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Hi! Okay so my name is Gabrielle, and my best friend Romina (permets) calls me her little Gavroche, because she's older than me and I'm her little one. And /oh my god/ your genderbent Gavroche's name is Gabrielle and I actually screamed when I saw that because OH MY GOD HER NAME IS GABRIELLE and I just because she's leaving in a week when she graduates and I just feelings okay and thank you for that(:

Awww<3 No problem at all my dear~

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What site do you use to download videos to make gifs with? Your edits are flawless!

Oh wow thank you! Well a lot of my videos are youtube videos so I downloaded the youtube downloader hd to get those. As for tv shows and things I haven’t found a good specific site to download from.

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George Blagden?

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♪ (:

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☯ mew hi

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