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Have Jhin wear his mask but offer absolutely no explanation as to why. The students have just come to accept it since he is kind of odd :D

Lol, he would. My friend and I have a lame joke over me just putting a random shadow over his head no matter what is the lighting of the place like some overly mysterious anime character. Here’s this-

im laughing can u imagine the origin story of toby’s little moon tattoo in the show 

what if flint got it after he became a pirate? had to blend in. he cut his hair, pierced his ear, got himself some nice rings

then he saw all the kids had tattoos too… it’s kinda like an initiation thing. like when they made dufresne get one after he became a qm

one day he pulls joji to the side like ‘’listen i need a tattoo. a big one. something with the english flag burning or.. or a skull with a crown.. something powerful’’ joji as always is super expressive and vocal. when he gets the tools out and gets to work flint nearly jumps out of his skin at the touch of a needle

‘’ok maybe just like a little crescent moon on my arm you know that works too’’ 

tell me this isn’t exactly what happened look at his dweeb face and that fearsome tattoo

Phichit: Hey Yuuri?

Yuuri: What’s up?

Phichit: *flops next to Yuuri on his bed* You know that feeling of having a best friend? How fun it is to just laugh over lame jokes, how thrilling it is to attempt stupid things sometimes, how nice it feels to hang out with someone and not have to worry about bothering them, how comforting it is to have a shoulder to cry on sometimes…

Yuuri: *smiles* Yeah, I know that feeling.

Phichit: *smiles and bumps his shoulder*

Phichit & Yuuri: I’m glad we’re best friends

Disguised Flirting

What a great scene. So many hidden hints.

Okay…I’m still smiling and these guys are such cute idiots.
As I see it in this scene there is a lot of flirting going on from Danny’s side but it didn’t work out the way he hoped.

Danny’s face at the end? PRICELESS! He even is speechless. When does this happen? LOL! This cool gesture with his arm over his head in the last scene has only one purpose, to hide his embarrassment. He just landed flat on his butt while he tried to hit on Steve.

And Steve? It’s like he gets to hear the same lame joke over and over again. He seems almost annoyed and hurt, why Danny still questions the fact, that he has Danny’s back. Always! So he lectures him and his face expression tells a lot. Such kind of a twisted face he only gets when he thinks Danny still doesn’t get IT.

Haha, this has high school character. Love it.

Little Things about MbA You Never Thought About

Until now.  A few asks have got me to thinking and I thought it would be fun to put in little personality quirks that I’ve thought about writing about but haven’t.  Maybe it will give you a better look into the lives of our favorite chracters!

1) When Viktor and Yuuri are at the coffee shop, Viktor insists on a spoon to stir his caramel macchiato.  Why?  He gives the spoon to Yuuri to taste it every morning and declare they are indeed the best drink in the world.
2) Their favorite lame jokes to share over text are knock-knock jokes.
3) Viktor’s choices in movies are pretty appalling which is why they’ve seen so many terrible movies.  After leaving the choices up to Yuuri (with Viktor’s input of course), their dates at the movies improve tremendously.
4) They are on the quest for the most horrible horrible disaster movie of all time.  All they need to do is come to my house and borrow epicenter.  You do not put porn, FBI secret agent plot and disaster movie in one Z-rated movie!  You don’t!
5) Viktor and Yuuri decided to volunteer after chapter eight at the local animal shelter.  Not only is it nice for the community, but it feeds Viktor’s addiction for poodles.  He insists on walking them each time a new one comes in.  The staff has started calling it “Welcome to the Shelter: The Viktor Nikiforov version for poodles.”
6) Yuuri has this ongoing dream of Viktor calling him “Sunshine” and telling him he’s beautiful, but since they started when he was sick with mono he chalks them up to fever delerium.
7) Viktor is terrified of bugs in his house.  He can barely tolerate them outside, but when he sees one in his condo you would think someone was murdering him.  Many times Yuuri has stopped what he was doing to remove a bug from Viktor’s condo. Once the offending insect was outside and he found Viktor huddled in the middle of his bed, he’d allay his fears and tell him everything is ok.  If Yuri is over, “fucking pansy” is the mantra of the day.
8) When Viktor and Yuuri started dating, Phichit racked up the bet money from kids Yuuri and he went to school with.  He knows what’s going to happen to his bro before Yuuri does.
9) Viktor spent the first few days of Yuuri’s recovery from mono reading him historical romance manuscripts.  If he couldn’t tell him how he felt, at least a Viking from 1700 years ago could.
10) Viktor spends his time alone on a Learn Japanese website so he can learn new words to tell Mama Katsuki.

