lammas celebration


The Lammas Celebration was a great success!!

We had a great turn out! Our activities included:

  • Picking wild flowers <3
  • Setting up an altar (of course!)
  • Making oat bread (for the first time and nailed it!)
  • Boiling delicious fresh corn (which is freaking great by the by!!)
  • Having yummy fresh fruits, salad, and cheeses!
  • Making corn husk dolls!

We read a ritual from one of the BOSs I own; we stated what we were thankful for, broke bread and shared wine after. It was an awesome experience and I couldn’t have asked for a better group of individuals to celebrate the abundance of the earth with!!

I gave thanks to the new friends and new experiences!

Happy Lammas Y'all!!

Da, Who is that woman?

Hi everyone! So I have had loads of requests for a continuation of ‘Time Moves to A Different Rhythm’ - specifically nice moments between Jamie and Bree (who doesn’t love those, right?) and also a couple of requests for Claire and Bree meeting Laoghaire. What I have come up with is a sort of one-shot chapter including both of these things. I hope you like it. Han xxx

Jamie settled Brianna on the horse before him and wrapped his arm securely around her waist. Bree craned her neck to look up at him and grinned

“You look really smart, Da. Like a painting.”

Jamie smiled broadly back at her and placed a kiss on her upturned forehead.

“And ye look quite beautiful yourself, Miss Fraser.”

The use of his surname was tentative and Jamie deliberately kept his tone light and even but Brianna seemed completely unbothered. She has looked at him queerly the first time he said it and questioned if that should be her name now, the wee frown inherited from her mother prominent between her fair brows. However since that first discussion she had become neutral to the whole thing. Still Jamie used it sparingly and always with an air of respect, he would not strip the lass of her identity but if he could add to her sense of self then he saw no harm.

Bree reached up to brush a small piece of fluff from Jamie’s bonnet and he ducked his head obligingly so that she could reach.

“Do ye remember what to say when ye greet people?”

“Greetings from the Fraser’s of Lallybroch! Bountiful Lammas to ye and your kin.”

Bree projected her voice with all the theatrical flourish of a budding thespian treading the boards for the first time, her hand fluttering before her like a pale hummingbird.

“Verra good.”

Jamie nodded trying to keep the amusement out of his voice. If his child had a theatrical nature then she came by it honest. Jenny had told him that the stately ride to each of the tenants was a daft and dramatic notion, especially as most had met Brianna and certainly Claire in the months they had been back, but Jamie had wanted to do it. He was once again in his rightful place at Lallybroch and he would ride out to greet the tenants as his father had done and he would show off his greatest treasures whilst doing so - modesty be damned.

As if summoned by his thoughts, Claire’s mount drew up alongside him in the courtyard and as Jamie glanced at her his breath caught in his throat. His wife, Lady Broch Tuarach. Her hair curled lightly, framing her face with gentle wisps that Jenny had left out of the intricate plait which wound across her left shoulder. Like Brianna, her dress was rich, ocean blue wool, but whilst Brianna’s plaid was worn as a neat little cap, a length of Fraser plaid wrapped around Claire’s shoulders and pinned across the swell of her breasts with a silver brooch.  

“Mo Maise.”

Jamie murmured, bowing as low as he could without crushing Brianna, taking Claire’s hand and bringing it up to his lips, smiling at the pretty blush his action brought to Claire’s cheek.

“Thank you. I don’t know how Jenny works such magic with hair…”

Claire smiled and touched the plait self-consciously, before smoothing back a stray lock from Brianna’s brow.

“You look every inch the Highland princess.”

She smiled and Bree sat up a little straighter under her mother’s proud gaze.

“No’ a princess, Sassenach. We have discussed the matter and both feel that she is more of a warrior queen. Just like her mother.”

Jamie commented, touching the small ceremonial dirk he had fasted to Brianna’s belt that morning. It had been a source of great pride to her to wear a dagger like her father wore and softened the blow of not being able to wear breeks for the outing.

Claire had to admit that there was more than a little of the warrior about their daughter, though she did not think she got it from her! Looking at father and daughter seated on Aioleaen together, both dressed in their finery, Claire longed more than ever for a camera. Their identically lustrous red hair fell onto their shoulders and twin sets of slanted blue eyes surveyed all before them with the same cheerful countenance and cool intelligence that Claire had come to think of as a singularly Fraser way of gazing at the world.

