I don’t think there’s an episode of Eureka that doesn’t have someone from Smallville in it.  Wow.

Lexa Doig as Dr. Anne Young on Eureka.

And as Dr. Christina Lamell on Smallville.

Ty Olsson and David Paetkau in 8.12 Bulletproof.

David Paetkau on Eureka as Callister Raynes.

Ty Olsson on Eureka as Deputy Andy 1.0

Erica Cerra on Smallville in 10.05 Isis


Erica Cerra as Jo Lupo on Eureka

What, were the sets like right next to each other?  Did Erica Cerra say, “Be back in five, got a scene to shoot on Smallville.”  - which she guest starred on three different times and was then a regular on Eureka. 

The shows were on at the same time too. 

Definitely feels like home, seeing everyone bounce back and forth, I’ll tell ya.  ;)  I love that, “Hey, wait a minute, I know you!” feeling.  *happy grin*


word count 1,071

He was not prepared for this. And he was scared.

Edward Lamell, a private detective, never thought that he’d ever find himself in a situation like this. Under an old bridge in the woods, confronting, what he would call, a troll.

Edward was pretty sure that he would retire when he got out of there, if he ever got out of there.

He began to silently curse himself for being so stupid to take on this case and investigate on his own.

Originally, it was about the, rather mysterious, destruction of many high-voltage lines, and the media listed unbelievable reasons for it. From an unnoticed, sudden storm to a group of teenagers, who apparently thought it was funny to vandalize. And Edward thought all of the listed reasons were complete bullshit.

And since our hero of the story was a detective, he had simply started to look deeper into everything.

It cost him many nights without sleep but in the end, he was sure that this destruction was neither caused by human nor nature. It had to be something mythical, something you only hear about in fairy tales and folklore.

In his childhood Edward believed in the old tales his grandmother told him before bed but as he grew older this stopped and sooner or later, he forgot about all the tales.

The Troll before him, at least twice the size of a normal human man, had started to slowly wake up from it’s deep slumber.

But Edward couldn’t move. He was frozen.

His brain couldn’t comprehend the fact that he was facing a creature he never thought walked the earth. And the only thing he hoped for was that he would survive.

Edward held his breath and tried to make as less noise as possible, his mind on the other side, was so loud that he was scared the creature will hear him anyway.

He tried to remember.

To remember the tales about trolls, especially the ones about trolls living under bridges, and their weaknesses.

After an eternity, that is what it felt like for Edward, a single word popped into his mind: Light.

A troll’s weakness is light, daylight to be exact.

But how would our detective make that happen?

It was around one or two o’clock in the morning so finding daylight was obviously impossible.

He could try to sneak back and figure everything out as soon as he arrived somewhere safe or he could face the troll right there, right then.

And this time Edward trusted his human instincts and slowly made his way back to where he came from.

His heart stopped beating the second he stepped on a small twig. The sound it made echoed through the whole forest. And it certainly wasn’t unnoticed by the troll.

It started to slowly stand up and to sniff around.

Soon it’s nose picked something up.

Then it dawned Edward. Trolls can smell Christian blood. And he was exactly that. Christian.

Again he cursed himself for forgetting something so important.

He stood completely still for a moment and took a closer look at his surroundings, to either find a way out of there or to at least find something that would help him stun or even defeat the troll.

Edward stood in the middle of a small forest, the trees were somewhat small yet still very clump.

The moon stood high up in the sky and you could see the stars that, as well, lit up the sky very clearly and very beautifully.

A soft wind was howling through the woods, you could see fireflies in the bushes.

They looked like many tiny pairs of eyes watching Edward’s every move with a hint of curiosity.

A few hundred meters ahead was this old wooden bridge, the home of the troll, if you can call it that.

And a few meters behind the brave detective was a small puddle of… something.

Edward believed it was mud of some sort of gunk. It definitely was filthy and smelled horrible!

“Maybe I can use this to cover up the smell of my blood!” he speculated.

He held his breath while sneaking backwards. Step for step and as noiseless as possible.

Meanwhile the troll awoke a little more with every second that passed. And with every second he started to smell more and more of the detective’s blood.

The giant monster started to look around his bridge, trying to determine the source of the ominous smell that Christian blood carried.

Every time he took a step the ground started to shake violently.

And the moment he took his third step Edward had reached the big puddle.

The smell was almost unbearable but he had no other choice as to jump in there because the troll was looking in his direction for a suspicious amount of time and he didn’t want to risk dying this night.

Edward was lying on his back in the puddle, completely engulfed in whatever was in there, his head facing the night sky. He didn’t really want to know in what he was laying there. It was probably better that way.

But he couldn’t help but to let his mind wander.

To his home and his family.

To his job and why he decided to be a private detective.

He currently lived alone, was never really the type of person wanting a family of his own.

But as he was laying there he thought about how sad it’d be to leave this world without leaving something behind, a husband and maybe one or two adopted kids.

His family lived in another country and he cut of the contact and moved to Norway after they kicked him out for being “something his family couldn’t tolerate”. That something was called being gay.

In Norway he started to work as a private detective, and the only reason for that was that Edward thought it sounded “cool”.

While he waited until the troll dropped it’s search and went back to sleep he almost fell asleep as well.

Edward lay there for approximately an hour before he decided it was safe to leave his puddle to slowly and quietly make his way back out of the forest and to his car.

His final destination was his home where he wanted to take a good long shower, take off three weeks from work and to book himself a vacation somewhere far away in Asia.


Clepsidra cu timpul meu se scurge,
O privesc disperat, curge ca al meu sânge,
Nu-l pot oprii, sunt neputincios…
Strig la ceruri, dar fără folos.

Buzele crăpate de frig, se dezgheață,
Încerc un zâmbet tremurat, fără viață
Îmi pierd lumina din ochi, îmi pierd vocea,
Se stinge,o dată cu sufletul ce tăcea.

Durerea e continuă, apare negreșit,
Ca și lacrimile, un simbol total greșit,
Se scurg pe al meu obraz, ca lamele reci,
Mi-l taie, mi-l lasă rece, oripilat pe veci.

Ai ajuns să urăşti florile, culorile , inimioarele şi toata euforia copilăriei.
Ți-ai umbrit sufletul firav şi tânăr…
Ai crescut abuzată şi dezamagită
Nu-ți îneci amaraul in tutun şi alcool, dar nici lamele nu aduc nimic mai bun.