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Since you mentioned it, Ironhawk college AU where everyone thinks tony and Clint are just friends and Tony has a terrible reputation for being a slut but it turns out he and Clint have been monogamous for YEARS and it's just rumors.

Send all your love and praise to @summerpipedream. They beta read this fic (and did a fantastic job). Without them this fic probably would not have been posted for a few more days, so thank you, summerpipedream. <3

Freshman Year

“So, how would you feel if we stored the XL twin beds and we got bunk beds instead.” Tony, Clint’s new roommate, motioned at said twin beds as he stood in the middle of their dorm room. They had bumped in each other as they had been moving in, and learned that neither one of them had a parent or friend helping them, so they’d spent most of the afternoon bringing in their boxes of stuff and building a fort instead of setting up their room.

Clint was currently rearranging one of the walls of said fort. “I can chip in to pay for bunk beds, but unless you can afford to pay the storage fee, we’re sticking to the twin beds.”

“So bunk beds it is.” Tony clapped his hands together. “You can even take top bunk. I like to stay up late, so if I’m on the bottom bunk you won’t notice the light from my computer as much. I can even put up a sheet.”

“Seriously?” Tony was going to pay for storage and let Clint have top bunk? Either Tony was the best roommate ever, or this was some sort of trap and Tony was going to be the worst roommate ever.

Tony nodded, then gestured to the wall where one of the twin beds was located. “We can put a TV over there. I’ll pay for cable, unless you’re already set up for a streaming service.”

“Dude! Are you for real?”

Tony pinched himself. “I feel real.”

A smile spread across Clint’s face. “I think I’ve just fallen in love with you a little.”

Sophomore Year

“So, you up for it?” Bobbi shouted over the music and drank from her party cup. She nodded at the yellow laminated paper dangling from his neck.

It was the makeout party of the year. Everyone had to wear tags: green, yellow, or red. Red signified no kissing allowed at all, yellow was “ask first,” and green was “go for it.”

Tony and Clint had discussed it. Both had been tempted to wear green, but they had agreed it would be better to wear yellow instead.

Clint considered Bobbi. She was attractive. Very attractive. He really wanted to kiss her, but Tony had made a comment two weeks ago that he thought Bobbi had a crush on Clint. Even if it was a makeout party with no strings attached, Clint didn’t want to risk the fall out.

Besides, he had a suspicion there was a reason why Tony had brought up the crush.

“Sorry. Tempting, but my significant other might not be happy.”

“You have a girlfriend?” Bobbi frowned and cocked her head. “How come I’ve never seen her?”

Clint just smiled.

“Clint!” Tony shouted over the music as he barreled toward Clint. He shoved people aside, only pausing to grab someone wearing a green tag by the face to kiss them loudly and comically, then push them away.

Tony threw himself at Clint, his arms flopping over Clint’s shoulder and around his waist. He kissed Clint messily around his mouth, his lips never quite landing on Clint’s just right. His breath reeked of alcohol. “I love you. This party is awesome. You’re awesome. So glad we agreed to this.”

Finally, Tony’s lips found Clint’s and he shoved his tongue into Clint’s mouth.

Clint sputtered and pushed Tony’s face away. He laughed when Tony pouted at him. “You were using your tongue like my mouth was the bottom of a Nutella jar with the last bit of chocolate inside.”

“Hey, Tony,” Bobbi started hesitantly, “Clint is wearing yellow.” She pointed to Clint’s tag for Tony.

Tony scrunched his face, his alcohol addled brain not comprehending. “I think you’re missing something, Bobbi.”

Clint waved away Bobbi’s concern. “It’s okay, Tony can kiss me whenever he wants, as long as I’m not mad at him.”

Tony grinned. “Isn’t he great?” Tony asked Bobbi.

Bobbi gave them an odd look. Like she didn’t know quite what to make of them. “Yeah.”

Junior Year

“Looks like Tony’s made a new friend.” Sam chuckled as he elbowed Clint in the side.

Clint looked up from his stir fry bowl.

Tony was chatting with Helen Cho from his Cellular and Molecular Biology class outside of the checkout line for cafeteria food. The two were laughing. Helena hugged her tray in one arm then reached into her pocket with the other. She pulled out a pen. Tony offered his arm for her to write on.

“Damn.” Sam smirked at Bucky across the table. “Tony may have more game than you.”

“Doesn’t change the fact that you’re still single.” Bucky snatched a fry off of Sam’s plate.

“Quality, Bucky. That’s what I’m looking for.”

“Doesn’t mean you can’t have fun while looking.”

Tony and Helen had separated. Tony headed over to Clint’s table.

Clint smiled and nudged Sam to scoot over to make room for Tony.

With a grunt, Sam did so. “So how’s the new girlfriend?” Sam teased Tony.

Tony rolled his eyes. “More like lab partner.” Tony sat beside Clint. Tony had only been seated for a second when he wrapped his ankle around Clint’s under the table. “Clint’s the only person for me.”

Tony pecked Clint on the cheek.

Bucky rolled his eyes. “We get it. You two are soulmate-roommates. No need to kiss each other in front of us.”

Clint and Tony shared a look and grinned.

Clint grabbed Tony’s face and gave him a hard, messy kiss that went on until Sam threw his french fries at their faces.

Tony and Clint laughed as they broke apart.  

Senior Year

“Clint. Tony,” Steve spoke like he was talking to a potential jumper who was standing on the edge of a rooftop. “We all know you love each other.”

