lame misfit

((i spent about 10 years laughing at the graphic goodbye))

In honor of Valentine’s Day, me reaching my goal, and a few other happy things that happened this week ( ya girl got into college yo ✌🏼), I decided to do a follower forever! I love all of these blogs with all of my nonexistent soul, but if I’ve forgotten anyone, I am so so sorry, I love all of you 💖💖💖

I’m gonna start with the networks that I’m:

Cal’s Nut Hut: this was the first network I ever joined and I’m so happy that I did because you guys are all great and wonderful and hilarious ❤️ @tyllum ~ @cancelcalum ~ @storyofanothreus ~ @ketchuplukehemmo ~ @megaphonemalum ~ @originalcalumgirl ~ @sleepiesthoe ~ @irwinsthetic ~ @sicktaurus ~ @caramelhood

Malum Sin Squad: you guys are the actual best, I can’t believe how well we got along and how lit the gc was within the first like day or so. I love all of you sm💖 @malumisreal ~ @storyofanothreus ~ @calumau ~ @10amcalum ~ @fightcal2k16 ~ @6sos ~ @airplns ~ @michaelgordonvevo ~ @metaphysicalum ~ @lukesdevilishgrin

Lame Misfits: this gc is so fun and I’m so glad I have a place to be random and explode about 5sos or whatever we talk about 💜 @airplns ~ @glttrhoe ~ @gotbadbrains ~ @hoodwtf ~ @otpmalum ~ @ameircanidoit ~ @vaipors ~ @spacesho ~ @colourmichael ~ @5sospank ~ @psychemmo ~ @yohood ~ @originalcalumgirl@tarteist ~ @metaphysicalum ~ @10amcalum ~ @sicktaurus 

Beauty Babes: thank god for this network, you guys are a blessing. It’s still relatively new but talking about makeup is so much fun and I’m thankful to be in a network dedicated to it 💚 @airplns ~ @clummyhood ~ @mudbloodgirlfriend ~ @gasolinated ~ @statechmp ~ @gothgal ~ @voteairplanes ~ @rudegf ~ @brckengirl ~ @gvitars ~ @artgirlofficial ~ @sortofsad ~ @tarteist ~` @gotbadbrains

Calum Club: I can’t begin to say how glad I am to be in this network. You guys are the actual best and so fun to talk to and kinkshame and explode about Calum with. You accept me despite my fakeness and I appreciate y’all 💙 @tyllum ~ @1-800-long-dong ~ @calumhoodc ~ @disneycalum ~ @metaphysicalum ~ @calumsveins ~ @acouztic ~ @calumsbrownskin ~ @officialsadho ~ @aliencal ~ @drcpdead 

For the rest of you 💕: mutuals are italicized

# - k:

@4aussiedorks@5sostfln ~ @alrightclifford ~ @babycalofficial ~ @bad-5sos-outfits ~ @cal-baby@calumfood ~ @calumpoc ~ @castawaycths ~ @caulmhood@congratulashton ~ @foolscake ~ @fratcalum ~ @godlymalik ~ @hemmocrat ~ @hoodzer ~ @hot5sosinmybag ~ @hotdamn5sos@irwinkiddc ~ @kinkyclifford 

l - v:

@lockscr33ns ~ @malumixtape ~ @michaelaskittens ~ @moodboardmichael ~ @mukenope ~ @ohemmoh ~ @outerspxcehood ~ @platinumuke ~ @poseyshood ~ @princessmalum ~ @realjackhemmings ~ @rich-homie-calum ~ @vodkaclifford

@5sos-official can go suck my asshole bye


@aquariarius@balletwarrior ~ @burberryandfedoras ~ @florencias-clothes ~ @howdoisurviveyouastoria@jxvadd ~  @lanegrrrl ~ @loucasso ~ @papi-flacko@petermaximoff ~ @reyskywalkersgf ~ @stydia ~ @styleswanky ~ @trinity-grester ~ @vintagewoe@uhfrick ~ @xcusmeplzz

Love you all so much 😊😘 Again, if I forgot any mutuals, I will apologize until the end of time, just message me and I’ll add you in ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

michael is definitely the type of boyfriend who’s clingy when he’s tired. he’d wrap his arms around you and nuzzle his face into your neck as you run your fingers through his messy hair. when you’d get up to grab a drink he’d instantly whine which made you smile because you love when he’s like this. as soon as you get comfortable on the couch he’d throw a leg over the both of yours and wrap his arm around your stomach while he gives you a kiss on the cheek. finally, he’d quietly say “i love you” and give you a little smile before quickly falling asleep while you lay there, happy to be the one who gets to be graced with this side of your boyfriend every night.