This is just up to chapter 12.  Figured it would be fitting with the first volume e-book coming out.  Hope to make you guys laugh or aww a little but, but these little quirks fill my mind.  I want to thank @crystallinekai for helping me get them out!



Has this been done yet?

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top 5 namjin moments / top 5 namjin fics :')

i know (i swear i do) that there’s a / and not a &, but i’m still gonna do both (because why not, really)

top 5 moments:

1. this….. was just legendary. will i ever get over namjoon shooting finger guns and them acting like an old married couple? the answer is no

Originally posted by noitstoocute

2. namjoon being a dork and making seokjin laugh is my religion (i find this really cute because it’s not as obvious? namjoon isn’t yelling or doing anything dramatic - it’s subtle and jin’s amused anyway)

3. lame dad jokes all over the place when it comes to namjin and i wouldn’t want to have it any other way

4. laughing together aka namjoon yet again being a dork to make jin laugh (the difference between a 뽀뽀 (ppo-ppo) and a kiss according to namjoon got seokjin all giggly and i still think about it a lot)

Originally posted by yoongles

5. bon voyage had a few really sweet namjin moments, but i loved it when namjoon told seokjin his glasses look cool. he looks so unsure and flustered and shy and like he wants to say that seokjin looks cool

top 5 fics:

  1. Beta Tau Sigma by bazooka
  2. A Wonderful Institution by bazooka
  3. A Sociolinguistic Analysis of Epenthesis in Academic Convergence by bazooka (basically anything by bazooka??)
  4. Like You Lots by mnsg
  5. Laundry Room by mnsg

(……………i’m realising i haven’t actually read that many namjin fics bc the pairing is included in many fics but…….. they’re not the main pairing that often???? oh wow i need to read more so if you have any recs, please send them my way!!)

  send me “top 5 ____”

Arranged Marriage: Suho Edition. Part 6

PART 1 | PART 2 | PART 3 | PART 4 | PART 5

Tell me if you like it!! 

Word Count: Exactly 4444! this is so cool!!!

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When I left the room, I immediately ran to my room. The warmth of my soft bed sheets and fluffy blankets were necessary for my current state. I hid my face in the pillows and tried to shut out the world. The small amount of alcohol in my body, made it easier for me, not to think about everything that had happened. Not only downstairs, but everything that had been happening around me for a month. Jian’s frequent visits were the reason I couldn’t get closer to my husband, and now I realized that it had been impossible even without it.

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NCT Dream's reaction to the members of NCT U checking out their girlfriends pt. 1

So before we get started, I’m not trying to turn any of the older members, or any members for that matter, into pedophiles, which means that everyone in this scenario is at least eighteen years of age. Also, I know Mark is a member of both units, but because NCT Dream has seven members and NCT U has six, I decided to make it even by including him in this reaction as a member of NCT U only. Now on with the reaction…

You and your wonderful boyfriend have been dating for just over a year now, but he has yet to introduce you to any of his members. With awards season and his latest comeback right around the corner, he’s been crazy busy, and you’ve been equally occupied with your own responsibilities. Despite his hectic schedule, your boyfriend is serious about you, so it’s time he stops putting it off and finally introduces you to his band mates and industry associates. The release party for NCT Dream’s new album is tonight, and he wants nothing more than to celebrate this special occasion with you.

This boy has been head-over-heels for you from the moment he first laid eyes on you, and now here he is introducing you as his girlfriend in front of all his closest friends. He couldn’t be prouder, in fact he’s practically glowing. He’s been making his rounds with you by his side for about an hour, and as much as you’re enjoying yourself, all this shouting over the loud music is giving you a sore throat, so you excuse yourself for a minute to grab a drink at the bar.