“Maybe a little too much,” Rhodey added.

Steve sent Rhodey an annoyed look, and Rhodey sent it right back.

“Listen, you two can’t marry each other just because you make good roommates,” Sam cut in when he saw Steve and Rhodey headbutting.

“I don’t see why not,” said Tony, who was pacing his dorm room as he looked up wedding venues on his tablet.

Clint laid sprawled on the couch, his chin resting purposefully in his hand to show off the gold band around his finger. “I think it’s the perfect reason. I mean, we have been dating for almost four years now, and we clearly enjoy living together, so why not-”

“What!” Steve, Rhodey, and Sam shouted in unison.

Clint smirked. “Have you three really been this oblivious?”

Tony scoffed. “More like they assumed I was banging every girl I talked to.”

Clint feigned ignorance. “But the kissing, Tony. We kiss all the time. We’ve even held hands when walking. For the last two years we’ve gone on vacations with each other for the holidays. We also share clothes and stuff. I feel like we’ve been pretty blatant.”

Tony gave the trio a pointed look. “I don’t know why they’ve never figured it out. All I know is, none of them should become detectives.”

“This has gotta be a prank,” Sam said.

Rhodey shook his head. “Nope. I know when Tony is lying. He’s serious. Congrats, you two. Sorry, for being a thick dumbass.”

“Does anyone else feel like everything they know is a lie?” Steve asked.

Sam huffed and clapped his hand on Steve’s shoulder. “I feel you on that. However, you have to admit, looking back on it, it does seem obvious. We should have questioned them when they started talking about sharing showers to conserve water.”

“Or you know, when we both answered the door naked that one time,” Tony added.

“So, do you three think our last name should be hyphenated, or should we make up an awesome last name?” Clint asked. “How about ‘Legend of Zelda’ for a last name?”

“Only if both of us change our middle names to ‘the’,” Tony responded.

Clint looked up at Tony adoringly. “You complete me.”

Apartment tips

Before you move into your new place you need to do two things (if you’re renting)

Have a walk through especially if you have a large security deposit
Bring a camera with a date option and take pictures of every stain, hole, weird looking thing in the place. You don’t want to have your security deposit revoked because you’re being blamed for a previous tenants red wine spill.
Make sure you bring these up with the owner and show them the pictures and have them sign something saying they acknowledge that these problems are not from you and were in fact from previous owners.
Bring cleaning supplies. It is so much easier to do a deep clean when there is nothing in it. Even if they have maintenance come in before and clean it. Clean it again. Because we all k ow you’re not going to move your giant sectional every time your sweep unless you rearrange your furniture. So clean those spots real REAL good.
What to bring
- Vinegar & Baking soda (if your cheap and can’t bring your parents cleaning supplies)
- Carpet cleaner and vacuum (if you can)
- Broom and dustpan
- Windex
- Bleach
- Gloves
- Mop and bucket if you have laminate
- Paper towels
- Carpet powder or borax if you don’t have a carpet cleaner
- Spray bottle

Remember never mix chemicals.

Always dilute your bleach and vinegar when cleaning.

When using chemical make sure you open the windows and doors to provide ventilation.

Use vinegar to clean down counters, sinks, bathtubs, anything that’s ceramic or metal. Don’t use it on wooden surfaces. You can use a mixture of baking soda and vinegar in your sinks to help clean and dislodge anything Use an equal amount for each and then run hot water after its done. You can also use both to clean your toilet. As long is its a non-porous surface like marble or wood you should be fine.

Vinegar is a natural solution to bleach and does most of the job but if you need bleach always dilute it with 3-4 parts water with every 1 part bleach. You can use it on all the same things as vinegar but make sure you wear gloves and have the windows and doors open for good ventilation. Never mix bleach with any other chemicals as it can result in lethal gas.

Using carpet powder is super easy most of the time you just sprinkle the powder and let it sit. You can also use borax to clean if you are worried about and bugs that might be living in your carpet in the same was you use powder carpet cleaner. Just sprinkle it on your carpet and let it sit for 15-20 minutes and the vacuum

In my English class we have that Remind class app which the teacher can send out text messages about hw but the teacher doesn’t have your # and anyways my teacher periodically sends out reminds about the missing hall pass asking for it back and it’s probably one of the saddest things I’ve seen. Come on dude you like 40 and your upset about a laminated piece of paper on a string


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I Had You, I’ve Lost You.

//Jerome Valeska x reader.

Requested: Yes.

A/n: Sorry this was kind of short.

Summary: While all the rest of the Maniax are down celebrating with Theo, Jerome goes up to the roof and thinks about his life.

Rating: Angsty Fluff.

Warnings: Lots of angst.

Song: The Night We Met, Lord Huron.

Title: I Had You, I’ve Lost You. //


I am not the only traveler

Who has not repaid his debt

I’ve been searching for a trail to follow again

Take me back to the night we met

And then I can tell myself



Jerome swings his legs subconsciously as he stares out at the dark night sky, his hands gripping the edge of the roof. He can vaguely hear the cheering and laughing of everyone in the building underneath him, and he lets out a long sigh, tipping his head up, lifting his face to the sky. “How’ve you been?” He asks, closing his eyes as the wind picks up, the air suddenly chilling. His grip tightens, anger boiling through him. “I know it was my choice,” he whispers, his head hanging quickly as he stares down at the twinkling lights framing the mansion. “I know…” Jerome’s body convulses as he shudders, the hairs on his neck standing up. He pulls out his phone and unlocks it slowly, clicking into his contacts and staring down at her name. His thumb hovers over the call button. He hits the button and he shoves his phone back in his pocket.

