bonnieparrker asked:

wOW you're really pretty and I like your style and we share a name and sorry if this is creepy i just wanted to tell you that you're v cool uvu

qjkwfb ahh wowie thank you!!!! and that fact that you’re name is gabbie too just made us best friends, ok????? this is not creepy at all!!!! (you spell it the same way?? if not oops)

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Hi! Okay so my name is Gabrielle, and my best friend Romina (permets) calls me her little Gavroche, because she's older than me and I'm her little one. And /oh my god/ your genderbent Gavroche's name is Gabrielle and I actually screamed when I saw that because OH MY GOD HER NAME IS GABRIELLE and I just because she's leaving in a week when she graduates and I just feelings okay and thank you for that(:

Awww<3 No problem at all my dear~

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What site do you use to download videos to make gifs with? Your edits are flawless!

Oh wow thank you! Well a lot of my videos are youtube videos so I downloaded the youtube downloader hd to get those. As for tv shows and things I haven’t found a good specific site to download from.

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George Blagden?

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♪ (:

song: Skinny Love (Bon Iver/Birdy) 

favourite line: Pour a little salt we were never here

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