lame movies always have lovely songs

Yoonjin’s friendship

Such a beautiful and underestimated friendship. It’s all about respect and understanding.

Seokjin knows Suga really well. I don’t know why but I can imagine that Jin had to broke some barrier in the past until he found the gate for Yoongi. I’m sure that they have a lot of serious talks between themselves.

Jin said that he always gets Yoongi’s lame jokes and he thinks that they are funny. Yoongi on the other hand claimed that he loves sharing room with him because it’s comfortable and they don’t feel the urge to talk because they still know when the other wants space himself…..and yeah they watch movies together for fun ^^ .

Seokjin praised Yoongi’s songs so many times and he is proud of him. When Jin embarrrassed or a little bit uncomfortable he always goes to Yoongi to hide :)

Not to mention that Jin takes care of Yoongi and make sure that he eats enough because he knows that Suga can be lost when he works.And Suga too. He always tries to make sure that Jin is safe and tries to put Jin in the spotlight with his talent .

And not to forget this moment guys because this is golden !!!

  Yoongi respects Seokjin and they can make a great balance in the group.