Renjun: Taeil has been sitting at the bar alone just minding his own business for a couple of minutes, when you suddenly appear right in front of him. You don’t even notice him as you place your order with the bartender, but Taeil has definitely noticed you. He’s a pretty shy guy, especially when it comes to a beautiful woman like yourself, but you’re too beautiful to pass up.

Trying to appear smooth, Taeil scoots his barstool over a little closer as he desperately tries to get your attention. “Hi, I’m Taeil.” He says, running a shaky hand through his hair.

It’s a miracle you even managed to hear him over the music, but you’re happy you did. After all he’s your boyfriend’s hyung, and the last thing you want to do is a make a bad first impression. “I know, it’s so nice to meet you.” You stretch out your hand for what turns out be a rather awkward handshake.

“So, I’m guessing you’re a fan of mine then?” Taeil inquires.

“Not exactly, you se…” Before you can finish talking someone places a gentle hand on your shoulder, catching you off guard.

“Y/N, here you are. I was so worried.” Renjun says, pretending he was unaware of you whereabouts. Truth be told, Renjun spotted Taeil making googly-eyes at you from across the venue, and he knew he had to act fast.

He’s not a jealous person, and he knows there’s no way Taeil, or anyone else, could ever steal you away from him, but he couldn’t handle watching from the sidelines. He loves you and his hyung, and chances are you two will be running into each other a lot in the future, and the last thing Renjun wants is for things to be awkward between the two of you. Taeil doesn’t handle rejection very well, and Renjun just wants to spare him the heartache.

“I see you’ve meet my girlfriend, hyung.” Renjun says giving him a shy smile. “I still have a couple of people I would like to introduce her to, but maybe after that’s over we can all sit down and have a proper conversation.” With that Renjun hands you your drink, gives Taeil one more smile, and whisks you off to meet the rest of NCT.

Jeno: He can’t help but pout as you withdraw yourself from his side in search of a drink. He really wanted to show off his amazing girlfriend, but that’s kind of hard to do when you are halfway across the gigantic ballroom, with at least a hundred people between the two of you. He gives you one last longing glance, and is about to return to the conversation with his manger, when he witnesses you stumble.

You’ve always been a huge klutz, and the five inch heels you’re wearing are not helping your situation. Jeno rushes over as fast as he possibly can given the humongous crowd, only to see you in Jaehyun’s arms. As he attempts to cut through the crowd, Jeno happens to hear Jaehyun flirting with you.

“I’m fine, really. Thank you so much.” You say averting your eyes as you try to detach yourself from Jaehyun.

“Are you sure? How about we take a seat and I help you examine your ankle. You know make sure nothing’s broken?” Jaehyun winks at you, refusing to let you out of his grasp. I mean it’s not everyday a hot girl practically falls right into your lap.

Jeno’s seen enough at this point. Having finally made his way to your side, he literally pulls you away from Jaehyun and into his own chest. “Jaehyun, how nice of you to help my girlfriend. We’d love to stay and chat, but poor Y/N here seems to have sprained her ankle. Luckily for her, she has me to examine it. If you’ll excuse us.” Jeno drags you far, far away from Jaehyun, and spends the rest of the night watching over you like a hawk to ensure no one else even attempts to come onto you.

Haechan: The fact that you even decided to walk off while Haechan is introducing you to the director of his lastest music video, has already got him in a terrible mood. He’s a person who craves attention, and it hurts him to think you’re more interested in your own thirst than his new mv. Haechan gave you a slight glare, which you playfully returned as you walked off in the direction of the bar.

You’ve now been gone for well over half an hour, and as crowded as the venue might be, there is no way there could possibly be a line that long for one drink. Ending his conversation, Haechan sets off in search of you. So far he’s checked the bar, bathroom, dance floor, and still you’re nowhere to be found. He’s starting to get nervous about your wellbeing, so he steps out into the hall to call you because it’s too loud to hear anything inside.

Just as he’s about to dial your number, Haechan spots you at the end of the hall having what looks to be a very intimate conversation with Mark. Mark’s leaning in too close for Haechan’s comfort, as the two of you laugh hysterically at one of Mark’s lame jokes.

“What’s going on over here?” Haechan butts in, squeezing himself into the small space between you and Mark.

