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Monsta X In Ikea


Hyunwoo (Shownu):

  • doesnt even want to be here
  • minhyuk told him they were just going on a drive and dragged him in
  • too many things going on
  • overwhelmed™
  • picks a display and sits there the whole time while minhyuk runs around
  • sat there for so long ppl thought he was a mannequin and everyone freaked out when he stood up

Hoseok (Wonho):

  • only there for the meatballs
  • didnt even take the long maze through ikea to get there
  • just took the elevator
  • almost cried when a kid there smiled and waved at him
  • actually cried when he tried to take the maze through the displays and got lost
  • called his mom to come find him
  • an actual baby


  • has his map, pencil, and list
  • reADY 2 GO
  • Got sidetracked by the smol plants
  • “Look how smol, hyunwoo i waNT IT”
  • skips around and nearly topples over all the diplays
  • runs back and forth in the store to show Hyunwoo all the cool, unnecessary things they can get
  • “but i need all these fairy lights!”


  • “why is there so muCH TO DO?”
  • tries to pronounce all the names
  • fucks up really bad but enunciates everything so he rubs it in Minhyuk’s face
  • sticks pretty well to his list of things, but can’t decide between all the options
  • “do i want the white six shelf horizontal stand or the black eight shelf vertical stand?”
  • makes jooheon push him in those giant flatbed cart things
  • makes “beep beep!” noises to get people out of the way
  • “sir, you’re 23 years old pls sTOP”


  • tries out all the beds and sofas
  • also rates the duvets
  • “hmm this one is soft but doesn’t quite have enough plushness’
  • also rates how soft the sofa pillows are
  • started talking out loud and people began asking him to help out in picking the right sofa
  • “it’s great in color, but not the best for the butt”
  • fell asleep in the beds one too many times and got banned
  • it’s ok bc he has all of the duvets at home, he just likes trying out beds
  • still stares when he drives by


  • didn’t follow the floor arrows and is now circling the lamps section, trying to act like he isn’t freaking out
  • wigs out in the kids section and touches all those paper ball things hanging from the ceiling
  • buys a lot of unnecessary things
  • like?? that’s stupid jooheon u dont need plates in pink and red and black and white
  • “but i like the colors!!! I cant pick!!”
  • crawls into one of the sink cabinets to see if he can if
  • he can
  • but now he’s stuck and the ikea employees have to call the fire department to get the grown ass man out of their bathroom display

Changkyun (I.M):

  • sits in the giant box of dinos in the kids section and names them all
  • took the paper meter stick things at the entrance and made a fort w them
  • tied them to the shelves in the back where most employees dont go
  • he lives here now
  • occasionally ventures out to the restaurant and just takes a pudding cup
  • that’s all
  • he goes back to his fort after that
  • they find out nine weeks later and find him sitting on his ass in the middle of eight hundred plastic pudding cups
  • “hi do u have any other pudding flavors? im getting sick of this one”

A/N: Ya done fucked up, kinza goddamn. the only one that makes any sense is changkyun thiS IS A MESS IM SORRY TO THE ANON THAT ASKED FOR THIS I SUQ

Welcome to the Vague Thought Corner~

In which, before we go any further, we’re just going to quickly touch base with my thoughts on each character at this precise moment in time. For fun. 

But also mostly for the sake of comparison, so that you can compare this to my earlier (and later) thoughts. 

Behind a cut though, because when I said “quickly” I was absolutely lying. 

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late night painting my childhood happy place. i miss it

Sickness (A TinLamp Story Part 2)

