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This is super important. It shows that not everything is going to be sunshine and rainbows between two people. You’re gonna be at odds. Rapunzel and Cassandra do go against one another in this ep, but in the end that doesn’t mean they aren’t friends. They need to work things out. This competition is important to Cass, and it gets to her that Punz just sees this as ‘a fun way to blow off a saturday’. For Cass, all she ever wanted was respect from the people of Corona, and not to be pushed aside and just thought of as the lady in waiting to the princess. She’s more than that and wants others to know it too. Punz definitely knows it, and her opening up to Cass and saying she RESPECTS her (And looks up to her no less! Look at Cass’ reaction to that!) is a big step. And despite this meaning so much to her, Cass looses the contest, but they still remain close if not closer! Even the dearest of two people fight sometimes, but more often than not it builds on what they have. This really adds on to their relationship and I can’t wait to see more!


Prussia was just out for a little walk when what did he happen upon but ducklings! Aren’t they cute? Prussia thought so. And the ducklings seemed to like him too! I guess it is true. All the chicks do dig Prussia!

Prussia: Mod Hamish
Photographer: Mod Laurie

Photos taken at Hamacon 5, 2014; Huntsville, Alabama

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“Lets just say your voice is grating on me and I’m not in the mood… So you have 20 seconds to say what you need to, then you can go.” The Master said simply, in one of his more irritable moods in the wind down from the Full Moon.

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Shizume Week: Day 7- Future

                         ↳Shishio leaned closer. Suzume could feel Shishio’s warm breath on her face, “Can’t you tell? I really, really like ChunChun…..” Their lips met, and Suzume felt electricity running through her body……… Shishio thought, ‘I’d really like to be with this person forever’ and after that they fell into eachother, both filled with bliss and joy….

M A G I - Labyrinth of Magic - J u d a l 

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