Overhead a kestrel shot through the sky calling out to her mate and all three lifted their faces to the pale sun to watch it make its crossing against the thick white clouds.

“Can you remember what to say to people who greet us Mama?”

“A very happy Lammas to you.”

Claire smiled and both father and daughter snorted simultaneously.

“What? That’s the correct thing to say!”

Claire huffed indignantly

“But it’s so dull! Lammas is a celebration of the first harvest of wheat for the year! You don’t want people thinking you don’t care about their harvest Mama!”

Bree scolded, carefully reciting what her Uncle Ian had told her of the reason for this celebration.

“People might give ye their first grain Sassenach, ye need to be prepared to look suitably pleased.”

Jamie joined in, mischief lighting up his eyes, making him look more like Brianna than ever.

“Taking the first grain is a verra great honour.”

“I took your first grain, surely I’ve been honoured enough!”

Claire muttered and Jamie’s eyes flew wide before he tipped his head back with unexpected laughter.

“And as I recall ye were suitably pleased.”

He grinned once he had recovered and Claire rolled her eyes, fighting back her own smile.”

“Don’t worry Mama, I’ll do the thanking, you just collect what they offer.”

Bree organised, handing the small sack Jenny had given her across to Claire who took it with as much dignity as she could muster and folded it neatly in her lap.


Claire curtsied and made polite conversation but allowed Jamie and Bree to take centre stage and both seemed more than happy to rise to the occasion.  Jamie kept his countenance as straight and formal as he could, greeting the tenants with dignity and warm smiles but Claire could see the barely contained pride in the set of his shoulders and the indulgent smile that curved his lips each time Brianna made her proclamation of good wishes to the houses they visited.

He shook hands, accepted tributes and handed out small loaves of bread from Jenny’s kitchen but throughout all the dealings one hand remained with Brianna, either around her waist on the horse, on her shoulder as she spoke to people or holding her own smaller hand in his as they walked towards a door. It was, Claire realised, the same way he had declared her as his own the first time he had brought her to Lallybroch and the sight of it warmed her heart.

They continued on, the bread running lower until there were only a couple of loaves left, whilst the wheat sack that Claire held was becoming increasing fat and rather cumbersome and she became quite concerned that it would swing down from her lap like a pendulum and smack a well-wisher in the face if she leant too far over in the saddle to greet them.

“I’ll go alone to the next house, a leannan.”

Jamie said quietly and both Bree and Claire looked at him askance.

“It’s the McKimmie place, ken?”

Jamie’s eyes met Claire’s apologetically and she shrugged, despite the slight flutter of anger in her chest that she felt whenever she had to think of Laoghaire. Bree also wrinkled her nose, she had never met Laoghaire and had no particular reason to dislike the residents of the small house beneath the hill, but she felt that Marsali was too often the centre of her beloved Fergus’ attention and all too often he would send her back to the big house when Marsali came along. Bree would not call it jealousy, not even to herself, and forced herself to be polite when she had to be but she was in no hurry to wish the girl a happy Lammas either.

They rode on in silence; Jamie intended to stop by the shade of one of the large oak trees by the creek so that the horses might take a drink whilst he conducted business as swiftly and hopefully painlessly as possible.

None of them spotted the small woman crouched by the roadside until they were almost upon her. She was crouched low, her head bent and face averted from them and when she looked up, the lower half of her face was covered in blood.


Claire was out of the saddle and hurrying forward, medical instincts overtaking, before she could think twice, Jamie’s call of warning and muttered curse lost to her.

“Laoghaire! What happened?”

Laoghaire had stiffened seeing who it was approaching but blood was dripping from her chin and the bleed from both nostrils was showing no signs of stopping so she could hardly deny that anything was amiss. Of course the Sassenach couldn’t help herself with a chance to show off her ‘healing’, she thought bitterly to herself as she forced herself to her feet.

“Nothing, I get the bleeds sometimes. It is no concern.”

She answered as Claire pressed a clean handkerchief into her hand and tried to examine her face.

“Please… Mistress Fraser, dinna fash o’er it. I dinna need tending.”

Laoghaire ducked away from the cool touch of Claire’s fingers and waved her away. It was bad enough that she should be found in such a state, but to be touched and prodded by the bitch was more than Laoghaire could stand.