The next day got worse for Spinach.
She hazily opened her eyes, and took a glance to her left. There layed Larry, fast asleep, with his arm still cradled around her. She let out a weak smile, until she felt a gurgling down in her stomach. She began to pant heavily but softly, making sure not to wake her friend. She took a look at the clock, and as she did, she let out a gasp.
8:30 AM.
She quickly hopped up, then, she immediately felt a sharp pain rise from her stomach. As she clutched her stomach, she immediately fell flat on her nose. She let out a shout of pain, as the clang of her metal top echoed in the room.
The shout was loud enough to make Larry’s eyes snap open.
Spinach Can layed there, with her face down, not wanting to reply.
Larry quickly ran out of bed and kneeled beside her.
“Spinach, a-are you okay?!?!”
Spinach Can let out a small whine.
“O-Oy, Larry…..I-I’m alright…”
Larry raised an eyebrow.
“My dear, please get up.”
Spinach Can shook her head.
“Y-Your not g-gonna like what’cha see…”
She weakly lifted up her head.
Larry’s eyes widened when he saw her face.
Her nose was turning into a dark shade of blue, as a stream of blood dripped down her face.
“S-Spinach! Your nose!!” He immediately ran to his drawer and pulled out some bandages.
Spinach Can felt herself get dizzy.
“L-Larry, I-I have to g-go….”
Larry began to wipe the blood off of her face.
“My love, please stop squirming, I must clean your nose.”
Spinach Can felt her eyes well up in tears.
“L-Larry! That hurts!!!”
Larry stroked her head, and placed a bandage on her nose.
Spinach Can slipped out of his arms.
“N-No time Larry! D-Dads gonna kill me! I love y-”
She felt her entire face go red, as she hopped out from the room, slamming the door behind her.
Larry sat there, with his arms now wrapped around himself.
“I-I…I love you too…”
He smiled.
“Where is she.” Mumbled Steak Guy. He stood in front of the stove, mixing and adding ingredients to the breakfast for them, and the rest of the teachers. Fridge stood by his side, occasionally taking ingredients out from him.
“She’s probably still in bed, hun’. You know how she hasn’t been feeling very good for the past few days.”
Steak Guy let out a silent growl.
“It’s probably because of Larry.”
He turned around and took the salt from Bread Boy, who was happily drumming against it with a spoon. He let out a whine, and Steak Guy handed him a jar of peanut butter.
“Steak, Larry is not a bad person, he-”
“He drinks beer! He gets drunk! His teeth and gums are gonna go grey! And trust me, he won’t listen to our warnings! And he’s hanging out with Spinach Can?!”
He turned back to a pan filled with sizzling food.
“Soon, Spinach will probably be drinking just like him.”
Fridge put a reassuring hand on Steak Guy.
“D-Dad! Dad, I’m here!!”
Steak Guy, Fridge and Bread Boy turned around to face the pale Spinach Can, sweating and trembling while at the same time, hugging her stomach.
Spinach Can layed a hand on her forehead.
“Sorry dad, I-I woke up late, and I-”
“And your nose!” Interrupted Steak Guy.
“D-Dad! Please l-let me-”
“Steak! Can’t you see that she’s I’ll!!”
Fridge picked Spinach Can up and placed her next to Bread Boy. As he did, Bread Boy gave Spinach Can a hug.
“Hi Spinach!!”
Spinach Can have him a weak little pat on the head, then clutched her stomach as the pain increased.
“ How do you feel, Spinach Can?” Asked Fridge in a soothing tone.
“M-My stomachs starting to hurt, as if I’m gonna throw up, a-and…”
Steak Guy growled.
“Did Larry hurt you?”
Spinach Can looked up, with shock in her eyes.
“D-Dad! Wh-Why would you think that?!”
“You know how that drunken lamp acts! He could’ve hurt you! He could’ve made you drink! Especially since you’re sleeping with him, and especially since I saw him running down the hall yesterday night.” He crossed his arms.
Spinach Can let out a cough.
“L-Lets just get cooking, it’s almost nine.”
Steak Guy grumbled and continued cooking.
Spinach Can clenched her stomach, and winced at the pain. Bread Boy looked at her.
“ ‘Ey, Spinach! Are you alright?”
Spinach Can nodded.
“Spinach, you don’t look okay.” Fridge came up to her.
“I-I’m fine, serious-”
Her eyes widened and she slapped her hand on her hand.
She gagged.
Fridge grabbed her and rushed tried to rush her to the bathroom, but unfortunately, she ended up puking the sandwich she had last night.
Steak Guy immediately dropped everything and went to her, rubbing her back while at the same time, cleaning up the mess she was making.
Larry left his room to hear Colin and Tony talking at the other side of the hall.
“Morning Colin! Morning Tony!” Larry grinned.
Colin’s screen brought up the message:
“Hello friend!” He greeted back in his digital voice.
Tony took a sip of his coffee and yawned.
“Good morning, Larry.”
Larry smiled.
“How have you been, Larry? How are things with you and Spinach Can?”
Larry’s smile faded.
Colin gave him a confused look and scanned Larry.
“Hm….it seems as if you are worried, tired, happy, and hurt.”
“C-COLIN!!!” Larry crossed his arms.
Tony looked at Colin, then, back to Larry.
“Is there…something wrong, Larry?”
Larry sighed.
“Spinach Can is sick, and…she’s been having a sour attitude towards everyone…especially…”
Larry let out a nervous chuckle.
Colin and Tony exchanged worried glances, and when they opened their mouth to say something…
Larry shushed them and heard something that made Larry’s heart drop into his shoes.
“STOP!! I-IM FIN-*gag*”
Spinach Can.
And she was getting worse.
Aaaugh here it is!
I’m so sorry if this was badly written, I’m sick and I had to deal with something today..
Well, here you go!

