uttered, his thumbs swiping away the tears on your cheeks.

He stretched out over the length of the couch, you halfway laying on top of him. Your head was resting on his chest and listened to his steady heartbeat and breathing. He still had his arms wrapped around your waist.

“I will always love you, Jagi.” he hummed.

“I will, too…forever” you responded and smiled.

Cuddled up against the warmth of your boyfriend the two of you watched a movie. It was past midnight when the boys came back from their little trip. They were mocking each other and let themselves fall on the couches. You were laughing again and Jungkook smiled at the sound of your laugh. He was happy to have you smiling and laughing again. It was music to his ears.

>> You know it all; you’re my best friend; the morning will come again, because no darkness or season can last forever<<

A/N: aaah my first BTS fanfiction. I hope y’all like it. And I actually listened to Spring day and Let me know while writing this. Feedback is always appreciated.<3

“That Dumb Lamp” | Chenle drabble

Not requested, made at 12:30AM, Chenle is the main character…needless to say things are derpy xD

Genre: Fluff

Word count: 357

Aesthetics: uncontrollable laughter until your sides hurt, the faint chatter of the tv, soft glow of lamps, teasing kisses, cherry-red poppies, sunny spring days

“I’ll do it,” You nodded seriously. “But you have to swear on your life you won’t cheat." 

"Promise.” Chenle looked at you with equal seriousness. 

And so the very competitive game of Stand Off began. His hands were warm as they made contact with yours, and you flailed a little as he pushed. Quickly regaining your balance, you eyed him suspiciously. The mischievous twinkle in his eyes was enough to send off warning bells in your mind. You reached out, forcefully pushing his hands. He pushed back, and you both flailed for a moment.

“Don’t break the lamp please.” Doyoung spoke up from the couch in a monotone, his eyes focused on the TV. 

You glanced at Doyoung, and in your momentary lapse in concentration Chenle attacked, easily pushing you over. Yelping, you started to fall over backwards.

“Y/n, the lamp!” He quickly circled his arms around your waist and kept you from knocking over that damn lamp. 

“You cheated!” You cried breathlessly. 

“What?! Never!” He cried back, laughter lacing his words. 

You pouted childishly. “We both know I wasn’t ready.”

“You snooze you lose, dummy.” He sat you properly on your feet, but not before kissing the tip of your nose. You squeaked at the affectionate gesture, enticing a smile from him. 

“Another round?” He offered. 

“Okay. But away from the lamp and where you can’t cheat.” You took a couple steps away from the object. 

Chenle waited until you were ready, but after two tries and none succeeding in knocking you over, instantly became bored. His fingers found your side, making you wiggle. He was easily able to knock you off balance, and laughingly caught you again. 

“You are such a cheater, Zhong Chenle!” You exclaimed. 

“You love me anyway.” He replied, a smile on his face so wide it made his eyes nearly disappear. 

“Yeah yeah.” You grumbled, trying to wiggle free from his grasp. He leaned in, peppering your face with tiny kisses until you were laughing again. 

“That tickles! Lele!” You wiggled. 

Your hand came in contact with something hard, making your laughter die. 

Doyoung shrieked, “bE CAREFUL OF THE LAMP!!" 



Do not use, copy, edit, or repost without my express permission. Not for use in ANY roleplays.

A few sketches from while I was in Hawaii. Because I brought my Tailgate and Shockwave figures and took pictures I had to also draw them at least once.

So we have Tailgate with flowers, a kukui nut lei, and a huge pineapple, and then Shockwave wearing a flower provided by the same dumb lamp that drew the pictures in the first place.