“Hey, man. I’m not sure if you two have already met, but this is my good friend, Y/N.” Mark replies as he desperately tries to get a glimpse of you over Haechan’s head like some lovesick puppy.

“I know my own girlfriend, Mark. And just how exactly are you two close friends, when you’ve met no more than thirty minutes ago?”

“Uhhhh… w-wel…”

“That’s what I thought.” Haechan cuts Mark off, grabbing your hand as he hauls you out of the building towards the parking lot. “I’m going to forgive you this one time, but I better never catch you flirting with my girlfriend again.”


Are we ready for another breakdown? Because I’m going mental. (Haha lame jokes over for now)

(RPG Maker 2000)

(RPG Maker 2003)

(RPG Maker XP)

(RPG Maker VX)

(RPG Maker VX Ace)

(RPG Maker MV)

Alright, to begin, let’s talk about the layout of sections. Most of these are almost identical to one another, though a few things have been moved in a couple of the latest engines. Mostly the levels, and the parameter curves, though I’ll go in more detail about those in a little bit. Let’s quickly go over what an actor is. In the RPG Maker engine language, an actor is a playable character (PC) or a character within your party at some point or another. On the far left is our list of actors, this is where we store all of our party members. How fantastic is that?

The next few fields I will go over are very basic fields though they are good to know, especially for beginners. The name field is where you can redefine your character’s names, and close to that, there is a field called “Nickname” and what this is is where you put in your characters name to be displayed on the menu screens from within game. So say we were using the 2000 engine and had our default Alex as our player, we would open up the menu and the name that would be displayed for him would be Hero and not Alex. Alright, let’s move onto the face set, this is one of my favorite areas for customizing anything. I tend to use anywhere from two to three pages just for the faces, though in this the face is supposed to be set for what image to display when the in-game menu is open. Graphic/Character/Character Graphic is where we keep our player sprites. This allows us to actually be able to move around the map and explore our words we create. Now for the versions of RPG Maker so far (without scripting for isometric movement) there are only four directions you need worry about; up, down, left, and right. 

These sprites are set up in 3x4 grid patters. Three across and four down. In the respective orders of course. Now each one of these sets is divided like this and can contain up to eight sprites on one page. Some people will have anywhere from one to three sets for a single character, perhaps even more if there is more to do with said character, for instance, sitting in a chair, laying on a bed, crawling across the ground, so on and so forth. These can be possible. In the case of The Huntress of the Hollow, that one used multiple sets to change the character’s color as you progress with the game. Though one thing to take into account is having the right size of sprites.

RPG Maker 2000 - 24x32 piccas
RPG Maker 2003 - 24x32 piccas
RPG Maker XP - 32X48
RPG Maker VX - 48x48
RPG Maker VX Ace - 32x32
RPG Maker MV - 48x48

And of course, these are the default sizes which does not consist of the expanding love for over-sized sprites, over the chibi styled sprites that are used. This is where “Loose Leaf” comes in. Admittedly, I do not generally care for the anime or chibi styles but I do like using them as templates for my own characters and designs to be sure they fit right with the rest of the game size wise and style wise.

Moving onward, we also have the Initial level, and max level for our characters, and starting equipment. Now these are things found through out the engine series that I cover here. Initial level determines how much experience you start off with, and affects how your character’s parameters curve depending on your specific parameters. It is wise to be cautious when choosing your starting levels because you don’t want them to be too over or under fed with EXP. Max level determines where you stop leveling up. That’s pretty simple. Starting equipment may also play a hand in this due to if you want your players to with anything or if you’d rather them be completely defenseless. Having a character with too little too soon could spell out a lot of rage and frustration for your gamers as well. Though you don’t want them starting off with “god-like” gear either. It’s finding the sweet spots that work for you that make the difference.

Another part of these that should be mentioned is the traits. You can have multiple characters of the same class, though you can make them a little more diverse if you choose to let them be. For instance, you can give one immunity to poison or immune to sleep due to an insomnia trait. So they can battle no matter what, or if you want you can have a fatigue counter on your characters. The notes boxes can be used to store information for you, or scripts to run certain bits of a plugin. 