Genie- Brett Talbot

The “You rubbed my lamp, I am your genie but I kinda suck at using my magic so bear with me here.” prompt

He sat with the golden lamp between his legs, looking it over with a confused look on his face. Satomi had given him the precious lamp and told him to protect at all cost. But he didn’t exactly know what was so special about the lamp, and the curiosity was eating him away. He looked it over, blowing on it, tapping it, and even talking to it, but nothing happened. It honestly irritated him, what was so special about it that Satomi told him to protect it with his life? Certainly it couldn’t be that special, could it? Whatever, he thought, rubbing his warm fingers over the cold gold. He absentmindedly did this, looking at the TV as it played Supernatural.

He suddenly felt the lamp shaking in his hands and he looked down, cocking an eyebrow when smoke started puffing out the spout’s hole. He set it down on the ground in front of him, not trusting it to be in his hands. Suddenly a bunch of smoke filled the room and he coughed, his eyes burning from the acidic smoke, and he swatted the air to clear the fumes. He heard an unfamiliar cough, and he looked deep into the gray abyss, a body starting to take shape. He saw a girl standing there, hacking up a lung as she tried to clear the air. “You would think, that after a couple years, they would clean the damn lamp, but no.” She wasn’t very happy as she smoothed her clothes down. When she saw Brett, her eyes widened and her mouth dropped open. Talk about gorgeous. “O-Oh, um. Hi.” She said, waving slightly.

“Hey.” He responded, smiling with a lip bite. “Quick question, what the hell just happened?” He wanted answers, he was actually generally confused. “You just came from that lamp, I assume, because a few seconds ago, you were not standing there, and this haze was not in my room. So answer me this, who the hell are you?”

She fixed her necklace and scoffed. “How do you not know me? You literally just rubbed my lamp and then you act like you don’t know me.” She put her hands on her hips, and for the first time he noticed her apparel. Lots of gold bangles dangled from her arms accompanied by the sapphire earrings in her ears, her nails were painted bright red and she wore lots of rings, her hair was done up in a bun, little wisps floating to cover her face. He also noticed the gold cuffs adorned on her wrist, his eyes widening when he realized she was bound to that lamp. Her clothes seemed to bother him, because no one wore those types of clothes. She wore a bright red crop top that looked like it was made silk and glitter, and her pants were baggy and stopped just above her ankles. He had to admit, she did look pretty hot.

“I’m sorry. Satomi, my pack leader, just gave me your lamp and told me to guard it. She didn’t tell me that a genie lived inside.” He said, throwing up his hands in defeat. “Sorry for offending you.” He said quite sarcastically, rolling his eyes at her. She scoffed and walked over to him, looking him up and down with a smug look.

