Day 189 [15.08.2012]

I spent 3 days in Paris last week. I wanted to photograph Paris in my way. I took time to visit (the Eiffel Tower, the Palais Garnier…) but the most beautiful and awesome things in Paris, it’s its charm with its streets. And it’s this way that I photographed it. I walked in the street when I waited at the red light to pass. I saw this bear.

Day 118 [3rd.06.2012]

The best back to the vintage fashion…

Yesterday night when I was back, I was too exhausted to tell you my day. Today it’s better.
Yesterday I went to Lyon to see the Vintage fashion Market, an important rendez-vous  for all people loving and are attracted by vintage fashion. I’m one of them, but the difference is I never wore something vintage. Only some clothes inspired by vintage style.
I saw a lot of clothes but I’m most attracted by deco so that a part of my pic is some vintage deco like this one. By the way I have one in my bedroom that I put on my sofa. I saw a lot of cars, a lot of vespa scooter, but I’m sad about the fact that I didn’t se a juke box, one of the most vintage deco according to me. Whatever, my eyes were filled with wonder with all this awesome “back to the past”. After having done with the vintage fashion market, I went to go shopping… I bought 2/3 clothes in the New Look store. =)) I will probably show you what I bought in some days… ;)
Now, I wish you a good day.

JOUR 27 [27.01.2014]

La nature a ses droits..

Il est toujours surprenant de voir la manière dont les araignées tissent leurs toiles autour des fils de barbelés mais il est encore plus inquiétant de ne pas les voir..

I’m not a big fan of spiders, but it’s something beautiful to see how strong their works are. But I stay frightened about the fact that we don’t see them around..