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Ok, but ars had the best, THE BEST time puns. Just look at this. 

Episode 10: Consequece, Act I. It’s the day of Project Rainbown test, before everything happened. Donovan is talking to the director of FBI, who was no faith in Donovan’s project and wants it shut down. It goes like this: 

Donovan: That’s good. Nice. Say anything in front of the brass to get me shut down. Why don’t you at least let them see it before they decide to keep my offices running?

Hoover: It’s a waste of money and manpower, Bill. Your fancy gadgets aren’t gonna beat the Germans. The only thing that’ll give you the leg up is more boots on the ground. Roosevelt knows it, Eisenhower knows it, Truman sure as hell knows it. And once we get through this freak show, they won’t have a problem telling you so either.

AMELIA: Alright everyone, the test is about to begin. Take your seats and put on your safety glasses.

Donovan: Just you wait and see.

Hoover: It’s only a matter of time, Bill.

YES, IT IS! And not in the way you want to, I’m afraid. “Matter of time” is about to gain a whole other meaning here, pal, and you won’t like. I might dislike Donovan and this legacy, but you can bet this got me screaming “Yeah, man, in more ways that you can imagine! Don’t worry Donovan, everything is gonna turn your way soon (or do, you’re gonna die ‘cause of it)”

Yagami Riku (CV: Kimura Ryouhei)/Fujiwara Takeru (CV: Okamoto Nobuhiko)

Radio of Stride Step 27 ~Mini Drama~

This is the mini drama from Step 27 of Rajisuto!

Takeru sees Riku playing HunMon3 Portable, and tries playing the game himself.


Riku: …Nnn…hmmm–kuh, oops…uhh-!
Takeru: Huh…? What are you doing, Yagami?
Riku: Ah–? Hm, I’m playing a game. It’s ‘Hunter the Monster 3’! One of the guys from the class next to us lent it to–ah! Ohnonono–aah! I got a game over again…
Takeru: Heh, seems like you’re not good at it.
Riku: Huh, what? Then you try playing it!
Takeru: …Give it to me.
Riku: Eh? You’ve played video games before?
Takeru: Yeah, I’ve played some.
Riku: Heh, hehe, I see! I thought you’d say, “I’ve never played video games. What’s fun about them?” because that’s just so you!
       Sure, try it! Okay, this button is for the normal weapon, this one is for evasion, and once this gauge is full……


Takeru: (yells)
Riku: Uuooohhh!! Fujiwara, you’re awesome!!
Takeru: (yells)
Riku: Wuahaha!! I can’t believe it, you’re close to dealing the finishing blow!!
Takeru: Hah! I got this!
Riku: Huh, ooh, woaah!! Haha, you did it! Totally crushed the Area 4 boss!
Takeru: Heh. (sighs) I’m done, you can have this back.
Riku: Uh, eh? You don’t want to continue? I still haven’t tried Area 5, too. Let’s play a little more! The mooks are stronger, and there are gonna be more challenges—
Takeru: A game’s just a game. Even if I get stronger in it, that doesn’t mean I’ve gotten stronger in real life.
Riku: Uhhh…
Takeru: Well then, I’m going for a run. Hmm, that was a good breather. (starts running)
Riku: …What was that just now? That was…kind of cool. “Even if I get stronger in it, that doesn’t mean I’ve gotten stronger in real life…”
       Uhh, hey, wait for me, Fujiwara! I’m–I’m going for a run, too!
       But it’s thanks to the game that I’ve seen that side of him. Hehe…! I’ll invite him to play another game next time!

Bobby - 제목없음 (Eng trans)

Girl, what has happened?
We’ve broke up, how can this happen?
It doesn’t doesn’t doesn’t matter ~
A bit tired of it
Uh, you’ve worked hard, return home fast boing
Ha… you are my beautiful angel
I am your gaurdian knight
In my eyes, you look so bright oh
like a shining gem
I feel like finding you after you’ve left me

Every night, drinking and finding a way to forget this person
Rubbing my tears while thinking of you when sleeping
like glasses after glasses of drinking water
Your name still makes my mouth dry
Picking food one by one when eating
Or my love for you is not satisfied

Everyday sleeping and eating or being a zombie-like
Why can I not forget the memories which we’ve spent time together?
Why did you leave me behind making me can’t live without you?
And why did you leave me with much confusion?
That night when we broke up makes me feel depressed
Thinking of you, I feel desolated.
I feel heartbroken every day and night but I still think of you.


I should have known
I also know saying these words, our love will subdue
Really feeling depressed, really feel sorry towards you.
I have not treated you well, I, myself, am very disappointed.
It feels like just yesterday you were confessing to me, nervously.
The two words: romantic love is too fortunate to make a flower bloom
I think our happiness does not exist.
But we have already changed
The word ‘love’ has replaced by you and I.
Silently, I cannot accept the fact (that we broke up)

Today, am alone and angry
After you left me, it feels like summer has become a sick autumn.
Really really really lonely
What to do, I don’t even know how to treat you well.
Really (x8)
weary and tired, depressed
Is it possible to come back and stay by my side again? my girl

Today, after I woke up, looking at the mirror, tears rolled down.
I cannot live without you, even in my dreams, I am tearing up.
Why do I feel embarrassed when standing in front of you?
Why is it so smelly and dirty?
I can’t even look at myself like this
Today again, I am looking at the desktop and smoking
Looking at your pictures only, it makes me sad
Seems like the whole world is mocking me
But people will be pissed off having this uncomfortable feeling
Wants to go back to the time when I was with you

