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New Overwatch Character Concept

It’s Tracer’s girlfriend Emily, but she’s not actually a hero so like, she’s got a really lame homemade “superhero” costume and a really corny “superhero” name, and all of her abilities are just fun, creative uses for household items. Her main weapon is a nailgun, her ult involves running people over with a minivan as she moves quickly across the map, she has no idea what Overwatch is or what she’s doing, she just loves her girlfriend and wants to help.

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Anonymous requested: One shot with Chloe Bennet in which the cast goes to a bar and the reader gets insulted for being bi and she defends her and ends with some cute fluff. Pleaseee?? i love everything you write 💓💓

Fandom: Agents of SHIELD (cast)
Pairing: Chloe Bennet x bi!reader
Word count: 1.5k+
Warnings: Biphobia, drinking

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🍮🍦Karamel  Appreciation Week💫✨

Day 1: The moment you shipped Karamel

First of let’s ignore my first lame attempt at a gifset, without photoshop, but this is what you get when it stops working. Ugh! But I wasn’t going to let that bring me down because we have to celebrate our space puppies!

You must know that when Supergirl aired in 2015 I was thinking about watching but I wasn’t into any DC shows, not The Flash, not Arrow. I thought Supergirl would be one of those lame superhero shows, like Superman Returns but the TV edition. (To be fair I wasn’t so far off considering CBS dropped the show and the CW picked it up). But when Chris was announced as a series regular I was like; I NEED TO WATCH THIS.

I’ve been a fan of Chris ever since he appeared on TVD, as my favorite homicidal maniac; Malachai ‘Kai’ Parker🔪💉, (may he be laying on a sunny beach 🌞 🌴somewhere in his new prison world with lots of pork rinds). So anyways, I binged watched S1 of Supergirl in like a week and then S2 rolled along, I didn’t really care about the show that much or them being together, even after they kissed. I just wanted to see Chris again after Kai was killed off TVD.

But this scene👆👆👆changed everything. I mean first off he appeared outside her door holding club soda, then they sat to the couch and they started smiling at one another like fools after Mon told Kara he wanted to be a superhero. Then Kara gave him the comic book and the way Chris laughed it reminded me of my baby Kai 😭(excuse my nostalgic ass). The way Kara looked at him in the fifth gif also reminded me SO much of the way Lydia was eyeing Parrish in TW (that’s another tragic ship/story of mine for another time). 

Now I’m Karamel trash and the rest is history.

Nate hadn’t intended for anyone to see the lame drawing of his superhero costume. The absolute last person he wanted to see his drawing was Ray Palmer, CEO, billionaire, and designer of the coolest superhero suit Nate had ever seen in his life. Well, besides the one his grandfather had worn of course. But Ray’s suit was just a whole different level of amazing. There was no way he was going to be impressed with Nate’s childish doodles.

When Ray unfolds the drawing, Nate first tries to deny that he even drew it. Then tries to justify needing a suit and before he knows it, all of his insecurities about being just the “researcher” of the group instead of out there on the front lines come tumbling out of his mouth. Nate expects at least a little bit of mocking, and maybe even some false platitudes, but Ray only smiles and tells him that he understands how Nate’s feeling before diving into a spiel about getting around the Wild West. Nate’s trying to pay attention, but he’s too distracted by the warm feeling blooming in his chest.

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mercy thompson sentence starters

from the various books of the mercy thompson series. feel free to change pronouns! 