“Jerome! No, come on. Don’t take a picture of me- Jerome! Please delete it Jerome, I look really bad- Jerome, come on.”

“Aw, sugar. You’re adorable. You’re the cutest little thing, look at you- hey! Don’t try and take my pho- ah! Nope, you’re not getting this.”


“Jerome, come on!”


A smile slips onto his face at the memory of that. He loved it. He loved how she had tried to take the picture, how she’d jumped when he’d held it over his head. His hands dig into his pockets again as he pulls out the photo, the one thing he always carries with him. He holds the laminated paper in his hands, and he begins to shake slightly.

“Jerome, I love you.”


What the hell I’m supposed to do

And then I can tell myself

Not to ride along with you

I had all and then most of you

Some and now none of you

Take me back to the night we met


A part of Jerome recoils slightly as he thinks about when y/n had said those words. He hadn’t deserved to hear them.

He still doesn’t deserve it.

He falls back and lays down on the flat roof, his feet still hanging off as he stares up at the sky.


I don’t know what I’m supposed to do

Haunted by the ghost of you

Oh, take me back to the night we met

When the night was full of terrors

And your eyes were filled with tears

When you had not touched me yet

Oh, take me back to the night we met

I had all and then most of you

Some and now none of you

Take me back to the night we met

I don’t know what I’m supposed to do

Haunted by the ghost of you

Take me back to the night we met



“I miss you,” he murmurs. “I’ve thought about calling. I’ve thought about it a lot…” His eyes flutter shut and he lets out a long sigh. “I should’ve answered when you called…” His eyes pop open as a sad smile slips onto his face. “But I couldn’t answer. Not after how I left you. I couldn’t drag you back in, y/n. That’s why I didn’t answer.” He didn’t know if she had picked up, if it had gone to voice mail, but he can’t bring himself to check. Something about knowing whether or not she was going to hear what he was about to say…it scared him.

“I didn’t deserve you,” he continues. “I didn’t deserve you. I wasn’t good enough, y/n. I’m not a good person. You’ve seen the news…I’m sure that’s why you called. I won’t drag you down with me, y/n. I won’t do it. I’m sorry. I didn’t want to leave you, I didn’t mean to hurt you. I never wanted to hurt you. I love you, y/n. And I know I’ve never said that before but it’s true, I love you. I love you, that’s why I left you. I can’t…I can’t watch me poison you. You’re so perfect, y/n…you care so much. I’m sorry.” He reaches into his pocket, gripping the phone. “Goodbye…I love you.” With that, he pulls out the phone, his thumb moving over to the hang up button.

“Jerome! You idiot!”


He recoils at the faint sound of her voice, closing his eyes and relishing in its sound.

“Don’t you dare hang up! Don’t do this! Just tell me where you are, please,” He can hear her soft sobbing, and his heart aches.

“Answer me Jerome. Answer me!” Her voice rises to a shout. “You broke my heart you idiot! Answer me right now! You say you don’t want to hurt me but that’s what you’re doing!”

A sharp pain slices through Jerome’s heart.

Please answer me! Jerome, I can’t take this. I love you, answer me! I know you’re there. Don’t do this to me Jerome, please! Pl-

The beeping of the call being disconnected silences her pleas, and Jerome’s eyes grow misty as he puts his phone back in his pocket.

“Hey, what are you doing up here?” He stands up and turns around, his gaze landing on Barbara. “Come on, you’re gonna get sick. We’re talking about our plans for tomorrow. Get down here,” Barbara’s voice is filled with fondness, and Jerome steps forward, wrapping his arms around her. “Hey! What the-”

“I made a mistake,” he whimpers. Barbara glances at him in confusion before hugging him back, her heart immediately warming.

“It’s okay. Come on, let’s get down there and celebrate.” As Jerome goes back into the building with her, he ignores the insistent ringing of his phone.

He’d given himself one call. He’d said what he needed to. He was free of his past.

Then why do I still feel so empty?

It's fluff, I swear.

A/N: There’s some mention to one of my ask fics (the star gazing & pillow fort one with motorcycle Betty) that may confuse you a little if you didn’t read it

“This is so cliché, I love it.” Veronica’s laugh bubbles out of her mouth as she reaches out to tangle her fingers with her girlfriend’s.

“I figured you would enjoy a classic go karts and mini golfing date.” Betty smiles at Ronnie, “I liked the idea of taking it a little old school for our five year anniversary.” Veronica tugs impatiently on her hand, pulling her towards the entrance.

“You make us sound old when you say it like that, B.” Betty just shrugs as she follows behind her girlfriend, admiring her curves and the perfect swell of her ass. When she finally tears her eyes away from the view, she catches sight of Veronica’s pleased smirk and rolls her eyes playfully, a soft pink tint coating her cheeks.

“We’re only twenty-three Ronnie. There’s plenty of years ahead of us to look forward to.”

“Well,” Veronica turns around, walking backwards as she draws out the word, “What I’m looking forward to right now is beating your ass in go karts and mini golf.” She winks at her before turning back around and tugging Betty up to walk alongside her.

When they reach the kiosk, Veronica starts to dig through her purse before her girlfriend stops her, handing the man the necessary amount of money for karting and mini putt. Ronnie pouts as they walk towards the race track.

