lamp dogs



  • mush lamp
  • ice lamp
  • egg lamp
  • lava lamp
  • princess lamp
  • pisces lamp
  • football fish lamp
  • sloppy lamp
  • regal lamp + wall lamp (customizable)
  • stained glass lamp (refurbished/subtle)
  • lotus lamp (refurbished/very subtle)


  • holiday candle
  • balloon dog lamp (by default, customizable)
  • red tasseled lantern
  • regal lamp + wall lamp (customizable)
  • stained glass lamp (refurbished/subtle)
  • lotus lamp (pink/very subtle)


  • scorpio lamp
  • harvest lamps (very subtle)
  • regal lamp + wall lamp (customizable)
  • stained glass lamp (refurbished/subtle)


  • firefly lamp (very subtle)
  • Alpine Lamp (refurbished LEAF)
  • stone lantern
  • regal lamp + wall lamp (customizable)
  • minimalist lamp (refurbished MOSS GREEN/subtle)
  • lotus lamp (refurbished/very subtle)
Sleeping with Bangtan

Non smut


  • Waits patiently so he can have cuddles and a goodnight kiss
  • talks to you about your day whilst turning out the lamps and putting your dog to bed
  • wraps his arms around you and sighs happily
  • “Ah~ I love you so much" 
  • Would fall asleep listening to your breathing


  • has you go to bed before him because he’ll be asleep like ten minutes after he lays down
  • tries to stay awake long enough to have a conversation
  • apologizes for being so tired
  • cuddles you
  • kisses your lips gently, falling asleep to your hums


  • showers with you before bed
  • gives you one of his t-shirts to sleep in 
  • climbs into bed, rubbing his sleepy eyes
  • holds you against his chest
  • asks you on a date for the next day
  • falls asleep after giggling out a soft "I love you beautiful.”


  • soft kisses
  • warm cuddles
  • turns on your favorite movie
  • kisses your forehead and goes to sleep mid-way through the movie


  • looks like a sleepy little teddy bear waiting for you
  • opens his arms for you to climb into
  • wraps a blanket around you
  • tells you how much you mean to him
  • falls asleep listening to music


  • jumps on the bed
  • tickles you 
  • snuggles you and sighs happily.
  • would fall asleep after getting comfortable with you in his arms


  • shy 
  • “I uh, like, love you er whatever.. Goodnight.”
  • curls into a ball with his pillow
  • falls asleep immediately. 
Let Sleeping Moms Lie

A/N: The second of the three little fics I have for @theysangastheyslew :3 This time from Riza’s point of view. All she wants is one good night’s sleep~

Looking back, there were many instances where Riza regretted not returning to sleep after having been woken up prematurely. Times where she forced herself out of bed, telling herself to indulge in the tranquility the early morning often brought with it. She had seen the sun rise more times than she could count, oftentimes with a piping hot cup of coffee in hand. Other times she was awake far before the sun was, and she would marvel at how still everything would be. How the streetlamps illuminated the dew droplets that had settled on the small patches of grass outside her apartment, giving the ground an appearance that rivaled the starlit sky above. There were times when she would trade sleep to satisfy that craving and now, as she laid awake staring up at the ceiling of their bedroom, she wondered why she ever did. If she could get back all those hours she had neglected sleep, she gladly would.

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soliskoroleva  asked:

drunk alina headcanons?

asdjsjk honestly this is my favourite thing ever bc i imagine it only happens like once in a blue moon so it’s A Memorable Event for everyone, esp for alina herself

