lame me being lame

have you guys ever noticed how the Tumblr lcs community is pretty small but like we’re all mutuals and we all reblog each other’s things (like I always see five of the same post over and over) and every time someone’s sad there’s so many people trying to cheer them up and everyone compliments each other all the time and we all recognize each other and it’s just nice I’m glad I’m here I love you guys

Got7 as dance styles:

Jaebum: legit b-boy with twists and turns

Mark: martial arts with kabe-don

Jackson: body rolls and siberian husky hip thrusts

Jinyoung: lowkey suggestive bedroom positions

Youngjae: the squishy cinnamon dougie

BamBam: whipnaenaequandabbb

Yugyeom: killer caterpillar floor humps

I’m loooost! Help please?

Hey loves! I’ve been poking around all the sites I know of and google since I returned and there’s still a few mod features I’m looking for that I know existed at some point or might by now but can’t find. Would anyone be so kind as to spare links to the following types of mods:

- Evolve All plants (The one on MTS is not working with current patches and the author has been awol for a bit.)

-Multiple accessories/makeup per location?

-MOO always on? I swear it was a thing. 0.o

-No auto career outfits (let me pick their career stuffz!)

-Sims 4 compressorizer or similar to increase load times and all that.

-Tooltips showing in CAS so I can see what an item is called (To get rid of borked stuff or things I forgot the meshes for)

-Plantsims with original skintone (I found the hair one but Rosa was already a pretty green, I don’t want her to be that loud green.)

-Wishing well no cooldown

-Uhhh…that’s all I can think of atm. Sorry!! 

I’m sorry for asking and thank you so much to anyone who can help! You guys are amazing!! My google fu is exhausted! Love me anyway?


Science and Simpatico: The Law of Universal Gravitation

Behold! Perceptor’s weakness!! SCIENCE!

s&s2: Valentines
s&s3: Couples and Moments
s&s4: The Benefits of Hugging
s&s5: The Second Law of Thermodynamics
s&s6: Power Law