★ Theme 13: A really cool lamp I bought at the store that one time

by two-dames

Inspired by that lamp. But also not really, because that lamp is pink



  • Scroll to top and Scroll to bottom buttons (in the sidebar, you might wanna make sure they’re visible against it)
  • 500px posts
  • Custom Album art for the tracks which don’t have it
  • Custom scrollbar and selection
  • The navigation opens on click
  • Post toggle - arrows which go to previous and next post.
  • The permalink info appears on hover
  • A lot of colors, like a metric ton

If you want to use it:

  • Do Not remove credit
  • A like or reblog is appreciated
  • Edit as much as you want
  • Tell me if something is screwy

If you want to see more of my themes, I’m gonna store them all at this blog.

There’s a lamp that generates 8 hours of light using only 1 glass of saltwater. The SALt (Sustainable Alternative Lighting) Lamp was designed to bring clean, safe, low-cost illumination to residents of the Philippines by conserving energy, reducing the risk of accidental candle fires, and utilizing an abundant resource for power. Source Source 2

Look. I’m not saying it’s micro gems………………….

but it’s totally micro gems.


【Genie in the lamp】〜  ​✂︎背伸び君

Guy: Ahhh!

Genie: I will grant up to three wishes for you.

Guy: Please go back into the lamp.

Genie: You’re an original one. 


There it is. The DHMIS Part 6 Finale.

There were a lot of new teachers this time around but unfortunately a) I couldn’t do all of them because I can’t google enough resources for a collage and b) I already just lazily put together these ones.

Good job to Becky, Joe, and the entirety of the production team for a wonderfully creative journey.

You can find the first part of this collage series HERE.