“I wanted to pay.” Betty just shakes her head, a fond smile playing on her lips.

“Trust me, you don’t need to pay for anything with the amount of…gifts you gave me. The one I woke up to, the one in the shower, before and after breakfast. Not to mention the amazing antique typewriter you got me.” Veronica’s pout turns into a smug smile as they stand in line.

“I’m surprised you’re even walking straight.” The blush that spreads across Betty’s cheeks earns her a beautiful laugh.

“If we’re being’s taking everything in me to walk normal.” Veronica laughs again, the sound sending Betty’s heart fumbling.

“Hey! Don’t laugh at me, this is your fault.” She whines, her bottom lip jutting out.

“Awwww, I’m sorry baby.” Ronnie coos, a mischievous twinkle in her eye. “I’ll kiss it better when we’re somewhere more private.” Betty’s face somehow flushes a darker shade of pink as she listens to her girlfriend’s giggles and watches her get into one of the many awaiting karts before she shakes herself out of her stupor. Reaching into her front right pocket, she sighs in relief when her fingers brush velvet. Her heart races, yet she feels serene as she follows Veronica.


“I can’t believe I lost. I literally work with cars.” Betty groans, following a grinning Veronica.

“Well believe it babe and get ready to lose at mini golf too.” Betty just smiles and wraps her arm around her girlfriend’s shoulders.

“Care to place a wager, gorgeous?” Ronnie side eyes her, head tilting in curiosity.

“What are the stakes?”

“Winner gets a lap dance and loser has to clean up Cate’s potty accidents for a week.” She pauses as she lets out a little laugh “I can’t believe you convinced me to name our dog Cate Blanchett.” Veronica’s arm snakes around her waist, snuggling into her side as they walk towards the kiosk.

“I mean, you get to name our next dog Nancy Drew so I’d say it’s even. And you’re so on. I hope you have a song in mind, ‘cause I want that dance as soon as we get to the apartments.” Betty shakes her head, grabbing their clubs and balls.

“You’re overconfidence will be your down fall, beautiful.” Veronica just laughs, accepting the club and ball handed to her.


“Don’t stand there and laugh at me!” Veronica whines. They’re on the fifth hole and Betty has discovered, to her amazement, that Ronnie has no idea how to play.

“I’m so sorry,” she trails off into a few more quieter laughs, “you were just so confident that you’d beat me and-” a snort escapes her mouth, “and you don’t even know how to swing the club.” Her girlfriend just huffs, pouting for the second time that night.

“Okay, okay, c'mere. I’ll teach you.”

Slowly, Veronica makes her way towards Betty and comes to a stop in front of her.

“You don’t need to be so stiff.” She whispers, pressing herself against Ronnie’s back and resting her hands on her hips. She gives them a light squeeze, smiling at the hitch in Veronica’s breath.

“Bend your knees slightly….Good. Now,” Betty moves her hands to rest on top of her girlfriend’s, moving them into the correct positions on the putter.

“This is where your hands should be.” Veronica nods, trying hard to focus on the mini lessons, but finding it difficult with the warmth of Betty against her.

“You don’t need to swing so hard. Just like this.” She swings their arms gently, watching as the ball rolls through the miniature windmill and into the hole on the other side.

“Okay?” She nods again, letting out a breath she didn’t know she was holding when Betty finally pulls back.

They move onto the next hole and Veronica tries once before asking Betty to show her again.

(Betty wins, but Veronica doesn’t mind giving her favorite girl a lap dance. Especially when she knows it’ll end in her favor.)

(She might’ve minded cleaning up after the puppy if she wasn’t so cute.)


They walk hand in hand towards Betty’s car, her free hand brushing her pocket to make sure the slight bulge is still there.

“This was fun.” Veronica watches as her girlfriend nods in agreement.

“Do you have any song requests for me when we get home?” Betty opens the passenger side door to the jeep for her before wandering around the front to get into the driver’s seat.

“Uhm actually…we have one more place to go.” The car starts and she pulls out. Glancing over towards the girl in the seat next to her, she notices Veronica already looking at her and her gaze darts back to the road as Ronnie continue to study her curiously.

“You seem nervous…Where are we going? What are we doing?” There’s a sudden gasp and Betty’s eyes flicker towards her in panic before Veronica continues.

“Has this all been a ploy to gain my trust just so you could take me out into the woods and murder me?” It all comes out in a rushed breath and the absurdity of the statement startles a laugh out of Betty.

“No, nothing like that.”

“Then where are we going?”

“You’ll see.”


They drive into a familiar abandon parking lot and Veronica’s eyes widen in concern.

“Lovers Look Out?”

The car shuts off and Betty turns in her seat to ease her girlfriend’s qualms, her hand instinctively reaching out to grip Ronnie’s own.

“I know you probably don’t associate this place with good memories, but I was hoping to change that while we’re in town.”

She just nods at Betty’s words, trying to stop herself from thinking back to that part of their past.

“Hey, it’s okay.” She looks up at the soft tone in Betty’s voice.

“I promise I won’t leave this time. I’m never leaving you, okay?” A nod and Betty is leaning across the center console to pull Veronica into a gently kiss. Foreheads pressed together as lips barely brush.


They’ve been laying quietly in the field for a few minutes, in a blanket fort eerily similar to the last one, before either one of them breaks the silence.

“You see that there?” Betty asks quietly, finger tracing the constellation as Veronica snuggles deeper into her side and nods.