From the older versions to the newer ones, we can see that some things have been taken out of this menu, so where did they go? Simple! They have been moved over to the class tab. On the class tab you can find your parameter curves and abilities. A few of the others have their own tabs as well now. Though we will cover those on a later date. Until then, stay awesome.

// ok so this sort of takes place as if you had more time in game than eleven days! So they would be very close, but not dating or anything quite yet! ♡

implied nsfw, but absolutely no sexual advances. The boys know much better than that.

long post!! read under cut.


- He is SUCH a heavy weight drinker, so even though he’s been drinking a bit as well that night he’s just slightly buzzed– not even tipsy to the very least. A beer a day keeps the anxiety away.

- It’s pretty late when he hears a loud knock at his door, it startled him a little since he was just getting ready to climb into bed– Even had his pajamas on, which were sweatpants and a form fitting tank top.

- But he cautiously opens the door and sees you he’s surprised, Definitely drunk with how your eyes were ever so glossy and the noticeable sway in your step.

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***This is the last imagine going up tonight but ships and fuck marry kills are still open 😏***

“What the fuck is that? A hot wheels?” Chibs laughed along with Tig and you just shook your head with a smile. “Bet my hot wheels would smoke your big ol’ Harley. They might be strong but they’re heavy.” Tig stopped laughing at his own lame joke and looked over at Jax who had been laughing quietly down the bar. “You really think that? You think your little toy is gonna beat us?” You took another sip and smirked at Jax.

“Yeah, you wanna place a bet?” Jax’s face took on a smirk if it’s own and he crossed his arms over the bar top. “Yeah I do. What do you say? Maybe $50?” “That’s it?” He smirked again and shrugged. “Just trying to help you out. I don’t wanna take all your money.” You threw your head back with a laugh and Tig looked between the two of you excitedly.

“I’ll bet you $100 that my ‘toy’ will beat your hunk of metal. You alright with that?” Jax showed that famous smirk and grabbed the shot in front of him, slamming it back. “Taking your cash? Yeah let’s go.”


“Alright, You do a full loop around Charming, no stopping at red lights. Swing around Harvey’s and up Faith Street. First one back here at the end of the lot wins.” You and Jax both nodded, looking over at each other. He couldn’t see your face because of your helmet but he saw your eyes get smaller as you smiled, your right eye closing as you winked at him. He chuckled and looked forward again, revving his bike. Tig walked out in front of both of your bikes and stuck his hands out to the sides. You revved your own engine and leaned forwards slightly, ready to beat Jax at his own game. “Ready,” You got revved your engines. “Set, go!”


“I’ll be expecting my $100 by Friday Jackson.” The guys laughed but Jax just grumbled, still pretty pissed that you’d actually beaten him. Sure he was just teasing, but he really didn’t think that your bike stood a chance and yet there you were, pulling into the lot a good 10 seconds before him.

“You let the kid beat you with her little tricycle?” “Fuck off Tig.” You smirked and walked up beside Jax, throwing your arm over his shoulders. “What’s the matter Jax? You mad that my little toy showed your big bad Harley up?” He looked over at you and suddenly grabbed you by the cheeks, pressing his lips to yours with a force that had the air leaving your lungs.

You kissed him back for a moment before remembering where you were and quickly pulled away. Tig and Chibs stood there staring at the 2 of you while Jax chuckled. “Had to shut you up. Can’t let you walk into the clubhouse talking about beating me.”

Growth. (Namjoon x Reader)

Namjoon was everything you weren’t but you were everything Namjoon wasn’t. 

Namjoon x Reader. 
Fluff. Mild angst? 

A/N: This is dedicated to my sister for her birthday. I’m still poor so I don’t have much to offer you just yet other than my stories. So here’s one for you and Nams <3 Excuse the errors…I didn’t really go back to check cause I wanted you to read it before you fell asleep!

Originally posted by asdfghobi

        You and Namjoon had been close friends for a very long time. It was an odd friendship because you were complete opposites in almost all aspects, except for awkward dancing. You both were definitely awkward at dancing. And you two would end up debating on who was the better dancer for hours, and get into heated dance battles. At this point, all of your friends would walk away, shaking their heads and rolling their eyes at your ridiculousness.