  • “what the hell did you do to my french roast?” 
  • “thank you for loving me.” 
  • “that is the most romantic thing i’ve ever heard you say.” 
  • “be careful, ____, or you’ll turn her into a real girl.” 
  • “keep interfering in my business and you might get hurt.” 
  • “the last man who swatted me like that is rotting in his grave.” 
  • “i just haven’t wanted to hurt your feelings.”
  • “think of the children.” 
  • “why are you looking at me that way?”
  • “you are too gorgeous, you know?”
  • “am i worth what you paid for me, baby?” 
  • “best five bucks i ever spent.” 
  • “darn it. that’s going to be expensive to clean.” 
  • “i thought i was going crazy.” 
  • “you are a sick, sick man.”
  • “i am completely out of good ideas and i’m doing the best with the bad ones i have left.” 
  • “i am glad you aren’t mine.” 
  • “you’re going to be dead before your forty.” 
  • “let’s not make things worse if we can help it.” 
  • “don‘t try threatening an alpha. they don’t like that.” 
  • “i break things, a lot of things, but i don’t want one of them to be you.” 
  • “that’s a pretty lame superhero name.” 
  • “i’d walk barefoot over hot coals for you.” 
  • “you are mine and i am keeping you.” 
  • “i will find you and bring you back. everytime you run, ______.” 
  • “identity was partly heritage,  partly upbringing but mostly the choices you make in life.” 
  • “take a note: it usually works better if you wait until i do something stupid before getting mad at me.” 
  • “fear makes idiots out of all of us, at some time or another.” 
  • “i don’t break, i bounce.”
  • “are you going to tell me what that was about?”
  • “do you have any idea how much i love you?”
  • “what’s the use of having a man in the house if he’s not going to take care of you?”
  • “i give up. what’s the use of having a man in the house?”
  • “tell him i had wild, passionate sex with a stranger.”
  • “just a minute, i’m in the middle of a revelation.”
  • “you make me laugh.” 
  • “is that like a harry potter thing?” 
  • “such a one deserves peanut butter on the seat of his pants.”
  • “you’re….just you.”
  • “what? you don’t think i’d be good eye candy?”
  • “don’t fuss. i love you just as you are.” 
  • “i think i’ll go take a shower.”
  • “i feel like i’m lost in an anime movie. one of the tentacle monster ones.” 

nicholeloveskyman  asked:

I have to say, looking at the newest trailer of the game, seeing Token in that mecha transformation made me super fucking excited! I was a little nervous about his powers but omg~ I can't wait to see Craig, Cartman and Tweek's power move!

I think I’m a little too close to everything now because all I can see are things that I want to fix. Like it would be nice to see Token do a Voltron-esque pose after his mech finishes assembling, I think. I got a little nervous about this trailer because we’re still polishing things, and I just think about how much more awesome it will look when we’ve had a chance to go over it again before the game comes out.

But I’m happy with all my Jimmy power animations. :T I mostly work on combat animation. I think a goal for us with combat was to keep things feeling really cool. Combat is kind of happening inside the kids’ imaginations, and I pushed early on for the ultimates to feel particularly epic. It doesn’t really matter how lame their superhero persona might seem, when they’re in combat they’re totally kickass. So it differs a bit in that way from the first game, where we were kind of mashing up kid stuff with fantasy powers (a lighter and hairspray for a fireblast for instance). In this one we’re mostly going full fantasy with it and it’s much more fun that way I think. 

anonymous asked:

the supergirl writers spent literally the whole season trying to sell us mon-el as someone learning to be a hero and then when the time comes to step up more so the enemy is his own mom, he just... leaves? what are they trying to do with that character? i just don't understand?

tbh i dont understand too. idk wtf theyre tryin to do with mayonel since day 1. maybe theyre doing this now coz theyre gonna probably kill him anyway. at least i hope. if is not this, the writers kink is bad writing and white useless male characters apparently. trying to sell mayo boy as a lame wannabe superhero, who cant even step up is just really dumb. keeping a character on the show that no one cares about, ruins the show and is a waste of screentime.


She never hesitated. Few people know what Shaw’s been through. And I worry sometimes she forgets: there’s a whole bunch of people who lose sleep over her getting back home. Maybe it doesn’t need to be said. Maybe we’re too dumb to say it.

Soldiers like her are rare. Women like Shaw… even more rare.