“Da, who is that woman?”

Bree asked, turning to Jamie, her brow wrinkled in confusion and shock of seeing the state of her face.

“Mistress McKimmie, a woman that your mother and I knew long ago, mo chridhe.”

Jamie answered shortly and swung out of the saddle, taking the last of the bread with him.

“Stay here.”

Bree glanced again at the woman waving her mother away and her interest sparked

“But can’t I …”


Jamie spoke firmly, fixing his daughter with a gimlet eye that brooked no further argument, before turning on his heel and approaching the women.


Laoghaire curtsied as elegantly as she could, the new handkerchief pressed to her face as Jamie strode towards them.

“Mistress McKimmie, can we help ye at all? We came to bid ye a bountiful Lammas.”

Jamie kept his words formal, but his tone gentle and slowly bridged the distance between them, palms held out in a gesture of peace.

“Ye seem to be in some distress, lass. Will ye not let my wife tend ye?”

“’Tis just a nosebleed Ja… my laird. Nothing more.”

Laoghaire looked at Jamie with pleading eyes and after considering for a moment Jamie offered the small cloth bag of bread to her, gently pulling Claire away, placing himself between the two women, a hand extended to each.

“Then we bid ye a good Lammas and may your harvest be blessed.”

Jamie said softly and offered the woman a small, kind smile.

“Thank ye.”

As she took the bag from him, Laoghaire allowed her fingertips to linger a fraction of a second longer the necessary against the warm skin of Jamie’s hand before pulling away and ducking her head once more in thanks as Claire slipped her palm into Jamie’s hand and drew him to her.

They watched Laoghaire walk slowly back towards her house and Claire waited until she could be sure Laoghaire was out of earshot before turning to Jamie, her brow wrinkled in the same confused frown Brianna had given him minutes before.

“Why didn’t you persuade her to let me take a look?”

“It’s just a nosebleed Claire. Her pride would have taken longer to heal had I insisted she let ye tend her.”

Claire snorted and leant her head lightly against Jamie’s shoulder

“Laoghaire’s pride! This is the second time that you have stepped into the fray for the sake of her pride.”

Jamie looked down his nose at Claire from the corner of his eye and resisted the urge to shrug.

“Ye get a bit swept up in medical matters, aye? It’s why Brianna comes to me wi’ scraped knees and bumps.”

Startled, Claire returned his look with interest.

“Once. She went to you once.”

“Aye, but I expect she will again for I dinna insist on poking at her…”

Sensing an argument brewing Jamie let the matter drop and turned to face Claire properly, placing his hands gently on her arms, smoothing the fabric of her dress.

“Ye have no reason to be jealous on Laoghaire’s account, Sassenach. If ye are, which I am no’ saying is the case.”

Jamie continued quickly, seeing a flash of annoyance in his wife’s whisky eyes.

“I’m not jealous, but … well you seem to have a similar understanding of pride and maybe it’s a Scottish thing…”

Claire stopped, taking a deep breath.

“I sound like a jealous school girl with a crush.”

She smiled ruefully and Jamie grinned

“Aye, maybe a little but I understand it for all it is a daft notion. Ye are as prideful as any lass I have ever known, except maybe Jenny, and ye ken well enough that I pay heed to it.”

“I know, but sometimes I do wonder if … well if your life would have been simpler with someone of … your kind and kin.”

Claire finished limply. She half expected the hands on her arms to tighten, for Jamie to protest and assure her that she was the breath in his soul but when she looked up at him he was still grinning and did not look at all concerned by her words.


She demanded smiling back despite herself

“Do ye remember when we were riding to Leoch, after the business with Randall and such and I said to ye that I dinna understand ye, but I like ye well enough?”

“We were walking as I was not able to ride, and you actually told me I don’t make a lot of sense.”

Claire said thinly, her memory of that particular night was not one of the most pleasant she had but Jamie brushed off her displeasure with a wave of his hand and nodded

“Aye, weel it still stands. Ye dinna always make a lot of sense, but I still like ye well enough, ken?”

“I like you too, bloody Scot!”

Claire laughed and slapped his arm lightly. Jamie caught her hand and raised it to his lips, kissing her knuckle and then turning her wrist to gently kiss her palm.

“You are my heart and soul, Claire. Please never doubt it, for I never have and I never shall.”


