lamp control

Imagine exo otps if they can use their powers #Hunhan
  • [typical morning routine]
  • Luhan: Rise and shine beauty!It's time to wake up
  • Sehun: ugh babe do I have to
  • Luhan: I don't want you to be late /put's forefingers and index fingers on his forehead while using telekinetic powers to move sehun out of the bed and into the bathroom/
  • --
  • [getting ready]
  • Luhan: Sehun can you blow dry my hair?
  • Sehun: sure baby *wind blows from his mouth to Luhan's hair*
  • Luhan: thanks
  • --
  • [having food]
  • Luhan: the food is too hot!!!!
  • Sehun: let me cool it
  • Xiumin: Did someone say cooling?
  • Sehun: Get lost I can handle this
  • Luhan: Sehun respect your elders
  • --
  • [movie night]
  • Sehun: Hyung, can you pass me the remote
  • Luhan: go get it yourself I'm busy
  • Sehun: *extreme irresistible aegyo*
  • Luhan: fine/closes his eyes and uses telekinetic powers to shove the remote on sehun's face/
  • Sehun: oww
  • Luhan: haha
  • --
  • [bed time]
  • Sehun: Good night baby
  • Luhan: sweet dreams Hunnie /the moment he closes his eyes all the lights in the bedroom turns off and the night lamps turn on/
  • Sehun: you know that's still creepy
  • Luhan: what?*innocently smiles*/the moment he opens his eyes to say,all the lights turn on and the night lamps turn off/
  • Sehun: that!controlling the whole lights thing,I Thought only Baekhyun hyung could do it
  • Luhan: well you gotta admit,I'm the most powerful out of our group, basically I can control-
  • >>before Luhan could finish his sentence Sehun uses his wind power to bring Luhan into his arms<<
  • Sehun: sleep well Lu /tightens his arms around Luhan/
  • Luhan: everything with my mind...that means you too Sehun
  • Luhan: Hey stop pretending to be asleep...
  • Sehun: /snores/
  • Luhan: goodnight.

anonymous asked:

"use only vase, lamp and remote control as pronouns for me." Uh, bitch I'll use what pronouns for you I fucking want. Vase, lamp, and remote control.... I've had it up to here with you Tumblr folk. You're either a Osomatsu or a Choromatsu. Not a vase, lamp, remote control, karamatsu, ichimatsu bitch.

did u just assume my fucking gender?


Olafur Eliasson (Danish-Icelandic, b. 1967, Copenhagen, Denmark) - Large TV Lamp, 2008 Miro Foundation, Barcelona, 2008  Installation: Stainless Steel, TV Monitor, TV Receiver, Control Unit, 1,024 LED Lights, Cable

Would having your period be worth it if it meant that you could have telekinesis for that period of time?

I’m talking total control of it. So like. At least you wouldn’t have to get up out of bed.

Also The worse your cramps are. The stronger your powers are as well. Hell you could be a temporary super hero.

OR would you rather just not deal with periods. Period.

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The hacker ethics

Hacker ethic is a term for the moral values and philosophy that are common in the hacker community. Whilst the philosophy originated at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the 1950s-60s, the term hacker ethic is attributed to journalist Steven Levy as described in his 1984 book titled Hackers: Heroes of the Computer Revolution. 

As Levy summarized in the preface of Hackers, the general tenets or principles of hacker ethic include:[6]

  • Sharing
  • Openness
  • Decentralization
  • Free access to computers
  • World Improvement

In addition to those principles, Levy also described more specific hacker ethics and beliefs in chapter 2, The Hacker Ethic:[7] The ethics he described in chapter 2 are:

Access to computers—and anything which might teach you something about the way the world works—should be unlimited and total. 

Always yield to the Hands-On Imperative!Levy is recounting hackers’ abilities to learn and build upon pre-existing ideas and systems. He believes that access gives hackers the opportunity to take things apart, fix, or improve upon them and to learn and understand how they work. This gives them the knowledge to create new and even more interesting things. Access aids the expansion of technology.

All information should be free

Linking directly with the principle of access, information needs to be free for hackers to fix, improve, and reinvent systems. A free exchange of information allows for greater overall creativity.

In the hacker viewpoint, any system could benefit from an easy flow of information, a concept known as transparency in the social sciences. As Stallman notes, “free” refers to unrestricted access; it does not refer to price.

Mistrust authority

promote decentralization. The best way to promote the free exchange of information is to have an open system that presents no boundaries between a hacker and a piece of information or an item of equipment that he needs in his quest for knowledge, improvement, and time on-line.[11]

Hackers believe that bureaucracies, whether corporate, government, or university, are flawed systems.

Hackers should be judged by their hacking, not criteria such as degrees, age, race, sex, or position

Inherent in the hacker ethic is a meritocratic system where superficiality is disregarded in esteem of skill. Levy articulates that criteria such as age, sex, race, position, and qualification are deemed irrelevant within the hacker community. [13]

Hacker skill is the ultimate determinant of acceptance. Such a code within the hacker community fosters the advance of hacking and software development. In an example of the hacker ethic of equal opportunity, [14] L Peter Deutsch, a twelve-year-old hacker, was accepted in the TX-0 community, though he was not recognized by non-hacker graduate students.

You can create art and beauty on a computer

Hackers deeply appreciate innovative techniques which allow programs to perform complicated tasks with few instructions. [15] A program’s code was considered to hold a beauty of its own, having been carefully composed and artfully arranged. [16]

Learning to create programs which used the least amount of space almost became a game between the early hackers. [13]

Computers can change your life for the better

Hackers felt that computers had enriched their lives, given their lives focus, and made their lives adventurous. Hackers regarded computers as Aladdin’s lamps that they could control. [17]

They believed that everyone in society could benefit from experiencing such power and that if everyone could interact with computers in the way that hackers did, then the hacker ethic might spread through society and computers would improve the world. [18]

The hacker succeeded in turning dreams of endless possibilities into realities. The hacker’s primary object was to teach society that “the world opened up by the computer was a limitless one” (Levy 230:1984) [13]

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That thing when the remote-controlled lamp in your living room turns on at noon by itself…the day before your late husband’s birthday. It’s been a year since this happened, and a lot has happened in your life since. You’ve been wondering if the happiness you’ve found in your personal life would alter the frequency of supernatural things. You’re surprised at the depth of your relief when the answer appears to be…no.