Nunca me sentí solo. He estado en una habitación y he tenido impulsos suicidas. He estado deprimido, me he sentido horrible más allá de lo descriptible, pero nunca pensé que una persona podía entrar a una habitación y curarme. Ni varias personas. En otras palabras, la soledad no es algo que me moleste, porque siempre tuve este terrible deseo de estar solo. Siento la soledad cuando estoy en una fiesta, o en un estadio lleno de gente vitoreando algo. Citaré a Ibsen: “Los hombres más fuertes son los más solitarios”. Nunca pensé: “Bueno, ahora va a entrar una rubia hermosa y vamos a tener sexo, y me va a lamer las pelotas, y me voy a sentir bien”. No, eso no iba a ayudar. ¿Has visto cómo piensa la gente común?: “Guau, es viernes por la noche, ¿qué vamos a hacer?, ¿quedarnos aquí sentados?”. Bueno, sí. Porque no hay nada allá afuera. Es idiotez. Gente idiota mezclándose con gente idiota. Que se idiotizan entre ellos. Nunca tuve la necesidad de lanzarme a la noche. Me escondía en bares porque no quería esconderme en fábricas. Eso es todo. Les pido perdón a los millones de personas que habitan ahí fuera, pero nunca me sentí solo. Me gusta estar conmigo mismo. Soy la mejor forma de entretenimiento que puedo encontrar.

Charles Bukowski

more soft things: 

  • dan not even being able to state that he’s better at gaming than phil is, choosing to basically drag himself instead and say that he’s just nerdier and lamer than phil is … like why …. idk shit about gaming but dan seems objectively better at p much everything they play so whY DID HE EVEN NEED To DO THAT he couldve just said “i’m better” and moved tf on!!!!
  • dan greeting phil with “oh, hello. the rat emerges” omfg. im thinking about how he named his rattata pokemon ‘phil’ last year and him saying ‘shut up rat’ in his quizzes about myself video … im loving that this is just a recurring nickname for phil at this point why is it so fuckin cute
  • phil leaning into dan’s space repeatedly to look at the phone and play w the filters: 
  • their 30 second ‘documentary’ about fire and how enthralled dan was at phil sharing his nerdy ‘science’ facts about fire being alive
  • dan not-so-subtly staring at phil when he fiddles w his top button and then immediately saying the stream will need to be flagged
  • the fact that they couldnt even let their differing opinions on fargo stand and had to talk out a middle ground for their viewpoints right then and there
  • rock paper scissors and phil nudging dan’s hand softly w his fist when he wins
  • phil sticking his socked foot in dan’s face and instead of being offended dan mostly just sounds enthralled by the fact that phil’s socks have corgis on
  • so! much! smiling! what the fuckksdjfskdfsdf!!!!!!!!

By law, criminal punishment factors in the awesomeness of the method used. Even the worst crimes may escape punishment if the execution was amazingly, creatively badass. Penalties increase the lamer, lazier, or dumber the crime is.



And a big shoutout to all my a-spec pals, you are valid! Even if you are questioning, or unsure if you count, you are amazing, awesome, fantastic, fabulous, magnific, marvelous, and wonderful! Don’t stop being yourself!

chemistry is starting to get to me… since i’m golden, i sometimes wish silver would walk up to me in class and say, “Au! let’s get outta this place!”