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A day out on the town with (a masterfully disguised) King Regis includes tabletop Dad Jokes with every meal.

Inspired by just one of @stephicness‘s wonderful Final Fantasy XV banter posts. You can find Regis’s banter post right here! Be sure to visit their blog! It’s great. :)

Bonus Dad Joke exchange that I thought of while drawing Prompto having a good laugh in the last panel:

senyahgirl  asked:

If Q gives someone advice... Would it be called a Q-tip? (I am laughing waaay to hard at my own lame joke right now.)

“hahaha! that’s pretty good, peaches. q-ute pun.“

“speaking of tips, how about a little q and a?“

“anyone with a question, form a nice, orderly queue and hit me with your best shot!“

((Q’s now available to answer questions/give advice to anyone so inclined! I will say anything super ‘Skeleton Squatters and the Landlady‘ related should go to @tyranttortoise, however. Feel free to ask about his back story and how he wound up where he is now if you like, though! Or, you know… advice, if you’re feeling daring. I take no responsibility for what might happen if you follow said advice, lol))

Kim Soo Hyun 1st Memories in Singapore


There’s really nothing much to say about the fan meet cos it’s pretty much the same as the rest, which I presume most of you have already read about if you are a fan. But I must say, oppa really is soooo indulgent towards his fans. He tried so hard to draw out different people from different sections for the lucky draws. He even poured out the ticket stubs so just to choose someone from the A section cos somehow people from the C section just kept popping up lol. He was genuinely frustrated at the lack of A section people and even apologised. Sighhh my oppa you really are the best!

Oh yes the things he do omg hahaha! I would say the main highlights include occasionally torturing the translator with ridiculously difficult and animated accounts (like seriously weird sound effects and going back and forth while recounting his stories lol), and his frequent lame jokes omg hahaha! But generally he is very kind towards the translator. He always pauses after short sentences to let her translate before going on to say another short phrase and so on. Oppa is extremely considerate! 

One thing to complain though. I thought the translator wasn’t very accurate at times. Fortunately I know some korean so I could understand a decent amount of what he said. Always felt that translation distorts the true meaning, especially the lame jokes that he always cracks. There is also this lag between getting his jokes and laughing at them. Oh well always felt that translation makes things kinda awkward.

Anyway here are some photos from the fan meet! All photos are taken with iPhone cos I am not into photography and neither do I own a DSLR. Quality kinda shit but better than nothing so too bad HAHA. HD pictures by fan sites will be out anyway. But I thought the photos were pretty good for an iPhone? Considering I was seated pretty far away. Please credit if you wanna repost or use it etc, though I don’t think anyone would use these photos cos the quality is so mehhh. 

OH YA ONE FUNNY THING THAT HAPPENED. This boy sat down, put his mic behind him, and the mic rolled off the chair cos there was a hole on the chair. All that happened while the mc was talking HAHA LOL BODY GAGS. Audience laughed so loudly! Oh ya I forgot to mention that some fans brought badminton racquets! So cute!

On a sad note, oppa was having a cough. I mean not like dying or pneumonic or whatever, but still there was quite abit of phlegm. Poor boy.. Also, this poor kid cried at the end again. Really can feel the love he has for his fans sighhh.. There was also the occasional small heart gestures. I KNOW, I DON’T HAVE PICTURES OF THAT SIGHH.

All in all, MONEY WELL SPENT. I will forever love my oppa! Forever a supportive fan. 오빠야 항상 건강하시고 행복하세요! 사랑해요~~♡

수현이 오빠 너는 별처럼 ☆

Lastly, on a side note, bodyguard-nim was so thorough with his job! He kept patrolling the whole venue and looking out for DSLRs/camcorders. He really did confiscate some of them, which he eventually returned. Oh and he is getting really famous lol. Many of the fans were like omg that’s Uncle Shin. I reallyyy wanted to take a photo of him but he looked so fierce I thought he would punch me if I did HAHA. So too bad no photo of Uncle Shin. I admit I was pretty star struck the first time I saw him at my section. Uncle Shin, you are becoming a celebrity!