Bree called and both her parents startled slightly.

“She won’t be happy you gave the last greeting.”

Claire murmured and Jamie laughed, a rich sound that soothed away the last of Claire’s misgivings.

“Aye, she’ll likely scold me for it but I’m used to such things from my warrior queens.”

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Some (naughty)number 7, please! <3

For @suhailauniverse

Jamie and Claire had spent the day baking. Baking it not what they wanted to do but they did it. Why? Because Jamie’s sister was hosting a tea for the ladies of Broch Morda to celebrate Lammas and the first grain of the harvest. Since she was the Laird’s wife, Claire was in charge of supplying the food.

The first few batches of bannocks had gone quite quickly but now they were assembling the cakes, pies and wee sandwiches. Unfortunately, Jamie was losing his concentration for the task, instead focusing on his wife’s arse.

He lazily pulled her to him to trace the outline of her dress as he drew spirals up and down her hip.

“Jamie!” she chided. “We have to finish this first.”

After kisses to her cheek, he peppered her neck and chest, smiling as she squirmed. When his deft hands unbuttoned her top she returned his advances. They continued to slowly drift down to the table to gain better footing until the timer for the oven buzzed loudly. They both stopped and sighed loudly.

“Well, that’s tragic!” Jamie grumbled. “Interrupted by baked goods.”

Claire grinned, “Two minutes and I promise we’ll get back to practicing for the next Laird of Broch Tuarach.”

Grahamfield Week!


To begin: I was the one who sent the question in anonymous. I did it because I was shy for ask about this event. But I see that everyone who asked them liked the idea, well, goodbye anonymity! *laugh*
Now, in this publication I’m going to answer the two most frequent questions that were mentioned when I asked the question:

-When will it?
-How can I participate in this event?

- When?

My idea is from July 30th to August 5th. Why? I like Celtic culture, and I know about the celebrations of that mother culture. The 1st of August is the celebration of “Lammas”, in summary is celebrated:

“Lammas or Lughnassadh, is also feast of the first harvest, feast of the bread and Harvest Home. It is the festival of the Celtic god Lugh, the poet, the long arm, identified with the Sun and Mercury.
Lugh is a solar god. The celebration takes place on the eve of the first days of August.”

Well, we know the meanings of the surnames “Graham” and “Caulfield”. Grahamfield, at least it can mean “Grain field” or “field home” or “wheat field” (My mother language is not English, if someone knows more about this, please correct me) So, because Lammas is a date about the harvest and the “Grahamfield” a meaning close to the harvest, that’s why I chose the week where it is on the 1st of August.

- How?

You can participate with means that can be: Fanfics, Fanarts, Cosplay, Headcanons, PlayList. And if they have another way they can participate, they can gladly share their idea. The goal is to enjoy Grahamfield Week to the fullest, sharing our ideas and ways of seeing this beautiful ship that we like so much.

Now, I want to introduce you to the themes I propose for Grahamfield Week:

-  30th de July: Drive In*
-  31st de July: Selfie
-  1st de August: Beginning of the relationship (statement of feelings)
-  2nd de August: Dancing
-  3rd de August: Eating Ice cream
-  4th de August: Cosplay
-  5th de Agosto: In formal wear

* We all expected to see a Drive-In scene in the game. It’s time to recreate it (well, I’ve seen good fanfics where they do it, it does not hurt to do it again!)

They are my proposals for themes for the event. If you would like to propose other themes by substituting another, please let me know. We have enough time to organize and have everything officially. And also enough time to plan everything to be able to shape everything into our work. Any general doubts of the event, here is my account. Sorry for my English, I swear that every day I practice! 


PD: If you know someone who would like to participate, don’t hesitate to let us know about this!

Let’s Talk Lammas!

One of my favorite (possibly actually favorite) things about the Wheel of the Year is the Sabbats - or, as they’re called in my house, Feast Days. Eight days out of the year, perfectly symmetrically, practitioners who follow the Wheel celebrate the turning of the seasons and the passage of time. The next holiday, Lammas - or Lughnasadh - falls this year on August 1st, and is a celebration of the first harvest.