“That’s Adromeda. She was an Ethiopian princess, daughter of Cepheus and Cassiopeia. Her mother, Cassiopeia, loved to brag about how beautiful she was and had dared to say she was even more beautiful than the queen of the gods, Juno-”

She listens, enraptured as her girlfriend points to the many different pictures the stars make up, telling the stories in a way that leaves her in a trance. Eventually, they drift away from actual constellations and to made up stories and fairytales.

“That one reminds me of our fur baby back home.” Veronica murmurs, still pressed into her girlfriend’s side. Betty huffs out a laugh, looking at the bundle of stars Ronnie is pointing out. They settle down into another comfortable bout of silence before Betty is sitting up, pointing to a specific star in the sky. It’s much brighter than all the other ones and it’s intense blue hue has Veronica wondering how she hadn’t noticed before.

“That star right there, that’s your star.” She looks over to the girl sat next to her. Noticing how she’s practically shaking. Shaking with what? She doesn’t know.

“What do you mean that’s my star?”

She digs into her back pocket and grabs her wallet, pulling out a folded up sheet of laminated paper. Betty hands it to Veronica, watching nervously as she opens it.

“You did not name a star after me, Betty. That’s so gay.” Ronnie teases fondly before noticing what the name of the star is.

“Why’d you name it ‘Veronica Cooper-Lodge’?” She questions, her eyes drawing away from the paper in her hands to the kneeling girl in front of her. She notices the small black box gripped tightly in Betty’s hand and her lips part in a silent gasp as she realizes what’s happening.

“Veronica, when you first swept into Pop’s wearing that ridiculously attractive, stupid cape, I had knew then and there that you would utterly ruin me.” She pauses as she takes in a shaky breath, eyes never tearing away from her girlfriend’s gaze. “And when you kissed me at tryouts, I realized how..screwed I was. Because somehow you had wormed your way into my heart and broke it, all within a week of me knowing you. And yet, you were also the one to mend it and I’ve never met anyone who had, has, so much power over my heart.” They’re both crying and it takes everything in her to stay put and finally get the words that have been crowding her brain since they met, and not to reach out and hold Veronica.

“I’ve never found someone who just…gets me like you do. We’re soulmates, we fit together in all the right ways, similar and somehow different enough to compliment each other. Fate threw us together for a reason and who am I to deny destiny?” Betty pauses to shakily open the box, the ring glinting in the moonlight. Their eyes don’t stray from each other.

“Veronica Lodge, will you go full dark, no stars and marry me?” ~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~ AHSJDNEKSIJE MY HEART MY LORD FUKDKE. THANK YOU

The wand is dooooooooooneeee!!!!

and yes I felt the need to bedazzle it because I can

also there’s a light switch

(is detachable) Into the waaaaand~ and Imma put a tiny spider with a top hat in it because that’s necessary

lol, led mess. I just printed out the image of the star and laminated it, the darker half of the star was cut out and replaced with dark blue plastic sheet and green paper behind it so it lights up green.

just print this and laminate

or this one if you wanna stick a 3d star on it or smth, (I was too lazy for that)

Lol, the wings are also part of laminated paper and the rest was just thermo plastic and a plastic orb I randomly found. Tied with a ribbon and put in some pretty lights and yer dun!

“Dinner” Stefan Salvatore Smut

“Right this way.” The kind waitress led you through the aisles of tables. They were filled with families and teens on their dates and such. Nothing too surprising. Your booth was one sided, stuck in a corner with one other empty table. Stefan let you sit by the wall and he slid in next to you. “Here are your menus.” She smiled and handed you the laminated papers. “What can I get you to drink?”

You smiled up at her. “I’ll have a Coke.” She nodded and scribbled the words into her notepad.

“Just a water.” Stefan smiled from you to the waitress.

“Okay I’ll be back in a few.” The woman beamed down at the both of you. You looked over to Stefan and smiled. He was so breathtaking all the damn time.

You picked up your menu and had to choose between a steak or salad that looked so appetizing to you. Stefan rested his hand on your thigh as he always did and watched you. “I can’t choose. What are you getting?” You continued reading.

“Can I just have you?” Stefan pressed his lips to your ear, whispering lightly. You blushed and shook your head. “Why not?” Stefan laughed. His hand trailed higher and higher, rubbing your inner thigh. You pressed your thighs together, feeling a pull between your legs.

“We’re in public, Stefan.” You hissed. “Seriously, what are you having?” You looked up at him and he sighed.

“I was just going to get fries or something. I’m uh really not that hungry.” He massaged your inner thigh. “Not for food, anyway.” He smiled at you again, causing your cheeks to flame up. The waitress bounced to your table, setting your coke and Stefan’s water before you.

“Have you decided on your meals?” She pulled her notepad from her pocket again.

“I’ll have the Chef’s Salad.” You whispered.

“I’ll just have the fries basket.” Stefan nodded her off and turned to you. His index and middle finger pressed against your clothed clit. You gasped and inhaled some Coke, coughing silently and trying not to choke. “I just want to play.” He whispered against your cheek.

You gripped his arm and the edge of the table. “I love trying new things.” He continued on. You bit your lip, your breath hitching in your throat. Slowly, his fingers crawled into your waistband and into the front of your pants, beneath your panties. He pressed further into your clit and then traced figure eights on it.

“Shit Stefan.” You swallowed. Stefan smiled against your cheek, pressing his index finger teasingly into your folds. The torture was too much and you almost cried out loud. You had to slap a hand to your mouth. “You’re gonna regret this when we get home.” You chewed your bottom lip and Stefan scoffed.