- everything starts as a dare. darkles decides it would be a Great Idea to try alina’s limits and see how far she’d go in order to defy him so he flicks his wrist at her and says someone so tiny as her couldn’t possibly hold her liquor
- “I CAN HOLD MY LIQUOR!!!!!!!! WHO SAID I CAN’T HOLD MY LI-”, she screams and then looks him dead in the eye and smiles, uncorking the nearest bottle of kvas. oh it’s ON
- darkles is rather amused at first bc alina is either serious or deadpan sarcastic but this is a whole new side of her he’s never seen before
- that is until she starts spitting truth™ about him and he’s like “i’ve taken this into consideration and i’ve decided i don’t like you drunk, alina”
- which only spurts alina on and she reminds him how bad he looks when HE’S drunk
- next thing you know he’s knocking on zoya’s door, reluctantly (and very grumpily) requesting her assistance
- the thing is, alina hates kvas. and i know we’re talking ravkan here but kvas irl is, in fact, a VERY low alcoholic beverage, almost like orange juice with a few drops of alcohol. so alina goes straight for the hard liquor despite her being so tiny she barely reaches darkles’ chest to spit at him in moments of justified rage
- there are four stages of the phenomena called drunk alina:
1) confident, stubborn, almost smug. forgets about the existence of h2o altogether despite everyone telling her she’s gonna get drunk faster if she’s dehydrated. chugs down five shots like it’s nothing. makes bets with everyone around her. ALINA STARKOV DOES NOT GET DRUNK.
2) evidently tipsy but she doesn’t feel sick or anything. tells everyone how much she loves them, including every mug, carpet, flower pot, lamp, dog, the new kefta hanging on her wardrobe door. she’s a loving ball of pure sunshine. just slightly drunk.
3) SEVERELY drunk. she whips out a list of names and starts calling ppl out in alphabetical order until someone has to physically put a hand on her mouth so she doesn’t get in trouble + picks a fight with AT LEAST five giant men and grabs a cucumber when one of them starts to gain on her (nikolai trips him just seconds before he reaches alina but she’s still fuming and going after his pals bc This Drunken Sun Queen Will Not Have Any Of This Misogynistic Bullshit And You Better Watch Out For Her Fresh Cucumber Weapon). genya pulls her aside so she doesn’t tumble down the stairs and tamar reaches for the nearest flower pot in case she literally CAN’T hold her liquor any longer
4) totally out of it. she giggles and sings off key (usually some raunchy sailor song with lots of profanity) until she falls asleep on zoya’s shoulder who’s like the last person standing bc everyone else has started drinking with alina (so they’re sympathetic with her wild kvas jugging ride) and half of them are rolling on the floor, the other are puking in the snow outside, darkles is wringing his hands bc this alina is three times feistier than the regular version and he’s at a complete loss
- she has so many rAgrets in the morning when she wakes up groggy and hungover and feeling like someone’s cutting her skull open
- darkles is perched at the end of her bed, looking rather smug for someone who’s responsible for her suffering
- “i told you you couldn’t hold your liquor”, he says & no one can blame alina for throwing up on him (accidentally ofc. what, you think the girl who threatened the apparat on multiple occasions and meant it, who was ready to fight botkin and dropped shade at any given opportunity would do smth like this? gasps)

A Man Worth Fighting For-15

Summary: Seventy years has passed and the world has changed. You thought you were moving on until Steve Rogers asks you for a favor which leads to a discovery that will change everything. So much for retirement. Sequel to “A Girl Worth Fighting For.” Bucky Barnes x Reader

Words: 2757
Warnings: Language, graphic depictions of violence, blood and gore
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AN: Please let me know if you’re not being tagged and you’ve asked me to, ‘cause I’m a giant mess and I’ve been cleaning up my tags. Also, I apologize for this chapter. You’ll see why.

Part 14   Masterlist

Originally posted by insanityofthemoon

Cold air crept up the back of your neck, wrapping around you like an unwelcome blanket. The stars above twinkled against the ocean of black sky, the gentle trickle of water from an earlier rain draining down the gutters below you. The roof was slick and you nearly slipped, but settled easily with your legs dangling over the side as you pulled a cigarette to your lips. The nicotine did little to calm your nerves as you leaned back, shivering as the water seeped into the back of your shirt.

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me: listens to elvis depressedly on a mattress on the floor, no  pants, no overhead light, just an antique lamp. my dog is asleep next to me.