Lammas, or Lughnasadh

Lammas, the final Sabbat before Autumn, heralds the first harvest - a time to gather the grains and enjoy the fruits of your work thus far (pun somewhat intended). In some traditions, Lammas is called Lughnasadh, which is a technically different holiday following similar themes honoring the god of craftsmanship, Lugh. The two holidays frequently fall on the same day.

Lammas for a Witch

Lammas is a time for relaxation, feasting, feeling good about yourself, and setting goals for the rest of the year. While many Sabbats are great for magic (Samhain and Litha come to mind), Lammas is more about celebrating.

Lammas Traditions

A feast is traditional - most traditional! - and the Lammas feast is no exception to lavishness. A large meal can be served outdoors with friends, perhaps on a yellow tablecloth or with yellow candles to match the color of the Sabbat, full of grains, wheats, and fruits. Traditional foods served at Lammas include breads of all kinds, corn, rye, oats, blackberries, and other summer seasonal offerings. (You can get creative with this, of course: Corn muffins, blackberry pie, bread pudding, and so on.) To make a connection with the grain in drink, one may even pop open a bottle of nice whiskey. Carnivores might like to roast a chicken or game hen in generous butter.

While you’re having your feast, you might like to make a Bragger’s Toast with your tablemates, a tradition that is emblematic of the pride of Lammas. One by one, go around the table and make a toast to something you’re proud of accomplishing yourself. (Don’t forget to cheer the toaster after their speech with a drink!). Lammas is all about celebrating your achievements - and there’s no place for guilt at a feast!

Suitable offerings for Lammas, for the altar or otherwise, include homemade bread or baked goods. Corn muffins are especially easy to make and correspond very well to Lammas with respect to both the corn and the grain.

Lammas is also the traditional time to make a corn dolly (or, if you’re like me and have a bad time with image magic, a corn Wheel of the Year) with either corn husks or wheat shafts, tied with string. This can be used as a decoration or used in later Sabbats.

The Colors of Lammas

Summer is in full swing, and the first harvest is here - beeswax, pale yellow, sunshine yellow, gold, bronze, and golden brown are mostly used at Lammas.

I always cook a gigantic meal for Lammas, so stay tuned for recipes and/or photos. :> (Also, I feel like this post should have a photo. :V)

Sabbat: Lammas

Northern Hemisphere: August 1st   

Southern Hemisphere: February 2nd

Also known as: “Lughnasadh” or “First Harvest”

Pronounced: “Lah-mahs” or “Loo-nahs-ah”

Lammas is the first of the three harvest holidays. It is a time where we pay our respects to the plentiful bounties our earth has provided, & share the fruits of our achievements with the world. Seasonal fruits, vegetables & herbs are harvested & prepared into delicious pies, pastries & other foods to share with deities. As Autumn begins, the Sun God enters his old age, symbolically, the God loses some strength as the sun rises further in the south & the days grow shorter. The Goddess looks on with bittersweet joy, as she realises her lover & creation is dying, but prepares herself for his re-birth in Yule.

☆…Associations with Lammas…☆

Deities: All harvest & grain Deities, All Sun gods, Celtic God; “Lugh”

Food: Fresh breads & pastries, berry pies, seasonal fruit & vegetables. 

Drink: Mead, Ale, Elderberry Wine & other berry wines. 

Stones: Peridot, Citrine.

Herbs: Heather, Hollyhock, cornstalks, Oak Leaves, Frankincense.

Colors: Yellow, Green, Gold. 

Symbols: Harvesting Tools, Sun symbols, Grains.

☆… Activities of Lammas…☆

Shared feasts, baking bread, gathering harvest, offerings of freshly baked breads,pastries, fruits & grains to Deities, wheat weaving, making corn dollies, & bonfires. Lammas is also a good time to create brooms, or ‘Besoms’ out of fresh grain & other natural materials. 

☆…Lammas Altar Decoration…

Yellow, orange or gold Altar cloth, green, yellow, orange candles, seasonal fruits, herbs, & vegetables, Citrine & Peridot stones, Sun Symbols, appropriate incense - You can find plenty of Lammas incense recipes online. 