  • Hilbert: the Decima virus is totally dormant
  • Eiffel: *starts having coughing fits*
  • Hilbert: it's completely harmless
  • Eiffel: *starts having perception problems*
  • Hilbert: I know what I'm doing this time around even though I watched two people die from this before
  • Eiffel: *literally coughing up blood*
  • Hilbert: I have everything under control wow I'm a good scientist

anonymous asked:

Is Hilbert angry with Eiffel because it just seemed like to me he was a lot more friendly with him in earlier episodes and in the latest one he was a lot more hostile so is he angry with him about not wanting to continue the experiments or what?

I’ve been debating whether to answer this question for a bit. I’m not a huge fan of prescribing a way of looking at things, or of saying how dots ought to be connected, as a creator. But I’ve gotten a couple of asks about Hilbert’s outlook during recent events, and this is one of the ones that I can answer without going into the realms of spoilers.

So I’m gonna do this with my usual caveat of “If it’s not in the show, it’s not canon.” And that includes my take on the characters’ psychologies and dispositions. What’s text is what they say and do in the show: any commentary on how they feel should be taken as my perspective. If you get something different out of the text, then rock’n’roll! You should roll with it. But take this as my view on the matter - and even as a fraction of my view on the matter - not as gospel.

Okay. Personally, I tend to think long and hard before using the term “friendly” in connection to Dr. Hilbert. With regards to anyone. Even back in Season 1, before we knew all about his plans and his nefarious connections, there was always a certain… out-of-stepness between him and the others. Heck, Eiffel was positively amazed at how well he and Hilbert were getting along in Box 953, calling it the “scariest part” of the Talent Show extravaganza (admittedly before he really dug into the storeroom), and we don’t really see much in their interactions beyond civil co-conspirator-ness.

Sarah and I have talked in the past about how tough it is to write Hilbert because there’s so many layers and multivalences to everything that he does. He’s constantly playing the chess game, he’s always making the move that he thinks will serve him. He’ll give Eiffel cigarette candy… as a way of activating and regulating the virus inside the Communication Officer’s body. He’ll open up about parts of his past in Lame-O Superhero Origin Story… as part of the delicate ballet of reintegrating himself into Minkowski’s crew and regaining leverage. And so on. Some of these action might be read as “friendly,” sure, but I think it’s more complicated than that. He’s more complicated than that. It’s probably more accurate to say it’s “friendly and,” or it’s “friendly but.” 

Season 3 has been rough for Hilbert, I’d say arguably even rougher than it’s been for Minkowski. Whatever plans he was starting to put together over Season 2 were definitely messed with by the star’s transformation, the destruction of Lovelace’s shuttle, and, especially, the arrival of Kepler and the SI-5. Is he incensed that he’s not being allowed to continue the Decima Research after a major breakthrough? Naturally, and I think a lot of that’s directed at Kepler… although judging by the incredibly bitter way he calls Eiffel “Sir,” at the end of Don’t Poke the Bear, there may be some anger directed at his former test subject as well. And their ideological clash over what Minkowski should do about Maxwell in Fire and Brimstone probably only made things tenser. One way or another, as we saw in Happy Endings he’s starting to run out of patience, and considering different, more radical, approaches. 

But again… he’s not just angry. He’s not just impatient. He’s playing the game. Angry and… Impatient but… 

One of the fascinating things about writing Hilbert is that, because of who he is and life that he’s led, he really has a mental and emotional landscape that is singular to him. You have to absolutely take him on his own terms, which can be difficult, because they’re terms that are so far removed from what the way most of us live. He is a unique being… and I think he thinks of himself that as that too. He doesn’t think about friendliness or intimacy on the same terms that someone like Doug Eiffel or like Renée Minkowski does. I don’t know that he’s interested in those things, at least in the way that the others take them. He doesn’t get lonely or desolate in the way that most people do. He doesn’t seek connection the way most people do (which is why he’s an important piece of the puzzle that is Wolf 359, and why he’s around as a character). Which isn’t to say that he isn’t interested in those things, just that I constantly have to stop and force myself to think about them in his terms while writing him. 

Which is what makes it both really rewarding and complete murder to write Doctor Hilbert.