Without you, I feel like I have thrown away a dog (that is locked in chains)
Feels like I lost the steering wheel of a ship
Wake up from the loneliness, so lonely that feel like hiding.
baby you make me cry
i want you but i am angry
Without you, I feel like I have thrown away a dog
Feels like I lost the steering wheel of a ship
baby you make me cry
i want you but now

I want to leave you in a cool way but I couldn’t do it and firmly opposed to it.
My life goes on only looking at you but you have left me, what should I do?
I really opposed to it, my heart hurts
My heart breaks into pieces and pieces
I am really disappointed, my tears could not stop
I cannot let you leave casually
I am not able to sleep peacefully thinking of you always at night
This night I am drunk again lying in the corner
Repeatedly thinking whether to delete your number at last or not delete it.
You are my wife
Relying on you, I am a fool (x7)

Why did you leave me behind when I cannot live without you?
And why did you leave me with much confusion?
That night when we broke up was was really depressing
Thinking of you, I feel really desolated
Depressing as well as disappointed (x2)
Still think of you
(What’s this kid recklessly saying..)

Note: I cannot guarantee you that the translations has the exact meaning of the song, this is a rough translation just to understand the whole idea of the song. This is my first time translating it, you may find many mistakes in it and I have limited vocabulary skills since English and Mandarin are not my main languages. Improvement for trans is appreciated :) 

leadahb-i I’ve translated the song after I sent you a message, I hope it’s helpful. :)


Yuuchin tells the story of Babu giving him 30 0000 yen as bday present:

From Maru, it was this worn out belt. (Host and Babu burst out laughing) And in front of the audience, I was like “What the… Who’d want this?” And then, from Nishikido, it was idol mag. I went like “What’s this, you too? I don’t need this. I dont look at this kind of thing !!!” And then from Murakami I got this brush thing, don’t really known, but I just went “I dont need this !!!!”.

And then from Shibutani, there was this envelop. I took it and was like “What with this envelop? Is it another useless thing?” And then I popped it open and looked inside.

There was 30 0000 yen (roughly 3000$, and Babu starts making faces)

I couldnt really show the audience 30 0000 yen right? so I just stuffed it back in and went “Enough with this already….”

– And then the host asks Babu what his idea of the gift is, and he answers proudly:

It’s a present anyone would appreciate.

(My fail attempt at translation again, I just adore any story about my bff otp)


Fresh!Sans: “Oh right, they can teleport. What a lame buzz kill.”

Translation (down here, because Lantern lost his translator):

(Wh-what’s wrong, Sans??? You’re trembling like an aspen leaf!)

(A-a brightly colored nutjob with tentacles was hitting on m-me!)

(Sans, I already told you about timeline hopping being dangerous…)

Kylo: I have to complete my training
Hux: Ren, you still need to rest unless you want to die
Kylo: Since when did you care about my health, General?
Hux: Since I’m the one who dragged you out of your own blood, half-dead. Now listen to me you little shit

forgave me for the lame translation, English isn’t my first language

also I heard that Kylo Ren has an 8 pack. That Kylo Ren is shredded.

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We all have the same ringtone but not the same passion

“Is it your phone ringing?”


“Is it you?”


“Nice man!”

Kuwabara Mizuki's Twitter post about Sayaka's graduation

Katsuo really care with her junior though she isn’t in group anymore..thanks mizuki for this ;_; 

 - Has been announced that one of my important junior, Niidoi Sayaka will graduate from SKE. She has been consulting about that long before. And I’d like to support Sayaka’s own decision.  
I couldn’t bring myself to gett angry while she half sobbing, being awkward. Her smile when she got praised I really love it! 
Do your best! Sayaka, thank you for your hardwork!

-  When I message Sayaka [it was really good to be able to do activity together with Mizuki-san in SKE. please take care of me in the future] a replied came to me. I really saved only by those words.
Thank you to everyone who support Sayaka untill the end!

Mukaida Manatsu's Ameblo 2013.08.19 (21.48)

A Day summer(°ー°夏)

Everyone good evening

Yesterday we were 8 members from old KII, did a BBQ♪

Corn, grilled eggplant, meat and seafood

We’ve been doing a BBQ y'know!! lol

Personally, the best is grilled riceball!

Besides BBQ, we went to the river and playing fireworks (・ω・)ノ

Somehow it’s looks like summer has been packing in one day! lol

Moreover, the river, the fish were swimming!!

And it feels real when it is in the river than the sea*

I want to play fireworks once again ~ヾ(*´▽`*)ノ

Well, although we had fun, I was bitten by mosquito a lot that day (._.)

The bites are increased in four places on my body

Total 9 places on my body have been bitten

I suffered from itching everyday (._.)

I took many great videos and photos, it was really a happy day *


Mukaida Manatsu's Ameblo 2013.08.23 (22.25)

Little Remaining(°ー°夏)

Everyone good evening

Today is the second day of AKB48 Dome Tour

Yesterday, the first day concert was Akimoto Sayaka-san’s graduation concert

I truly respect Akimoto Sayaka-san as a person

Akimoto-san in a dress really like a goddess, “she just a goddess!!” I ended up screaming (lol)

Akimoto-san, thank you very much

Right now, I sit next to Yucchan ♪ 

Yucchan…the moment when she came next to me, she smell like a herb!!!!

I was like “Eeeh!?”

The smell of herb calm down, make me sleepy

“Well, this smell is herb??(・ω・)” when I asked her, “Mensoreeeeeeee!!” she replied

(Note: Mensore means welcome in Okinawa dialect, probably what Egochan meant is menthol? since menthol is written as mensoru? I don’t know ^^’)

Well, What is that? lol

I don’t understand it well why you said mensore here, but I wanted to tell you that you smells so good ヾ(*´▽`*)ノ

Two days remaining for Tokyo Dome