The waitress returned and Stefan retracted his hand from your pants as if nothing happened and slid your food over to you. Your chest was heaving for air and Stefan laughed at you.

“Asshole.” You whispered, pressing your legs together to try and relieve some pressure.

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What You Did and Didn’t Do

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Request: 23: just pretend to be my date 12: Say it! 13: I could kiss you now!

 Requestor: @lani-lira a loyal fan who I am so sorry it took forever to get this written

Authors not: So, when I was writing this I realized it was going to take too long. So, I decide to make this a short series, part two will be out on Thursday or Friday. Please let me know how it is. I know it isn’t a one-shot request, but I hope this will be just a little bit better.

thought she left everything behind. Everything. The drama, the rumors, the pain. She thought when she landed a part on the Flash, she thought she can finally be someone. Shed her skin and hide the skeleton in the closet. She thought that when she got big and famous, she can make a difference in the world.

What she didn’t know she didn’t change anything. Nothing about her changed back home. Nothing about her new success and changed back home. She was still the same scared little girl that hid behind anything to not become that girl.

But the thing is she is that girl.

She looked down at the poster that ended up in her mail. She thought it was going to be something that a fan has sent in, they usually send something in for her to sign, and with ever poster, she sends it back signed, with just a little bit of love. But with the paper that was shaking in her hand, this is a poster that she wanted to send back, and never think about again.

She wasn’t aware how long she was sitting, fidgeting, shaking as everyone from the previous scene got off the stage. She didn’t notice the blurring of the studio telling the actors that they were done a recording. She didn’t notice Grant looming over her as her eyes were frantically searching the paper, looking for answers. Grant was confused, from what he noticed on the poster was that it looked informative enough that there shouldn’t be any questions.

But he knew that something was up when he saw the tears building up on the edges of her eyes, there were questions about the poster he had that it couldn’t reveal to him just yet. He hopped from his chair that was always set right next to her. He peered over her shoulder. She jumped when she felt his hot breath breeze past her neck.

Grant almost laughed as she toppled out of her chair. he held on her chair so she wouldn’t fall flat on her face. “I didn’t mean to scare you there Ms. Jumpy.” Y/n gave him a nervous laugh as she laid her clammy hands over her pulsating heart. “Jesus, Grant don’t do that ever again.” She told him, taking deep breaths as she tries to regulate her heart.

Grant smiled at her as she tried to sit back in her chair. Grant looked back at the poster that was now scrunched back up in her hand. ‘what is that?“ he asked, reaching out for the flyer. Well, at least he tried to get it, but y/n pulled her hand away, far from his reach. "It’s nothing. Just a stupid high school reunion back home. I didn’t even think I’m going.” Grant looked at her, confused. “Why wouldn’t you go?” Y/n shook her head, giving him a nervous laugh. “There was a reason why I left that place, Grant.” She said quietly, ignoring the blur of the high school hallways flash by her mind, she tried to forget back those halls and what used to happen in them.

“I wasn’t well liked, and something tells me that just because I am the new Jesse Quick, doesn’t change anything.” She bowed her head, letting her hair certain her red face. Grant grabbed her arm, y/n didn’t know that that gave him a distraction to grab the flyer out of her hand. He paused when he saw was written all over the laminated paper.

“Shit.” He breathed out, trying not to believe that anyone would say that about y/n. Sweet, beautiful y/n. The same y/n that can brighten up his day by just sending him a simple smile. The same y/n with the bright eyes that captures his attention from across the room. Grant’s hand started to shake too. “Who would, who would say this?” Y/n shut his eyes and snatched the paper out of his hand. “It doesn’t matter like I said, I wasn’t planning on going anyways.” Grant looked at her, shocked,

“How are you going to look at that and not think that you should go over there and kick someone’s ass? This, this is not ok!”

Y/n shook her head, “I don’t want to face them alone. I can’t face them alone.” She said quietly, trying not to let the strain in her throat get too loud.

Grant shook his head and capture her small palms into his. “Then don’t go alone.” Y/n just shook her head. “I can’t go Grant.” Grant brought her closer, close enough to hear and feel his beating heart. “You don’t have to do it alone. I got you. I have and will always be there for you y/n. Please believe me.” She shook her head. Then after a second, she nodded.

“Ok. Ok. I trust you, Grant. I trust you.” She finally said, pressing her lips in Grant’s knuckles. “Just, pretend to be my date. Don’t leave my side.” Grant looked down at her. “I won’t.” The way that she looked back up at him, eyes freshly glistening from the tears that threatened to fall earlier.

Her crystal eyes floored him, making him feel like it was impossible for anyone to think anything terrible about her. He wanted nothing else but to hold her shaking, frightened body into his, to protect her from any harm.

But the director has terrible timing when it doesn’t involve filming scenes.

“Alright people. Let’s keep moving this episode needs to air next week we have no time to waste.” Glen looked at his two actors talking at their chairs and pointed his hand at them. “Come on, you two, it’s your scene.” Glen looked at y/n’s wet eyes and squinted at her. “Can we please get her some makeup? Please!”

Y/n pulled away from Grant and brushed her tears away, letting the makeup people do their magic on her, and within seconds, she looked like nothing was ever bothering her at all.

She took a deep breath flashed Grant her beautiful smile one last time as she launches herself into character and on the stage. Grant smiled and laughed at herself. He has no idea how she can be herself, and act vastly different afterward.

