lamon luther

Friday rhymes with “fly day,” and we think we know why. The end of this work week was marked by a quick visit from local Shoppe maker Brian Preston, who takes fly to a whole ‘nother level. We gathered round ye old conference table to chat him up and find out the latest happenings with his design and build company, Lamon Luther.

If you missed out on the feature article we ran over the summer, Lamon Luther is a company that gives homeless men the tools they need (literally) to work their way back into society. Preston provides a workshop where the men are able to hone their carpentry skills on sustainable materials like shipping pallets or old pieces of barn wood and re-purpose the pieces into stunning, high-end furniture for profit.

The company has grown substantially over the past year and recently partnered up with West Elm to create an exclusive Lamon Luther product line. 

It was an awesome, pizza-filled afternoon with Preston in the office. We’ve enjoyed watching his vision come to life and seeing the positive impact that it is having on other’s lives. Can’t wait to see what comes next!

Check out L.L. on Shoppe to read more about the company history and get your hands on some crafty goods, or visit them on FacebookTwitter and Instagram