Last Minute Sabbats: Lammas

Hello everyone! I began this little series with Litha back in June, so it’s now time to continue my last minute sabbats series! As always, before we get started, I just want to note that not all Pagans celebrate the Sabbats, and not all witches celebrate the Sabbats either. I by no means am telling anyone that they need to celebrate the sabbats to have a full or valid practice. If you do celebrate the sabbats, however, here is some information about Lammas, including a prayer that I wrote in honor of the Sabbat and a little summary of my personal Lammas plans:


When: August 1st (The beginning of the harvest)

Other names: Lughnasadh, Lugh’s day

What: Lammas is the celebration of the beginning of the harvest. It is also a day devoted to honoring the Celtic craftsman god, Lugh. Most modern celebrators use this day to either honor the harvest and give thanks for the summer’s bounty or to give thanks to and honor Lugh. Some celebrators may do both.

Colors: Brown, bronze, gold, red, orange

God/desses: Lugh is particularly associated with Lammas. Persephone, Demeter, and any grain/harvest/agriculture deities are also associated with Lammas.

Herbs/plants: Heather, goldenrod, sunflower, Queen Anne’s lace, basil, aloe, hollyhock, any grains, acacia, corn

Gems/crystals/stones: Carnelian, amber, citrine, tiger’s eye, peridot

Ideas for celebration: Cooking (especially with things that you have personally grown, or vegetables and fruits of the season), performing a sacrifice with bread or food of some sort, offerings to Lugh or a harvest deity from your chosen pantheon, giving thanks, games/activities/sports, making corn dolls or onion braids

My Lammas Prayer:

Deities of harvest and agriculture, many named– Lugh, Demeter, Renenutet, Heqet, Ceres, Freyr – thank you for the bountiful summer and all of the blessings that it has brought to my life. As we enter this new season of harvest, may those who are in need find the tools to bring them nourishment, substance, and happiness. May the fields bring forth food to feed those in hunger. May the rain bring water for those in thirst. May the changing season bring forth comfort, security, safety, and hope for those who find themselves in places of fear or sadness or pain. Thank you for your many blessings, and may the bounty of the summer lead into an even more bountiful harvest. So mote it be.

My Lammas Plans:

Unfortunately, I just got back from a week of camp and was unable to write up a ritual or make any plans for Lammas. I think I’ll probably just have a nice relaxing day and spend some time with my family. Perhaps I’ll cook a little bit and meditate on the harvest :)

I hope you have a happy Lammas and that you found this post helpful! Look out for more last minute sabbat posts in the future :) If you have any questions, feel free to send me an ask! To see the previous last minute sabbat post on Litha, click here.


Lughnasadh (Lammas)

On August 1st, it will be Lughnasadh, or simply Lammas. These are the dog days of summer before the Autumnal Equinox. It is the time for reaping what has been sown throughout the past few month and begin to recognize that the bright and warm summer days will be soon coming to an end. 

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Rituals and Ceremonies

Depending on the path that you follow, there are many ways to celebrate Lammas. Typically the focus is on either the early harvest aspect or the celebration of the Celtic God Lugh. 

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Lammas Customs and Tradition

The Festival of Vulcanalia: In ancient Rome, every August 23rd was the celebration of Vulcan (Volcanus) the God of fire and volcanos. 

Corn Myths and Magic: Corn is a grain that has been part of our diet for some time. It is hardy and a versatile grain, and because of that there have been numerous legends, myths, and folktales surrounding the grain.

The Final Sheaf: Harvesting the finale grain, in many counties, was cause for celebration. They celebrated by making corn dolls, which represented the spirit of the grain. These dolls could be full size, made with the last stalks of corn and decorated with ribbons and articles of clothing. Ivy is a symbol of rebirth, and it wasn’t unusual to put an ivy headdress on the doll.

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If you are living in the Southern Hemisphere, you are actually celebrating Imbolc. Spring is right around the corner for you guys. So hold on a few more weeks. 

Wee lil post about Hollyhock

Planet ~ Venus

Zodiac ~ Libra

Success, Money, Material Gain, Fae Folk & Nature Spirits, Harvest

A dried seed pod, filled with bursting seeds, is sometimes taken as a token of a full purse. Some practitioners work with ripe seed pods to increase success in the material world, to increase the flow of money or to acquire new possessions. Known to attract devas (nature spirits) and help provide shelter for the little people. In modern ritual usage, hollyhock can be used at Lammas & was ritually celebrated at the beginning of the harvest season, as described in The Master Book of Herbalism:

“One long stalk of hollyhock may be carried by the children, at the beginning of the ritual procession to the fields”

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