           You weren’t childhood friends, but you met at the prime time in your lives where you had established a small piece of your sense of self – high school. But high school to your presently employed lives was a long time, and you could proudly say that you grew together.

           Namjoon was always logical, organized, analytical, profound, and decisive; everything you didn’t really have or care for, for that matter. You were more carefree, easy going, lively, never one to think too deeply often, and indecisive. This caused you guys to fight. A lot.

           During your high school and college days, Namjoon would drag you to the library against your will, but on the other hand, you dragged him OUT of the library so his friends would actually know he was alive. You would bicker like an old couple, but never to the point where you would hurt each other. You knew how each other worked and respected it, yet you did your best to adapt and compromise because you mutually valued your friendship.

           Namjoon was probably the best friend you could have asked for. He had a soft spot for you so he was easily swayed to your antics and spontaneous ideas, but he was also stern enough to tell you when enough was enough. He was honest and genuine, and while he was very critical of people and the world around him, it made him all the more aware of the beauty that existed. Sometimes you wished that you could keep up with his mind. Often you would find him gazing off into space in deep thought, his face full of contentment and you were a bit jealous that he could be satisfied just by sitting and thinking. Meanwhile, you always desired company and others around you. You needed to feed off their energy, needed to share the moments and experiences with those you held dear.

           Namjoon always knew what to say, albeit he would sometimes get awkward saying it, but it always made you feel better. He would tolerate your nonsensical nature, your lame jokes, your constant excitement over your biases doing something. And for you, that just made you trust in him so much more. For someone as intelligent, as hardworking, and as ambitious as Namjoon to find you worthy to keep around, you valued him so much.  

           In Namjoon’s eyes it was quite the opposite. It was illogical for you to have someone like him in your life. Your friendship was one of the few things that he didn’t expect, that he couldn’t anticipate. You were one of the few people he couldn’t predict. While he knew your heart, mind, and personality down to a science, none of it added up to why you would keep him around.

           He had always been one to keep to himself. Yes, he was sociable and multilingual. But he only really felt comfortable talking about things when there was something that needed to be done. Group projects, presentations, student council meetings, club meetings, interviews– he breezed through them with his quick thinking and eloquent vocabulary. However, what came less easily was actually befriending others. Truly being friends. He was actually quite shy when meeting new people just for the sake of friendship. It was nerve wrecking because…well there was no feasible purpose. He knew nothing about these people. He couldn’t calculate their positives and negatives and decide whether they would be good assets to network. He ran out of small talk and intimidated people with his thought provoking questions, matters you would rather discuss. 

           You were so quick to make friends. You so easily saw the positives in their character. You were so ignorant to their flaws and their shady personalities because you were blinded by the good you saw in them. While he worried about you, he had hoped that those friends of yours he was skeptical of would prove him wrong. However, they never did. Almost always you came to him, horrified about how people like them could exist. Selfish, rude, with no regard for others. People who wanted friends for an audience, only wanted friends that they could take advantage of. Namjoon would hug you tightly and nod, simply listening to your complaints, knowing that nothing but experience and time would ease your conscience about this harsh world.

           And he would say every single time, “I’ll be here for you. Don’t worry.”

           And it set your mind at ease, knowing that he would be.

           Namjoon admired the way you opened up to people and made them comfortable enough to open up to you, unknowingly. To him, you were brighter than the sun. You were vibrant, bubbly, lovable. You were the sun. You enjoyed the daylight, gave warmth to everyone you encounter, and lit up the room you were in with your laughter and loud voice. While he, he quite enjoyed solitude. He knew he was the best at giving help with subtle advice and pointers. For those who dared, he taught them academically. But most of the students didn’t last due to frustration. Namjoon was just too much of a genius to figure out how to explain things in simpler terms. You helped him realize that. You helped him figure out real life examples and materials he could use to make it easier. He did research on effective teaching methods and became a very sought out tutor.

           Namjoon, on the other hand, helped pull you back and focus on your future. He knew you were more of the “in the present” person, but he felt it was unhealthy not to be oriented to a goal. With proper bribery (aka food), Namjoon was able to sit you down for hours and help you figure out suitable career options, paths to take to get there, and what classes you needed to take. He kept you in check. Making sure you finished your homework, studied for your test, didn’t do your paper last minute. He was your walking planner. You needed him to motivate you, and you liked that he did.

