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10 years have passed since 9 girls got together to form the unique Korean girl group Girls’ Generation, who now remain active as 8. Throughout these 10 years, they’ve faced and surpassed unimaginable challenges, broke records that were until then reserved for boy groups , and proved that a girl group can not only be successful, but also move the hearts of not just one nation, but the whole world. They proved that language isn’t a barrier impossible to overcome, and showed us how beautiful and fulfilling it is to see a group of young talented women constantly support and praise each other, all the while paving their own solo careers. Right Now, From now on, and Forever, it will be a Girls’ Generation. Happy 10th Anniversary 소녀시대 ♡


Prussia was just out for a little walk when what did he happen upon but ducklings! Aren’t they cute? Prussia thought so. And the ducklings seemed to like him too! I guess it is true. All the chicks do dig Prussia!

Prussia: Mod Hamish
Photographer: Mod Laurie

Photos taken at Hamacon 5, 2014; Huntsville, Alabama