Preference 10: You're A Secret Pt. 2

Pt 1 (x)

This was requested a whole lot and Im sorry for such the long wait :) x



You pull your sweatpants further up your hips, letting them loosely settle on your hip bones. Your parents had gone out for the night, leaving you alone to wallow in your self pity and watch re-runs of Teen Wolf. After leaving Michael in the park he hasn’t tried to contact you, and it stung a bit, knowing that he was just going to let you walk away so easily. Trying to push your feelings down you pull your hair up into a ponytail, padding out of your room and downstairs in search of something to drink. As you’re rummaging in the fridge the front door opens, alerting you of someone’s arrival. “I thought you guys weren’t going to be home until later.” You call, assuming it’s your parents. You grab a Coke from the fridge and close it with your hip, popping the tab as you turn around, coming face to face with your crazy haired boyfriend. “Michael.” You squeak, startled by his sudden presence. “What are you doing here?” You ask, awkwardly putting down your can and wringing your hands. “I’d be a pretty shitty boyfriend if I let my girlfriend stay mad at me all night.” He explains crossing the kitchen and putting his arms on either side of you, trapping you against the counter. “Don’t even worry about it. I was just being stupid.” You say, already feeling guilty for leaving Michael at the park. “No, I was the one being stupid. I should have known I was hurting you by keeping you locked away. I didn’t mean to make you upset.” Michael argue, pushing some loose strands of hair behind your ear. “It’s fine.” You insist. “I don’t mind keeping it a secret, really, as long as I get to be with you.” Michael leans in and kisses you once, letting his lips linger a little before pulling back. “I love you. And I’m sorry you felt like I was just playing a game with you. It’s not like that.” He promises. “And I’ve already talked with the label, and all the guys, and everybody thinks it’s a great idea to tell the family about us.” You smile and lace his fingers with his. “Are you busy tomorrow night?” You ask, placing a kiss on his cheek. “I believe we have a date to make up.”


“I’m back!” Your boyfriend’s voice rings the eerily silent apartment, you had since turned off the awards show and showered. “Babe?” Ashton calls again, his footsteps getting louder as her gets closer to the bedroom. You keep your mouth closed, waiting for him silently. Did it hurt that Ashton, the boy who claimed to love you more than anything, was embarrassed by you? Yes. But were you going to say anything? No. He enters the room a few moments later, smiling at you and crossing the room to kiss you quickly. “Why didn’t you answer when I called for you?” He asks, starting to unbutton his shirt and change into his sleepwear. You shrug, although he can’t see it. “Did you have fun?” You ask, taking a lot of control to keep your voice steady. “Yeah, but it would have been better if you were there.” He says, plopping down next to you. You hold back a scoff. “You sure? Because I’m not sure how much fun you would have with some girl you don’t even know clinging to you all night.” Ashton sighs, obviously knowing what you’re talking about. “Babe, you know I didn’t mean it.” He says, trying to wrap his arms around you. You roll your eyes and push him away. “Doesn’t make it hurt any less.” You mumble, getting out of bed. “If you don’t wanna be with me you can just say it, you know. Instead of hiding me away because you’re so embarrassed of me.” Ashton catches your wrist, stopping you from getting any further away from the bed. “Y/N,” He says softly, pulling you towards him, “You know that’s not it. At all. I love you. And if I could tell everybody about us I would, you know that. I’m not embarrassed by you at all.” “I don’t see the point in keeping it a secret though, it’s only hurting me and keeping you back.” You explain, sitting down next to Ashton and laying your head on his shoulder. “Listen, I’ll talk to management, okay?  I just don’t want you to get hurt by the fans, or be overwhelmed by being in the spotlight. But I hate seeing you hurt, and I wish you would have told me earlier you weren’t okay with keeping this to us. I love you so much, Y/N, okay?” You nod, feeling bad for making him upset. “I love you too, and I’m sorry.” You kiss his shoulder. He giggles, “Don’t be sad, silly girl. You know I’d do anything to make you happy. Even if that means facing management. Now, come cuddle with me so I can tell you all about tonight.” He demands before pulling you into his arms and launching into his stories.


