lame whatever

“What should we name him” Sansa asks as she stares at the perfectly round face of the newborn in her arms.

“I think the better question is who do we want him to be” Jon softly replies. Ever since the babe took his first series of breaths, Jon has been unable to tear his eyes away from him.

“I want him to be strong and honest” Sansa replies, smiling down at the child as he starts to squirm in her arms.

“He should be honorable… father” Jon solemnly replies. Though he learned long ago that Ned was not his true father he was still the only father he had ever known. Biology would never be able to erase the love he felt towards Ned. It would be a great honor to have his own son come up in his image.

Sansa smiles fondly at the thought. Her father was the most honorable man she had ever known and she missed him dearly. “Eddard Stark” she says in her head as she looks down at the child again. She liked it, but it didn’t feel right for the babe in her arms. There was something about the boy that told Sansa he would be a handful as he came up. He wouldn’t be as melancholy as his father and her father. As she brushes his raven locks from his face and shifts him in her arms, Sansa realizes exactly what she wants to name her son. Looking intently into his eyes she finally speaks again.

“Honor is important, but I have no doubt he will have plenty of it. He is of the blood of Jon Stark and Eddard Stark afterall” Sansa says with a fond smile. “I want him to be brave….like Robb” Sansa finally whispers, a hint of pain in her voice as she thinks about her brave older brother who marched against the crown for her family. She wanted her son to have that same fire and determination.

Robb was barely a man when he was tasked with avenging their father and guarding the north. He outsmarted the best war strategists in the realm and bravely won battle after battle. She knew if he had lived he would have rescued her and protected his family from the pain they would all end up suffering. Sansa wanted her son to be honest and strong and honorable but she wanted him to brave most of all, just like she wished she could be brave like Robb all those years ago.

“The young wolf” Sansa smiles as she brings her son’s soft forehead to her lips. Jon’s heart swells with happiness and a bit of sadness as he witnesses just how much the name means to her. Robb was his best friend, strong and brave and better at everything. He wanted nothing more than to have a son who was just like the man he knew as his brother.

“Robb Stark” Jon lets out as he lets his arm drape around Sansa’s waist to pull her into his chest. He gently kisses her on the crown of her head before he reaches out to grab his son’s tiny little fingers and brings them gently to his lips. “I hope you’re every bit of the man your namesake was” he whispers as the babe lets out a soft yawn and snuggles into his mother’s chest.

CLYDE: I kinda can’t even tell? I feel like he might be.

CLYDE: So apparently, they were on a “””’date””””’ ‘ together.

CLYDE: And I “’’””guess””’” interrupting a date is totally “””””lame””” or “””whatever.”””

CLYDE: Especially when you try and totally beat the shit out of one of the people who’s on the date.

CLYDE: If I knew they were on a date, I wouldn’t of done this!

CLYDE: I’m not an asshole!

CLYDE: But Craig didn’t tell me, he had to be super secretive and not even say anything to his best bro (me) at all!

CLYDE: So. He’s got a good reason to be mad I guess, though I feel like I kinda do too.

CLYDE: But I mean at least I didn’t totally ruin their date?

CLYDE: Cause that’d just be straight up terrible, right???

CLYDE: Am I right?????



CLYDE: God I’m such an asshole.

CLYDE: I can hear them talking over there.

CLYDE: Craig’s trying to calm Tweek down, Tweek isn’t making any sense, and I don’t even think Craig knows why Tweek beat the shit out of me?

CLYDE: I totally don’t either!

CLYDE: Like I get one punch or something cause I scared him. He’s a spaz, it makes sense.

CLYDE: But like…

CLYDE: My beautiful face is wrecked. I’m not gonna be able to pick up chicks for like 190283954034 years it’s awful.

CLYDE: …Kinda hope I didn’t mess Tweek up or something, though.

CLYDE: I just wanted my best friend back.