lame self

A letter to my future self;
How the fuck you doing kid?
You went and ruined everything
Gone and fucked up all your dreams
Pour a drink on to the street
For all the friends you wish you had
Now that no one gives a fuck
It seems you went and ended up
Where you deserve, I guess. 👻

Originally i was going to do a bias list. I had to whole idea about it but when you follow 2.7k blogs, it’s a bad idea. so i got this beautiful little idea from @giirlwednesday​ ( aka an actual ray of sunshine ! go follow this precious little treasure she’s wonderful ! ) to do a thank you thing ! Thank you oh so much for sticking by me even when i really didn’t deserve it. I love piper halliwell. I would fight for piper halliwell and I would 100% die for piper halliwell. she is everything i hope to be and everything i hope to love within myself. But this post is all about you guys and just how honored and impressed i am!

it is honestly so exciting to see all of you on my dash. all of you are trying to be so accomplished and dedicated to your work and your life and i really really hope that you are all trying to stay devoted to yourselves! you deserve so much love and strength for going head on with the lives you lead, however hard and scary it may be and keeping your head up and your back straight. i hope that fire in your eyes remains strong and blazing and you face each day knowing that there is someone out there who loves you and is looking out for you. i hope you know that your emotions, your feelings and who you are is always validated and you take the time to remember that. remember to be brave. remember to realize your own important and your value, that you respect yourself and make sure that your safety is a priority.

i hope you make sure that you value and treasure and appreciate who you are and how significant and remarkable every single one of you are to the rp community and to the world. you are light. you are hope. you are promise. you are unshakable faith, love and optimism. have confidence and i hope you are loved. i hope you are treasured and loved and wanted and that you know that you are worth so much more. don’t lose that light and love yourself. go slow. take your time. just remember that you’re adored and admired.


More than just Stolen glances

A/n I’m going to submit something (duh) but I’d like to say I just found your blog and I’m obsessed! Also I’m in the mood for writing Newt fics so anyone feel free to send requests (self promo lame I’m sorry) anyways without further ado my fic:

(from @scamanderxreader: thank u @imagineswithfandoms for submitting this!!!)

Newt Scamander had fallen in love. He was too far gone and he didn’t mind. What bothered him was the fact that the person of admiration did not return such feelings. (Or so he believed but that is a matter to be discussed later.) He was merely a friend, a good friend you’d met through the Goldstein sisters.

Your h/c hair had just been brushed (and still was slightly frizzed). You wore a grey dress that stopped just at your knees and had a simple pattern embroidered on it. You were reading…well at least you were trying. Ok, so you might have been pretending to read as an excuse to watch a certain magizoologist.

You turned a page you’d barely skimmed and allowed your e/c eyes to glance at him. Newt Scamander was talking to Queenie about something. His copperish brown hair was messy and his light eyes seemed far off. You looked at him contently just mesmerized by him.

Newt dared to steal a glance in your direction, his eyes meeting yours and it felt like forever and way too short at the same time. Then he watched you return your gaze to your book. Newt wasn’t a jealous person, but he wished you’d pay as much attention to him as you did your books.

“Don’t worry,” Queenie’s voice snapped him out of his stupor.

“I wasn’t,” he awkwardly responded, not sure what the blonde was getting at.

“Let’s just say your much more interesting then a book.” Newt was about to ask Queenie not to do that anymore. Then she smugly added in a whisper, “at least y/n thinks so.”

Newt’s eyes were the size of saucers, “what?”

Queenie shrugged, “wouldn’t be right for me to tell you anymore.”

Newt sighed and Queenie let out a giggle at his exasperated expression.

Meanwhile you listened, you couldn’t make out their words but you could tell Queenie whispered something and giggled. You wondered what could possibly be so funny. Then you realized you were jealous, of Queenie and Newt. Boy, you had it bad.


“Y/n can you help me with something,” Newt asked you?

Queenie had left, she claimed to need to help Tina. That was about fifteen minutes ago. Obviously you’d say yes to Newt’s request. Then you realized you hadn’t answered yet.

“Of course,” you told him.

He led you over to his case, making you quirk an eyebrow. You’d yet to be in his case, first time for everything. You knew this was home to all his fantastic beasts. Newt jumped in and you quickly followed, stumbling slightly. Newt out of instinct grabbed your arm to stabilize you. You muttered a thanks as your face grew warm. Newt’s freckled face was dusted pink. After that situation was sorted he lead you to the Bowtruckles. You helped feed some and even met Pickett (who was strangely found of nestling in your hair.) then Newt lead you to many young Oocamy.