He didn’t know how. All he knew, is that it was one of the reasons why he was addicted to her presences. He pushed himself out of the chair and got himself ready for his next scene.

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Syndisparklez High school

@dandymot requested some high school aus and I have delivered (thanks @pastel-tea for your hc post ((basically based this off of that)) )

The first time they met, Tom had only just started to adjust to his new school.

“- And we’ve got history 30 and bio 30 together-” Tucker pointed at the laminated price of paper that held Tom’s schedule. The other had just started going to the high school, and had quickly made friends with the school’s resident salt shaker, Tucker. Tom had been awkwardly standing outside, fidgeting with his glasses. Tucker had immediately approached him, and the two had bonded over video games.”

“Wait, which math 30 class are you in?” Tucker peered at Tom schedule, brown eyes quickly scanning the paper.

“I-I actually have Ms. Cossar. I’m taking math 31.” Tom stammered, feeling his face heat up a little and Tucker stared at him quizzically. Tom was into both guys and girls, and Tucker wa pretty cute. But he wasn’t exactly Tom’s type.

“Aw, that’s too bad. Wait, you’ve got gym period 2! Sick, this means that we can have lunch together - Oh, hey Jordan!” Tucker grinned and waved a tall, dark-haired teenager over.

“Hey Tucker. And um….” Jordan trailed off, staring at Tom awkwardly. His heart was beating quickly in his chest and he didn’t know why. Jordan’s face flushed slightly as Tom readjusted his round glasses.

“I-I’m Tom.” Tom felt butterflies swirling in his stomach as Jordan grinned and repeated what Tom had said. His face flushed again, and he awkwardly looked at the ground. Jordan and Tucker began talking about something else, but Tom was more focused on Jordan. The other teenager had dark hair that was slightly curly, and the beginnings of a beard. He had a jacket on, with the number 17 and the school’s mascot on it. Athlete, probably, Tom thought to himself.

The bell startled Tom out of his thoughts, as Tucker motioned for Tom to follow him. Tom waved goodbye to Jordan, and smiled as Jordan waved back, grinning.

Tom and Tucker made it to their first class, sitting together in the middle of the room. They were fairly early, and the classroom was almost empty.

“So…” Tucker drawled as Tom pulled his binder out of his backpack. “Someone seems to have fallen for our school star football player.” Tucker grinned as Tom’s face flushed even more, the other glaring at Tucker accusingly.

“Shut up, Tucker.” Tom hissed.

“Awww, you’re blushing!” Tucker giggle and clapped his hands together, like an excited child. “You two would be so cute together!”

“Tucker, he’s probably straight.” Tom groaned and put is face into his hands.

“Oh crap, you’re right. I’m still going to try and set you two up thought.” Tom’s face remained flushed through the whole class.

Tucker introduced Tom to James and Sonja, and the four of them became fast friends. James and Jordan were close friends as well, which only allowed for Tom’s crush grow stronger and stronger.

Tom and Jordan were sitting on Jordan’s bed, playing the newest zombie killing game that had been released. There was laughter and shouting, and every time Tom playfully bumped into Jordan, the athlete felt his heart flutter. Was he into Tom? More importantly, was he into guys? Jordan mulled over his feelings as he watched Tom’s fingers fly over the controller, a focused expression on his face. Tom’s eyes were narrowed and his younger was poking out of the corner of his mouth.

“Ugh, goddammit!” Tom groaned and threw his controller down as his character was horribly mauled by badly animated zombies. Tom collapsed dramatically onto Jordan’s bed, letting out an exaggerated sigh. Jordan laughed, and laid down beside him.

“Yknow, for someone who called themselves a nerd you aren’t very good with video games.” Jordan smirked as Tom stuck out his younger at Jordan.

“You’re just jealous of my skills.” Tom retorted, rolling over onto his stomach.

“Whatever, Tom.” The pair sat in silence for a while, a gentle breeze carrying through the room through the open window.

“Hey Jordan?” Tom said quietly.


“Do you play soccer?”

“No, I just do track and football. Why?”

“Because you’re a keeper.” Tom bit his lip, his cheeks flushing slightly. Jordan’s face twisted in confusion, before a flicker of recognition sparked in his eyes.

“Oh, you mean that we’ll be friends for ever? That’s nice of you to say!” Jordan said cheerfully, not noticing Tom’s crestfallen face.

“Y-Yeah. Best friends.”

Tom continued to try and flirt with Jordan, but all of his attempts failed. Jordan, Tom concluded, was absolutely oblivious.

Tom sat against the locker, rereading his history notes. It was a quiet Wednesday afternoon, and Tom was sitting in the hallway, studying for a history exam. The unit exam was coming up, and Tom wanted to do well, because a low mark would lower his grade overall. Tom nibbled on his lip as he scanned his paper, glancing upwards when a shadow fell across his paper. It was Jordan. He had a panicked look on his face, and Tom’s heart cringed at the sight.

“Hey Jay. What’s wrong?” Tom pushed his glasses up his nose as Jordan slumped down beside him.

“I’m so screwed Tom! I’ve gotta get a good mark on this history test, or I won’t be able to play on the team until I get my marks back up!” Jordan groaned. Tom frowned, wanting to help Jordan.

“Have you tried a tutor?”Tom asked tentatively.

“Yes, but she didn’t help me at all. And I can’t get a new tutor now, the test is next Tuesday! I’m never gonna play football again!”

