Eating Paleo in MKE Restaurants

My mom and my aunt came up for a visit this weekend. So we went out to dinner twice and also out to lunch yesterday. Did my best to stay strict… lots of great options. 

La Merenda (125 E. National -

If you haven’t been to La Merenda, go immediately. Seriously. It’s small plate dining so you can try all kinds of different food, reasonably priced and freaking delicious. Added bonus- they use GrassFed Beef and local ingredients where possible. My paleo menu options (all awesome):

1- Tostones (Puerto Rico) - Fried plantain chips served with salsa verde and guacamole

2- Argentinian Style Beef (Argentina) - Grass fed beef tenderloin marinated in            chimichurri and grilled, served over mashed sweet plantains, topped with walnuts

3- They had a pork tenderloin on special that was to die for. 

May not be super strict, because who knows what kind of oils they used.. but I’d say its pretty close for eating out. 

Cafe Benelux (346 N. Broadway

Good food, good atmosphere. I ordered the Grilled Mahi Mahi. 

Grilled mahi mahi with tomato salpicon, sweet potato puree, and spiced wine reduction

Again, may not be super strict depending on your sweet potato views (I’m pro sweet potato) and not exactly sure what else was in the puree.. but again.. pretty close. Also, delicious. 

La Fuente (625 S. 5th St

If you live in Milwaukee, surely you’ve been here. You’ve probably never considered a Paleo option due to the fact it’s known for Chips and Salsa and Margs. But, I managed to order Paleo. (I think Mexican is the easiest to order Paleo). I DID cheat here… i had some chips and salsa… but I would say roughly 15 chips which is a far cry from the basket I used to consume. Plus, a cheat is deserved every once in a while. Here’s what I ordered that was actually paleo:

18. Bistec Picado - Steak cut in small pieces cooked in hot, medium, or mild red salsa served with salad, rice, beans, tortillas

I ordered this with hot salsa, no tortillas, no rice, no beans. Added a side of guac and it was awesome. Again, not super strict because the beef wasn’t grassfed but a good option.