“Mummy’s here,” he greats them.

You smiled at the preciousness that was Newt Scamander. (A/n relatable) you continued to assist when necessary and just enjoyed his presence and all these creatures. After a long while in his case both of you sat down. Newt rambled about different habitats and creatures, which you found highly fascinating. Not only that but the way he got so excited was adorable.

“Sorry I’m probably boring you,” he apologized looking down.

Your heart instantly melted, “not at all Newt, I find it very interesting.”

“Really,” he sounded hopeful.

“Really,” you told him honestly.

Then a comfortable silence loomed over both of you. Everything was so amazing and perfect, you felt overjoyed. You turned to steal a glance at Newt and found him closer than before. You weren’t sure how it happened, but he kissed your cheek. It was soft, sweet, and innocent but it made your heart soar. A faint blush covered your cheeks and a smile played at your lips. The whole moment was one you were sure to never forget. You fell in love with him the way you fall asleep, slowly and then all at once. (A/n yes this quote)

Newt spoke up again, “we should go back. Tina and Queenie are probably home.”

You nodded, “yeah wouldn’t want them to worry.”

He took your hand as he led you back to the Goldsteins’ living room.

“Get dressed you two, we’re going out,” Queenie sounded excited.


You wore a light pink dress that glittered and was covered in tassels. It looked great on you as you sat down at a table with all of your friends. Newt held a tentative stare at your dress. Then his face felt warm as he forced himself to stare at something else.

“Y/n you should go get the drinks,” Queenis ordered you.

You replied, “ok what does everyone want?”

After memorizing the order you turned to walk away.

“Y/n I can come with you,” Newt offered.

He gave you a slight puppy dog look. You really wanted to say yes but you didn’t want to inconvenience him. Plus, you didn’t want to come off as too clingy.

“I’ll be alright Newt.”

“But y/n,” he persisted, pretending to be a child dragging out the end of your name.

It made you want to giggle, the way he acted. “I’ll be back really soon,” you told him, then you allowed your lips to brush his cheek.

“When did that happen,” Jacob inquired?

You walked up to the bar and gave the groups order. A tall man with blonde hair checked you out.

“Hello gorgeous,” his voice slurred, he was obviously drunk.

“Hi,” you kept your voice curt.

“What’s with the attitude doll? Now tell me what a pretty thing like you is doing here?”

The man had grabbed you and pinned your wrists.

“Y/n, I’m here to help you carry drinks,” a familiar voice told you. You’d never been happier to hear Newt. “Who’s this,” Newt questioned while assessing the situation?

“The guy that’s takin her home,” the man told Newt “who are you.”

“You aren’t taking her home, and I’m her boyfriend,” Newt growled.

Lucky for you the man was nearly a head shorter than Newt. He let you go and walked away, glowering.

You hugged Newt and he hugged you back. “Told you I should’ve come with,” Newt teased.

“Your were right, I should probably stay with you the rest of the night,” you joked.

Newt was still fairly mad about the whole situation. He knew you were only kidding but he didn’t care.

“Yep it’s the only way to ensure your safety,” Newt was serious.

You didn’t argue just took some drinks in one hand and held Newt’s in the other. He knew your act was innocent, you didn’t want to lose him in a crowd. Yet his stomach was still filled with butterflies.

“Sorry about what happened,” Jacob apologized.

“It’s fine, just a good thing Newt was around.”

Newt was was always nervous around you, but the fire whiskey helped. Queenie was with Jacob and Tina with some dark haired man she just met. This left you and Newt alone.

“Y/n sorry I claimed to be your boyfriend, I just knew he’d back off,” Newt told you.

“No need to apologize.” It’s not like I’d mind being your girlfriend, you thought.

Newt’s face was red, did he here you right? You knew something was up Newt was uncharacteristically silent.

“Really,” he inquired with a look of pure hope?

Realization dawned on you, you had said it out loud. “Newt that was an accident! I didn’t mean to say it out loud, I’m sorry.”

He let out a disappointed, “oh.” You prompted for more. “I thought you meant it.”

You quickly jumped in, “I did, I really did I just didn’t mean to say it out loud.”

“So you wouldn’t mind being my girlfriend?”

“Of course not!”

Newt smiled to himself before he finally got enough courage. He leaned in and kissed you. Your lips touched and the feeling was electrical and spread through you.

“Will you be my girlfriend,” Newt asked?

“Definitely,” then you kissed him again.

Needless to say, it was finally more than just stolen glances.