“Well… I-I could try and help you.” Tom said, glancing at his notes. Jordan suddenly sat up, grinning at Tom.

“Yeah, you could! You can help me cheat!” Tom stated at Jordan in shock as the other rambled on about ways to cheat.

“I am not helping you cheat on a test, Jordan!” Tom whispered, glancing around the hallways invade anyone was around.

“Please, Tom?” Jordan used his best puppy eyes, looking up at Tom hopefully. Tom groaned, as he knew he was going to cave in. His stupid crush was going to make him say yes.


The two continued to grow closer and closer, with Tom’s stupid pick up lines becoming more and more common, and Jordan’s questionable sexuality always on the athlete’s mind.

Jordan <3 - hey, I owe u a favour
Jordan <3 - for helping me cheat
Tom - umm ok??
Jordan <3 - meet me behind the bleachers afterschool, k?
Tom - ok, see u then

Tom shivered as he made his way towards the bleachers. It was march, and still fairly cold. Wind gusted across the empty field, causing Tom to shiver and wrap his arms tighter around his middle. Whatever Jordan wanted to show him better be good.

When Tom finally reached the bleachers, his face was flushed red from the cold. Jordan stood begins the bleachers, tapping his foot impatiently.

“Oh, hey! You’re here!” Jordan’s smile turned into a frown as he noticed Tom s shivering state. “You cold?” Tom nodded and rubbed his arms. “Here.” Jordan took off his varsity jacket, draping it over Tom’s shivering body.

“You’re sure you won’t be cold?” Tom asked, pulling the jacket closer to him. Jordan shook his head, smiling at how adorable Tom looked in his jacket. It was somewhat to big for Tom, but that allowed him to get warmer, his rosy cheeks, glasses and fluffy hair the only things poking out of the jacket.

“Since you helped me a bunch in something you like to do, I thought I’d teach you something I like to do.” Jordan pulled out a football, chuckling slightly as Tom raised an eyebrow at the ball.

“Really?” Tom snorted.

“Yes, really.” Jordan retorted, stepping back a few feet. The pair began to toss the ball back and forth, laughing as the ball just barely slipped out of their hands, and as they chatted.

By the end of Jordan’s lesson, Tom could throw the football decently.

Tom couldn’t take it anymore. He needed to tell Jordan.

It was a cool summer evening. The bleachers were filled to watch Tom’s school’s football team play against the rival team in their final. Jordan’s varsity jacket was proudly worn by Tom, who was watching the game with a strong interest. Tucker, Sonja and James cheered on their team beside him.

“Cmon guys! Kick their asses!” Sonja shouted as Jordan lead his team to score 10 more points. Tom beamed as Jordan lead his team to victory, the crowd cheering loudly.

Tom waited outside of the changing room for Jordan. The two of them and their friends were going for ice cream, and Jordan was supposed to drive Tom there.

“Hey. You.” Tom glanced up from his phone to see alarger high schooler, in Tom’s high schools rivals colours.

“A-Are you talking to me?” Tom asked politely.

“Of course I am, pretty boy.” Tom’s face flushed slightly at the blonde’s compliment. “What do you say we ditch this joint and go out for a burger?” Tom felt fear shoot down his spine as the football player loomed over him.

“I-uh… I-I have a boyfriend..” Tom replied, awkwardly glancing at the floor. The other boy snorted at Tom’s remark.

“He doesn’t have to know.” Tom felt a wave of relief wash over him as the door opened and Jordan stepped out.

“Babe! You’re finished!” Tom out on a false smile, wrapping an arm around Jordan’s waist and beginning to drag Jordan out of the building. “Cmon, we’ll be late!”

Tom let out a sigh of relief as they exited the building. He glanced at Jordan, who was staring at Tom quizzically.

“Babe?” Jordan repeated, raising an eyebrow.

“Listen, that guy was trumping to get me to go on a date with him and I didn’t want to.” Tom muttered.

“Oh, ok.” Jordan said, taking out the keys to his car. The pair walked over to Jordan’s car silently, Tom beating himself up for being stupid, and Jordan wondering if Tom would have really liked to be his boyfriend.

“Before we go, I need to tell you something really important, Jordan.” Tom said.

“Um, ok. Shoot.” Jordan replied nervously. Tom bit his lip and stared at Jordan before he gripped the back of Jordan’s head and pressed their mouths together. Jordan stiffened in shock before relaxing and kissing Tom back. The two split apart, both panting slightly.

“Well that was certainly not what I expected.” Jordan smirked and pulled Tom into his lap, nuzzling his face into his neck. Tom giggled, swatting at Jordan’s head.

“Stoooop.” Tom groaned, laughing as Jordan pressed multiple kisses onto his neck.

“Maybe we should call the others and tell them we’re going to be late?” Jordan murmured into Tom’s ear, before kissing the other boy once more.

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Aimless - Tenacious Part 3 (13.4k)

Guys it’s actually here im dying and this took me a whole week okay pls reblog or somethin’. Give me some slack for making them bigger and better each time pls. Some smut, mild angst, adventure, and swearing and robbing and hurting ppl ok? That’s the warning. This is a moving gif fic, where I incorporate gifs of a song into this. That song will be Run. 


The crew and you rove throughout the town’s and cities, causing havoc while occurrences of inner turmoil from the youngest spouts from the leader’s day’s of ruling their gang to be long overdue.

Tenacious 1-?

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