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I feel sort of weird asking this and you totally don't have to but I had a really shitty day, do you have any happy jayroy headcanons?

oh bb i gotchu! Im on my phone so sorry i took so long to reply, formating is terrible. Some Soft cute jayroy headcanons because of reasons:

  • Jason, no matter what, always takes the surname “Harper” or variations of it when he’s undercover. As a matter of fact, his most used alias is Peter Harper. Roy pretends to be nonchalant about it but every time he hears some stranger call Jason “Mr. Harper” he dies a little bit inside.
  • Jason doesn’t want to let anyone know this, but he’s a stress cooker. Like sometimes Roy would wake up to find all kind of extravagant breakfast meals on the kitchen table. “Dick just called in to tell me hes taking the lead on the case I was working on” he would say as explanation, angrily flipping a pancake. Roy would nod, “so are we going to kick his ass after breakfast or at night?”
  • So we know Jason is a book person, right? Well, Roy is really, really into music. And you know what else? Into serenading Jason with the sappiest, cheesiest songs he can find. Jason pretends he hates it because “Oh my god you’re so lame Harper” but he loves when Roy suddenly sits up and proclaims “today your song is-” and proceeds to tell him some romantic sappy song.
  • When one of them is having a bad day, they binge watch silly shows together in their pjs, and eat junk food on the sofa.
  • Now, they have a similar taste on tv shows (Its always sunny in Philadelphia, the office, the x files) but when it comes to movies genres they’re a mess.
  • Jason likes movies with historical themes, hell, he would deny it but he usually really likes romantic dramas too (i mean, his favorite movie is Pride & Prejudice), while Roy is more of a thriller/horror movies guy. So when they have to pick a movie for the night… chaos ensues.
  • “I’m not watching Scream again, Roy” “well I ain’t watching you swoon over Mr Darcy-” “shut the fuck up, i dont swoon-” “ohhh Mr Darcy, with your bright eyes and awkward posture,” “I DONT SOUND LIKE THAT SHUT YOUR MOUTH”
  • They always wear matching costumes for Halloween parties, but it’s usually by accident. At first it was like “ha! What a coincidence I dressed up as Hawkeye and you decided to go as Black Widow because you own half of the clothes anyway. A match made on heaven, uh?”, but then it evolves to “lets see if we match again this year, don’t tell me your costume, hush” and then high five when they indeed match again.
  • Roy is still trying to convince Jason to buy a chicken. “C'mon! [Points to screen where Joey and Chandler are yelling at their chicken] that could be us but you playin’!” “Roy, if we get the chicken, I’m kicking you out. It’s the chicken or you, pick”
  • When they’re apart they send each other snaps or trashcans and the like, with the captions “this reminded me of you” “didn’t know you were back!” Because its their way to show the other how much they miss them and think about them without sounding too cheesy (which Roy doesn’t really mind, but doesn’t want to pressure Jason into it)
  • They love sharing their interests with each other. Roy would curl around Jason and hear him read his favorites books out loud, or rants he starts after reading a new book, and Jason would sit down by Roy when he’s doing something, and hear about the step by step of creating it, or how it works.
  • They never really talk talk about the future, but they always slip things like “what if we played the rains of castamere at our wedding oh my god” “what the fuck, we’re playing the imperial March you ass” “shit you right, sorry babe” / “full offence but we aren’t calling our kid after Mr. Darcy” “I never said I wanted to either, you ass” “cool. Because listen-” “if you say you want to name them Indiana, I’m shoot in you in the face” “… okay but what about Han or Harrison….”
  • Petnames !!! Roy uses them all the time and Jason is just so embarrased but he really likes how special they make him feel tbh. Roy usually goes with the cheesy ones to annoy him in front of people (baby, darling, sweetheart, buttercup, baby boo, my moon and stars, babe, muffin, sunshine, honey, sweety) while Jason uses really basic ones like Royboy & Roytoy, and sometimes…. he slips some Hispanic petnames okay. Tesoro, mi amor…. oh boi.
  • Roy makes Jason playlists all the time…. oh my god that’s so sappy I hate him
  • Not really soft but… Roy was the one to teach Jason all about memes (as a matter of fact, Jason used to pronounce it ‘mee-mee’ and sometimes still does just out of spite), and he’s really proud to see how Jason sends rare pepes to Bruce all the time
  • They go to Gotham’s pride every year, and it’s always a lot of fun! Especially when they hang out with the other batkids.
Yoonjin’s friendship

Such a beautiful and underestimated friendship. It’s all about respect and understanding.

Seokjin knows Suga really well. I don’t know why but I can imagine that Jin had to broke some barrier in the past until he found the gate for Yoongi. I’m sure that they have a lot of serious talks between themselves.