Pulling into the small parking lot of the park down the street you turn off the engine, a loud sigh passing your lips as you stare out into the dark play sets, only illuminated by the few street lamps around you. This was dumb, you know it is, but you also know that what you said was true. And he needed to make up his mind because it was becoming increasingly harder to pretend there was nothing going on between the two of you. With another sigh you close your eyes and drop your head against your steering wheel, feeling the tears welling behind your eyelids. It wasn’t supposed to happen like this, you were supposed to travel together, kiss in public, hold hands, swim at the beach, go to his concerts, post cute pictures of him. This wasn’t what you expected when you agreed to date him all those months ago. Hot tears begin to roll down your cheeks, and you let them, soft sobs passing your lips. A soft tapping startles you and pulls you back up into a sitting position, your eyes immediately looking out your window to see Calum standing with his hands in his pockets, illuminated by the street lamps. Knowing it won’t do any good to ignore him you unlock the doors. And he doesn’t waste any time opening the door and grabbing your hand, pulling you up into his arms and connecting your lips. The kiss doesn’t last long, but it’s enough to make your heart flutter and leave you breathless by the time he pulls away. Before you can speak he does, “I’m sorry I was being such a douche bag, but I love you and care about you and there’s nothing wrong with you. I was the one with the problem, not you. I was just afraid of the hate you would get and what everybody else would think. And I really hope you forgive me because I already told the fans we were together and it’s going to be really awkward if I have to take that back.” He says quickly, wiping away the tears on your cheeks. You chuckle softly, grabbing his hands in yours. “It’s okay, Cal. I’m sorry for freaking out and leaving. I could have handled the situation better.” You wrap your arms around his waist and bring him in for a hug. “And thank you for telling the fans about us, finally. I love you.” He rubs his hands up and down your back. “Anything for you, princess. Anything for you.”


You’re jolted awake in the middle of the night by sharp knocks at the door. You sit up, rubbing your eyes and stretching your back. The beds of the motel you had decided to stay at for the night weren’t nearly as comfortable as the one you shared with Luke at home. Your heart clenches at the thought of Luke, doing God knows what now that you’re gone. It almost pains you to think about him, because odds are he was starting to realize what a horrid girlfriend you were by now. The knocking continues, the pauses between them becoming shorter and shorter until there was a constant stream of raps, driving you mad. “I’m coming!” You shout, lightly irritated, and slip a sweatshirt over your tank top covered torso. But the knocking doesn’t stop until you wrench the door open, bringing yourself face to face with a very distressed looking Luke. “Why didn’t you answer my calls?” He asks, not sounding mad, but tired. According to the clock on the bedside table it was 3:19, he’s probably exhausted. You frown, knowing his exhaustion was all your fault. “My phone’s off. How did you know I would be here?” You ask. He runs a hand over his face, “I tracked the credit card. But that’s not what matters. You shouldn’t even be in this place in the first place.” He explains, pushing you backwards so you both can enter the room and close the door. “Y/N, if this was bothering you so much why wouldn’t you tell me?” You don’t meet his eyes and allow him to bring you to sit on the bed, flicking on a light as you go. “Because I was serious. You deserve much better than what I can give you.” You shrug. “And going out with Ariana made you happy, and I just thought… I thought maybe you were keeping me a secret for a reason.” He sighs and wraps his arm around your waist, pulling you until your in his lap. “Babe, Ariana is my friend. Just my friend, you’re my beautiful, smart, sexy, wonderful girlfriend. There’s no competition. I want you and only you, and the future we can have together. I want to be able to wake up to you everyday, not anybody else.” “I love you, Luke.” You say softly, placing your forehead against his. “I’m sorry I overreacted.” You add on, sheepishly. He smiles and shakes his head, kissing your nose. “It’s okay, babe. You were hurting, I’m sorry I didn’t see it earlier. But we can tell everybody about our relationship as soon as you want.” “Sounds perfect.” You say, grabbing the sides of his face and kissing him softly, eternally grateful for a boyfriend like Luke.

- - - - - -

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