           After your suggestion, he began creating “Wish cards” and a point system to attain them. It was essentially a piece of paper that could make him do anything you wanted. You worked hard, just so you could use it to bring him out to society with you. He grumbled and seemingly disliked it, but he knew that you earned it. He just couldn’t understand why you were dragging him with you when you could’ve used them to have him do your laundry, which you disliked doing, or do her other homework.

           You wanted to show Namjoon that having fun once in a while was okay and that he should act as young and foolish as his age sometimes. It was all well and good to plan for the future and work towards it, but if he was always looking forward and not around, he was going to miss a lot of the finer things in life.

           Namjoon actually enjoyed just simply being with you. Even if he acted like he hated it, he just didn’t want to show that he actually didn’t mind. As long as you were there. He had been aware of his feelings for you for a long time now. And it went without saying, knowing he was the one most likely to deduce and reflect on his behaviors and emotions. He took every precaution to bury it.

           He knew your type of guys after all, and you knew his type of girls.

           But logically, Namjoon knew that love was never about finding the ideal types; it was finding someone compatible, someone who he wanted to grow with, someone realistic, someone he needed. And in almost every case, what people realized they needed wasn’t what they wanted. Most people like ideals because they’re comfortable. Someone we understand. We’ve thought about their personalities, their facial features, and fantasized about them. Psychologically, the mind finds ways to make the puzzles fit because that’s what an ideal is. It’s your own little imagined perfection.

           Still, he didn’t want to lose his connection with you by being selfish so you both dated. He dated casually, trying to look for something deeper than small talk. You dated around because you were attracted to their physical features for the most part. But it always ended up terribly.

           Those nights were Namjoon’s favorite. (Not because you broke up…well maybe a little bit). But because those were the nights you lay on his lap, just needing him close by as you cried. He brushed your hair to calm you down while he spat out some random facts about heartbreak causing you to lose weight so you’ll finally fit into those jeans you had bought to make you feel better. You would chuckle at his terrible attempt, but oddly felt comforted. These were the times where you asked Namjoon to give you a profound question, because thinking deeply about something else helped. Plus you enjoyed seeing how animated and passionate Namjoon became whenever you discussed something that he ponders about constantly. You liked getting a picture of his beautiful mind, but you also felt a sense of accomplishment when you got to know yours.

           When you got your first job interview, Namjoon had played devil’s advocate and trained you on all standard and curveball questions. You couldn’t help but laugh afterwards because you breezed through it and got the job. You didn’t have the heart to tell him, that a good 80% of his questions weren’t even asked.

           When he decided to pursue rap, you were the only one to congratulate him and laugh. The logical Namjoon was taking a risk that had low probabilities of success while you had settled down and landed a financially stable job. You knew how much thought he had to have put into the decision and you were proud of him following his dreams despite the enormous odds against it.

           It was your last day together before he moved out to a different part of Seoul and you lounged around his empty apartment sadly. You had spent many nights there, exiling him to the couch because his bed was so damn comfortable. You didn’t like being alone, but obviously your parents would never let you live with Namjoon. He was a guy after all. Namjoon didn’t mind. He worried about your safety whenever you actually slept at your apartment. He made sure to Facetime just to watch you properly lock your doors. You would never forget the time he panicked when he was able to enter your studio apartment one morning because locking your door slipped your mind. You never heard the end of the list of things that could’ve happened to you in the middle of the night.

           After cleaning up the things he had broken in his attempt to separate it into packable parts, Namjoon laid out your respective sleeping bags on the living room floor and set up his laptop. He agreed to watching a chick flick with you on his last night, since he doubts he would on his own.

           "Get me popcorn, Nams.“ You pushed him with your foot as the beginning credits played.

           He rolled his eyes, "I packed the microwave.”

           "I brought Smart Popcorn. It’s in your bed room.“ You didn’t your eyes off the screen as he went and got it obediently.

           He sighed and snuggled into his sleeping bag, turning his focus to the movie about a cliche romance with a happy ending. His mind wandered to how life in Big Hit would be and how their relationship was going to be with the distance.

