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She boards the ship alongside Kaldur and very carefully does not think about the tons of water closing in over her head.


She’d learned a thing or two about Kaldur in their time on the Team. He was exotic, sure, and he’d always been about as stoic as they came—so if you really wanted to know what he was thinking, you had to watch his hands.

“Father,” Kaldur says; Artemis stands two steps behind his right shoulder (this is a very deliberate choice).

“My son,” Black Manta acknowledges. It’s difficult to tell through the helmet, but it feels as though she’s being sized up. Casually, she traces the hilt of (one of) the daggers strapped to her thigh. “And who is your companion?”

“This is Tigress. I have chosen her to be my right hand commander as I move forward.”

There is a beat of silence; Manta Senior is definitely staring at her now. Kaldur’s fingers twitch at his side. “Indeed. And what makes you think she is worthy of such a position? I’ve never heard of any Tigress.”

“Then I’m doing my job right,” she says, looking directly at Black Manta, even as he finally removes his helmet. Artemis maintains eye contact until she feels she’s made her point, then drops her gaze to his chin. “Sir.”

(She might be imagining it, but she could swear the ghost of a smile flickers across his lips.)

“Is that so. Tell me, mysterious Tigress, what other names do you go by?”

“I have no other names, sir.”

“Are you mocking me?” The crease of his frown promises suffering.

“No, sir.” She keeps her eyes trained carefully still. “I mean that the person I was before no longer exists. I am only Tigress.”

“Interesting.” He turns back to Kaldur. (Artemis carefully regulates her breathing.) “That still does not explain where you found her, or why you brought her onto my ship.”

“If you would like a demonstration of her skills, I am sure she would be happy to provide one.”

Matna stares at his son searchingly, but Kaldur’s face gives away nothing. (Meanwhile, his fingers tap an faint, unsteady beat.) Eventually, he says, “Yes, I believe a demonstration is in order.” Kaldur reaches for his water-bearers, but Manta waves him off. “No, son, I will be the one putting her to the test.” She has just enough time to see Kaldur’s eyes widen before she has to duck and roll.

Artemis gets enough room to allow for a momentary breath, and then, for the first time in years, holds absolutely nothing back.


(It’s easier than she cares to think about, shedding those restrictions that she had placed upon herself when she decided what kind of person she wanted to be. What her father taught her: aim to kill.)

I’ve honestly never done a follow forever before, but I’ve always planned on doing one. Originally this was going to be for the end of 2013, but I forgot so I made a new graphic, but it’s the same exact thing as before. I wish everyone a fantastic 2014 and I love every single one of my followers and everyone I follow. I just hope I didn’t forget anyone on this list.


So, my dear, Cherita. I love you so very much and I can’t believe we’ve been friends for the past few years. It feels like it’s only been a few months, but hey, time flies over the internet. Honestly, I really care about you and consider you to be one of my closest friends. I’m going to be like eighty years old and be telling my grandchildren stories about us and it’ll all be about us yelling at each other over the internet. I love how you’re always there for me and I don’t even know. You’re absolutely fantastic. 11/10 would recommend. P.S. You’re a terrible wife.


Well, if it isn’t my favorite little Dutch boy that isn’t little at all because you’re a giant. I just wanted to let you know that I love you too and you’re awesome. Like I said about Ciria, I’m going to be talking about you all the time when I’m old because I just can’t forget a friendship like ours. I just really care about you and I promise I’ll always be here for you. It may take me a few hours to show up because of that whole time zone thing, but I’m still always here. You’re awesome and crazy and you need to really go to some Anime Anonymous thing because you have an addiction.


Ah yes. Jenny. Shit, I mean Jena. You know, you’re pretty awesome and I really love you. It’s great just being able to goof off with you on a day-to-day basis in school and go watch movies together. I can’t wait till we’re really old and being neighbors in caves far away from each other. I’m definitely looking forward to it. Ha. Anyways, you need to remember to keep being weird and just go find yourself Loki.


Yo, Remi. What’s up? So, even though we don’t talk nearly as much as we used to, I still consider you to be a good friend. Whenever I post some dumb random post, I half-way expect you to reply to it. Half of the time you do. I honestly love talking to you whenever we do and you’re just overall awesome. 


So, Rosie, I know we’ve only talked like maybe three times, but you’re still really awesome and great. Just seeing you on my dash daily makes me happy. The few times we have talked have been great and you’re just a generally great person. I wish you the best in everything and I want to let you know that there’s no unimportant person in the universe. Remember what the Doctor says, he’s never met someone unimportant. He may not have met you, but that doesn’t mean you’re useless.


So, my dear Miniature peanut. You live in Australia and you’re really weird. Then again everyone I know is weird so maybe that’s what I know you. Basically, you’re my sister from another continent and time zone and blah and you’re fantastic. I love you and stuff and blah blah sappy message. I’m going to die shipping Matt and Lian, by the way.

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Brittany and Kassie, I hope you don’t mind I grouped you two together. It’s just all of these boring personal messages we’re getting so long. Anyways, you’re both my fellow fabulous Guard captains. I’m going to miss you in Guard next year Brittany, but hopefully you’ll get Drum Major so I can still bother you. Also, can’t wait to work alongside you again next year Kassie. Hopefully our Senior year will be so much better than our Junior year. Love you both! P.S. When I die, Bop to the Top will be on my gravestone.

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you can ; a jeroy fanmix :: because sometimes a broken person doesn’t need to be fixed. sometimes a broken person just needs someone to believe in.

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Also, I have a link to download the comics:…

THANK YOU LOVE <3 I’ll keep this for future reference! I want to brush up on my knowledge of the series because heaven knows I’ve forgotten a LOT of it :| Plus I need to catch up…hey hey after my exams are over and my piano shit is done maybe I’ll do a liveblog of the W.I.T.C.H series? :D

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I’m so glad it was made into a show, or I wouldn’t know a thing about it. They are very different, but I think the producers of W.i.t.c.h. did a good job with what they had. (Plus, with the changes, season two turned into the biggest troll. XD)


Mhm, I agree I agree! I do think a lot of the changes were due to the fact that the show was primarily aimed toward children or pre-adolescents. A good chunk of it was light-hearted humor, which doesn’t necessarily compromise the plot or quality! One of my favorite episodes to this day is Divide and Conquer. Makes me laugh every single time. XD