“Satomi?” She questioned, watching as he nodded. “Satomi is my cousin.” She said, smiling widely at him. Brett gave her a look as she walked around him, refusing to look down her shirt and into her cleavage. “My names Y/N, and I am your personal genie! You get three wishes.” She said, holding up her fingers with a smirk. “There are some rules however. One, I cannot kill on my own will or grant the wish to kill; two, I cannot force someone to fall in love with you; and three, I cannot bring anyone back from the dead.”

“I’m Brett.” He said, sucking on his teeth.  She continued to talk, explaining about the wishes she was not allowed to grant. Brett nodded all the while, his eyes focused on her lips as he tried to think about exactly what he wanted. There were a lot of things he wanted, but it was hard to chose. He could wish for a new skateboard since his old one broke, or he could wish to be in Europe where he always wanted to go, or he could even wish for a B on his next calculus test. There was so much he wanted, and only a limited amount of wishes. He finally settled on his decision, smiling at her. “Y/N, I wish for a new PS4, complete with the games and extra controllers.”

“Your wish, is my command.” She said, pressing her hands together in a prayer stance before magic began to flow around her. Suddenly, a dog appeared in front of them and she blushed, her mouth falling open in shock.

“That’s not a-”

“Shut up! I’m new to this whole genie think, okay, give me a break. You have the genie’s word right now, if I mess up on any of your wishes, I will add on another.”

“Can you even do that?”

“I don’t know!”

Several hours later Brett was laying on his bed, listening to the genie girl mutter curse words under her breath. Over the past few hours, she had managed to conjure up a piano, a new bed, a car, a whale, and an entire hockey team, and while it was funny for a few minutes, it got old. “Dammit!” She screeched, smacking her hands to her head. “This is so difficult!”

Brett yawned and sat up, smiling at her. “Why don’t you concentrate harder? Eliminate all distractions.” She narrowed her eyes at him before nodding, closing her eyes as she tried to clear her mind. Several minutes later, a brand new PS4 sat on his lap and he yelled in excitement. “You did it!” He wasn’t even excited about the PS4, he was more excited she had conquered her power.

“I did!” She yelled, launching into his arms with a kiss to his mouth. “It’s all because of you!” She whispered, pulling back with a blush on her face; Brett stared at her numbly, really confused that he had just been kissed by a really hot girl. He stared at her a little before kissing her back.

“So, can I grant you freedom? And maybe, you can grant me all the wishes I want? Or does it not work like that?”

“No, it works like that. You just got to wish me to be free.” She smiled widely and nodded. “I’m down.”

Brett smiled again. “Alright. Y/N, I wish you were free.”

She took a step back, looking down at her wrist as she uttered her words. The golden cuffs around her wrist popped off, and she was left standing there, a free genie.

with the last post about lighting in mind, here’s my current progress on gettin in the lamp’s light ability! since using actual lights is out, the darkness is actually a big, slightly transparent dark sprite in front of the camera. when the lamp’s light is turned on this sprite is replaced by one with a hole in it. the inside of the lamp also acts as a meter on how long the lamp has left until it’s out of juice. once it runs out, the light turns off and can’t be used until more juice is found. I haven’t really decided on what acts as this juice yet, or even if it just restores itself over time. still workin on it!

edit - forgot to mention! the fake light source also moves position to the lamp when it’s on so that things around it are lit appropriately. when turned off the FLS returns back to wherever it was in the sky before.

Kylo Ren Imagine- Savior

You have always been the kind of person who is strong and adventurous. A little danger never held you back or turned you away from a situation, rather it compelled you. With a lightsaber securely in your grasp you wander the forrest terrain in search of the lost piece of the map. You never thought you would sympathize with the first order, but when you met Kylo Ren your entire view of the dark side was changed. 

A few stormtroopers travel closely behind you per order of Kylo. He knew you more than anyone else, and deemed it necessary to have them watch over you. You start to look up in the tops of the trees, under rocks, everywhere possible. Peering over your shoulder, you make sure the stormtroopers aren’t watching before you swoop into a dark cavern. You use your lightsaber to act as lamp to light the path. The further into the cave you go, the more you start to wonder what is here. You weird your light over a nook in the wall and there sits a little box. 

“There you are.” you say putting your hand on the latch. 