Jin said that he always gets Yoongi’s lame jokes and he thinks that they are funny. Yoongi on the other hand claimed that he loves sharing room with him because it’s comfortable and they don’t feel the urge to talk because they still know when the other wants space himself…..and yeah they watch movies together for fun ^^ .

Seokjin praised Yoongi’s songs so many times and he is proud of him. When Jin embarrrassed or a little bit uncomfortable he always goes to Yoongi to hide :)

Not to mention that Jin takes care of Yoongi and make sure that he eats enough because he knows that Suga can be lost when he works.And Suga too. He always tries to make sure that Jin is safe and tries to put Jin in the spotlight with his talent .

And not to forget this moment guys because this is golden !!!

  Yoongi respects Seokjin and they can make a great balance in the group.


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my boyfriend has asked me what I want to do today if we hang out, and im running out of ideas of things to do together!!! any date ideas/suggestions??

oh my god I love this question!!! ok here are so awesome cute date/activity ideas!
-watch a movie
-go for a cute walk! hold hands and let him give you his jacket or something.
-listen to music (show him the songs that make you laugh, cry, happy, nostalgic etc.)
-sex oh nsfw sex!!!
-this is lame but let him do your make up I always find it rly funny. and if he’s willing, do his nails and then take it off its most likely a new experience for him and a chance to bond omg.
-make a pillow/blanket fort!
-have pillow fights that’s cute but don’t be too violent!!!
-draw each other (I like doing blind contours because the end results are always funny and bad)
-have a picnic!!! I know it’s cold now so have one in your living room? it’s unique and adds character.
-fall asleep beside each other bc it’s so sweet and cute and relaxing
-vandalize a park bench or a tree or something (put your initials on it with a heart or something bc it’s cliché and cute!)
-take pictures of each other. not to post, well I guess if you want but it’s always nice to have lots of pictures of the person you love
-staring contest. I’m lame as hell and even though this sounds rly boring I think it’s romantic and competitive (my 2 fav things)
-read to them. cuddle up together and read. I think it’s really calming to hear their voice and their expression when a significant other is reading.
- make out just make out make out until your lips hurt just make out honestly it’s so nice to passionately kiss someone you love just kiss him
-go for food like actually go to a restaurant or a diner and get a milkshake and split it!!!!
-go for coffee
-volunteer at your local animal shelter bc you guys are helping the community and you get to walk and pet all these cute dogs and cats!
-show photos of each other when you were little and tell the stories behind them. learn more about each other.
-bake!!! bake cookies or brownies or cake or croissants or anything really!! it’s really fun and cute and you guys can eat them after!! yum!!
-dance with him. while the things are baking play some music and dance with him in the kitchen!! or dance with him anywhere really it’s fun and cool and awkward.
-get high with him. I don’t really like drugs (at all ever) but if you guys are into that I guess it might be funny to see what you guys are like together when you guys aren’t sober
- get him to do chores with you this is probably super boring but once a boy and I did dishes together and long story short we ended up covered in dish soap and we had big smiles and we really bonded somehow.
-take a bath or shower with him. if your comfortable of course take a shower with him. hold him in there to keep warm and under the same water jet and laugh at how awkward that experience is. it’s funny and romantic and a good story to look back on later in the relationship!

Those are all my ideas! I hope that they are helpful pumpkin!!!💖💕 have fun!!!!!


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Favorite color: pinkish or purpleish, i really don’t know, every color is beautiful in its own way  

Last song you listened to: electric feel by mgmt (omg it’s so lame and old but i am listening to my sexy time playlist and yes it’s on it!!!) 

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Top three shows: hannibal and idk, i don’t have any other shows that i would recommend to someone, this is the only one that i STILL love and always will 

Top three ships: i don’t do ships anymore tbh, it’s quite uncomfortable to me? but if we’re talking about friendships it’s vkook and namjin 4life 

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I ship you with…

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this wonderful mother of the group that is so squishy, Kihyun! He loves to compose music and he spends a lot of his time coming up with songs for you. He will always drag you over the piano and place you in his lap before he starts playing the piano and singing you a sweet love song. 


I ship you with…

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our rich mother of 8 children that is adorable, Suho! This dork is always telling you a bunch of lame jokes and pouts when you don’t laugh at them. He adores you and is always showering you in a bunch gifts your gonna have a room just full of his presents. 


I ship you with…

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our wondeful leader that got looks that can slay, JB! He loves to cuddle up to you and watch movies on the couch showering you surprise kisses through out the whole movie. He has own picture collection of you that he treasures and looks at a lot of the time he is gone on tour smiling as he can’t wait to come back and shower you with kisses once again.