I laminated a piece of paper (some kid found a bigger piece like legal size or something) and taped it to the outside of my door, and I’ve been doing quotes of the day, not drawing attention to it, just putting it there, and I have kids that like ask me what the new one is or tell me I haven’t updated it, or ask me to close my door so they can read it. It’s hilarious and absolutely adorable. 10/10 would recommend.


Welp I got myself into snapchat (once again…) this is for you my dear Ice @illustraice! I hope you get my pics laminated! Bc the bags under my eyes are princess! Ahahahaha. (Okay I got a draining day, and didn’t sleep enough for a History test so this is the result!)

For this tag thing @constellunaa @msmanga14 @calliakitten @nikkyuri and @xxgajevyloverxx! Aaaand @btslanesgurl bc she made a tiny mistake and said that she’d be suuuuuperb happy to get to do anything like this. So here you are, my friend! :D

However don’t feel obligated to do this! But it would be super cool! ;) (and nooo! Lucy, your the only one who HAS TO FRIGGING DO THIS! No argue babe!)

— Lala


All together now! I’ve received a lot of notes about whether these are going to be sold online. They will be, but I still have to make sure everything is prepped before we post the item on our store. I will let you guys know of me and Kwestone’s AX 2015 table asap. Our table is E55.

These were the only ones that I was planning to make for SU, but if I were to make other lams, what would you guys like to see?


********The mOMent is N:OW!*******
 ~Prints of my original paintings are available on my website!!!!
Post Card & Large Prints available.

All paintings are printed, gold glittered, SIGNED and hand laminated by Tori Pope. LIMITED STOCK AVAILABLE ON ALL ITEMS.
Please message me with print requests if there is a piece of mine you would love to frame/hang on your wall/send to a friend or use as a bookmark and is not listed!!! Mahalo!!!! Many blessings!!!!
(((Will be updating website regularly with new inventory!!!!)))
~Love & Light~
~Tori Pope~ ( @jah-feel )


You walk through your front door…and head straight for the kitchen. At this Montreal apartment, the owners, a graphic designer and a pharmacist, don’t have far to go—the open kitchen is just steps from the entry. Photography by Adrien Williams.