Before you can open the box you feel the glow of a green lightsaber on your back. You knew it wasn’t going to be easy finding and obtaining the missing piece. 

“Back away slowly.” the voice speaks just above a whisper. 

Disregarding the order you continue to open the small box. Just as you are about to run with it, a sharp burn travels down your side, followed by the sound of a blaster shooting in your direction. Your feet start to race down the muddy path back to the light, carrying you towards safety. A shot pierces your shoulder, and your good hand immediately grasps the wound. You stumble into the open forrest and you spot Kylo off in the distance. 

“Kylo!” you pant, barely able to talk. 

Kylo turns toward you and takes big strides once he hears the pain in your voice. Your hand is now saturated in sticky blood. Once he reaches you, although he has his mask on, you can tell he is worried. 

“Kylo the map. It’s in there!” you point back to the cave. 

“You are hurt.” his hand brushes yours stained hand off your shoulder. 

“What? Oh it’s nothing. Let’s go get the map.” You spin around. 

As you spin around, you feel Kylo’s large hand grip yours tightly. He looks at you through the mesh of the mask. Your knees go weak for a moment, his hands catching your forearms steadying your shaking body. 

“(Y/n) you are hurt, we need to get you back to the base.” 

“Don’t be ridiculous! I have been searching for this map just as hard as you have been. I’m not leaving here without it!” you tug your hand back. 


As you attempt to walk away from him, Kylo wavies his hand over you and your entire body goes numb. You can’t talk or move, your mind goes blank and everything goes black. His strong arm snakes under your small limp legs, his other arm grabbing your side avoiding your injured shoulder. Your body curls into his, your head gently tucked against his shoulder. His breath is hot and heavy now against the cold winter air. 

Little to your knowledge Kylo sat in the chair next to your bed until the moment you woke up. They had to take you into surgery to repair to nerves in your shoulder. Thick bandages cover your right side, wires and machines are hooked up to your chest. Your eyes blink open, your mouth is dry and cracked as you try to speak. 

“Shh don’t speak.” 

Kylo sits with his hand over yours, his mask sitting at the foot of your bed. You will always love seeing him without his mask on, it reminds you that there is a beautiful loving person behind his dark facade. You attempt to reach up and run your hand through his thick curly hair bit he pushes your arm back down. 

“Don’t move.” he hand caresses your cheek. 

You try to speak but your body aches too much, causing you to wince. His warm inviting hand gently caresses your drained face. 

“You could have been killed out there. You need to be more careful.”

“I know, but we have been looking for that map for a whole year now, and you just gave it up like that.”

“(y/n) you mean so much more to me than a map to Luke Skywalker. I won’t lose you over something so trivial.” 

Certain Charms

For Clawen Week -  Day 3: AU

Hogwarts!AU. Claire Dearing and Owen Grady work on an assignment for their Charms class. 

“You’re late, Grady.” Claire Dearing said without looking up from the book she was taking notes from. It was half past seven on a Saturday night. The library was nearly deserted, with just a few fifth years scattered about studying for O.W.L.S.

They were partnered on a Charms assignment that week that required prior research. They had planned to meet at the library at seven- making Grady 30 minutes late and Claire left to start on her own. Her quill scratched away as she cursed the Gryffindor Quidditch captain under her breath.

Owen Grady smiled sheepishly as he stood in front of her favorite table in the back. “Sorry, practice ran over…Taylor and Brooks were fighting and kept beating the bludgers at each other. I had them run extra drills at the end to make up for wasting everyone’s time.”

“Including mine,” Claire bit out.

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tabbibeard-deactivated20160428  asked:

where did cid get diablos from

i… have no idea omg lol i dont know how he got the magical lamp? it never explains how but thats a really good question. this is as far as he goes into it

and if you try to talk to him again, all he says is 

and all the item description says for it is “You should Save your game before using it!” i even dragged out my old strategy guide to see and all it describes it as is “a lamp that acts as a portal to a different dimension”. nothing explains where it came from. idk final fantasy 8 is just a huge time twisted mind fuck where nothing makes sense lol