           "Hey Namjoon.” You stated.

           Your mind had also begun to worry.

           "Hm?“ he glanced over at you.

           "We’ll be alright, right?”

           He grinned, exposing the dimples you loved so much. “Of course. It’ll be the same. We just have to drive a longer distance and less frequently.”

           "Then it’s totally not the same.“ You laughed.

           He shyly chuckled.

           "Aren’t you worried that life is going to tear us apart?” You frowned.

           "Only if we let it, and we don’t communicate about what’s happening in our lives.“ Namjoon commented confidently. "If I get busy, I’ll let you know beforehand. I’ll still text you ‘Good night’ and 'Good morning’ everyday for sure.”

           You nestled yourself into your sleeping bag, the movie long since forgotten. The reality just hit that you were going to be apart from Namjoon and a large way of sadness washed over you. Namjoon sensed this and rolled over to you comedically, bringing you closer to tears. You would miss his dorkiness.

           "Hey.“ he whispered as he patted your head gently. "Talk to me.”

           "Can I come with you?“ You begin to tear up. "I don’t want to be alone.”

           Namjoon frowned and wrapped his arm around you warmly. “Hey, don’t think like that.”

           "I’m lonely without you.“ You cried. "Yes, I have a lot of friends but you’re my best friend. You’ve been the most consistent thing in my life…and now there are so many changes and it’s stressful. How am I supposed to go through adulthood without you to help me?”

           Namjoon sat up and pulled you up too so he could fully envelope you in his arms.

           "I think this is good for both of us you know.“ he whispered. "You need to learn to do things on your own and take care of yourself. I think you’ll start hearing me remind you of things in your head, and I’ll hear you yelling at me to take a break and have fun in mine.”

           You sniffled as you listened to his voice and his heartbeat.

           "We’ve always been together. We grew together. Without you, I would’ve chickened out and gone for a reasonable job and let myself become passionless.“

           "I wouldn’t have gotten a job and settled down without you. I wouldn’t have gotten through school without you keeping me grounded.” You inputted your own thoughts.

           Namjoon smiled. “We helped each other grow by being so close to each other. I was able to gather enough courage to leave because I knew you were going to help me grow too from afar.”


           "Yeah.” he laughed. “You’ll motivate me with text messages with too many cute, cuddly stickers. And I’ll text you some weird deep thoughts I have at night. We’ll have different experiences now. We’re going to grow separately, but I think that it’s going to bring us closer. We’ll have more stories to tell. New friends to introduce to each other. We’ll become better versions of ourselves so when we’re reunited, we’ll be even better together!”

           You blushed and smiled, nodding in agreement. You always loved the way he put things into a better perspective.

           "Let’s work hard, okay?“ Namjoon grinned, putting his forehead on yours.

           ”'Kay. Let’s.“ You giggled. "But not too hard.”

           You both laughed, feeling a bit better but still sad and anxious about the separation. Once a comfortable silence took over again, Namjoon noticed you had fallen asleep in his arms comfortably. He smiled as he took this chance to study your face and hold you close for the last time. Then he whispered his promise to your sleeping figure,

           “When we both adult a bit more and reunite again, I have something I want to tell you.”

           Later that night, you woke up and found yourself nestled into Namjoon’s chest while he kept you secure with one arm. He was snoring loudly as usual so you giggled and turned his head a bit to open up his airway. Immediately, he fell silent.

           You had been holding something in your hand the entire night. You wanted to give it to him, but you didn’t know how or when. Something inside you knew that it wasn’t the right time. He was leaving after all. Would he stay after you gave it to him? You didn’t want that. For once in your life, you decided something on your own. It would have to wait until you were able to confidently tell Namjoon you were able to lock your own doors, wake yourself up, drive yourself to places, shop for necessities, and cook a decent meal (cause neither of you could). When you gave this to him, you wanted to be the best version of yourself that you could be. You smiled, finally understand the depth of what he had been saying earlier. You needed to be apart in order to grow more, to truly feel the weight of your good influence on each other. Opening your hand, you read the last “Wish” card you had saved from college:

           "I wish you knew how much I loved you.“